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Learn More About Istanbul

Istanbul, The City of Sultans From Past to Present:

The city of Istanbul is located at the intersection of the Asian and European continents that hosted various civilizations of different languages, religions, and races for centuries. It offers visitors a rich historical texture, all the possibilities of modern life, and wonderful nature. Istanbul, which was the capital of three great empires, still holds the legacy of these empires till now. This city, which has a very rich heritage in terms of historical and cultural artifacts, also attracts great attention with its natural beauties. Parks and gardens as well as architectural structures, mosques, and churches from past civilizations have been inherited and are still preserved today. As in the past, it is a cosmopolitan city where people from many languages, religions, and races live together.

Istanbul, which is the connection point of the Asian and European continents and has great strategic importance, has been the focus of attention for many foreign investors. With a history of over 2500 years, Istanbul has become an important commercial center in this strategic region that embraces the land and the sea. For many reasons such as ease of transportation to many parts of the world, many trade routes passing through here attract thousands of investors every year to Istanbul.

Life in Istanbul, A City Where Two Continents are connected:

Istanbul City is located at the junction of the European and Asian continents, Istanbul is one of the largest and most popular metropolises in the world. This city, which has a very old and deep historical background, has hosted many religions, languages, and races for centuries and continues to do so. It has a rich cultural heritage thanks to its diverse nationalities, language, religion, and race. Since ancient times both in Turkey and in the world, it has been an important center of commerce and finance. Istanbul is the most developed and most populous city in Turkey. It is one of the most popular attractions in the world with its historical and natural beauties, and economic and social facilities. If we take a brief look at the advantages of living in Istanbul;

- It is the most beautiful city where the synthesis of east and west is experienced. It is possible to see traces from different cultures at every point.

- Easy reach to all parts of the world with international airports.

- It is the city where four seasons are experienced on daily passes. Possibility to find and enjoy fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits every time you want.

- In Istanbul, which is the center of culture and arts, there are opportunities to visit numerous events such as activities, fairs, exhibitions, and concerts organized during certain periods, as well as open year-round exhibitions.

- Social facilities such as restaurants, international cuisines, bars, cafes, and entertainment venues are numerous options.

- The business opportunities which Istanbul provides, are not available in any other city.

Being a Homeowner in Istanbul as a Foreigner

Buying property in Istanbul in Turkey considers a dream for many people in the world. Many people want to live in such a magnificent city with every potential. Of course, in a city that is admired and received immigration too much, the Real Estate sector is always developing in this direction. The number of qualified and modern houses built in Istanbul increases every year as a result of increasing demands. Of course, in Istanbul, which is one of the most crowded cities in the world, it will not be easy to find the most suitable place among such many options. For this, it is enough to tell your dream home details to the experienced sales consultants of Diyar Türk Gayrimenkul. As Diyar Turk Real Estate, we will find the houses of the most reliable construction companies in Istanbul for you in terms of quality and location in Istanbul. Also, we will help you with our after-sales services from the very beginning to the very end of the home purchase process by speaking your mother tongue. You can be a homeowner in this city, where people from all over the world live together. If we briefly list the reasons for foreigners choosing life in Istanbul;

- An intersection with intercontinental interaction

- One of the biggest and most developed cities in the world

- The richness of history and culture

- Hosting many people from different cultures and nationalities

- Trade and finance center of Turkey

- Property prices are affordable in Istanbul

- Easy access to all over the world from this city

- High-quality real estates

Most Preferred Locations in Istanbul by Foreigners

The Turkish Government facilitated the purchase of Real Estate in Turkey by foreigners, which every year raises new laws. While waiting for weeks to get a title deed, now deed can be received in 3 days. It is also possible to apply for Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate.

The number of foreigners buying houses in Istanbul is increasing every year. Especially those foreigners who want to apply for citizenship and choose Istanbul to live. They choose Istanbul because there are many opportunities such as the reasons we have mentioned before, and it is a multinational city.

The most preferred locations by foreigners to buy a property in Istanbul are.

It is a district that is a candidate to be one of the new centers of Istanbul due to its renewed face, developed transportation infrastructure, and proximity to many locations. There are many social opportunities in this district, where foreigners prefer to buy property in Istanbul.


It is a district situated, where the international airport is located, on the Anatolian side and bordering the Marmara Sea. With the development of transportation networks, easy access to many points of İstanbul is provided. Turkey's second-largest hospital and the third largest marina are located in this district.


It is one of the greenest districts of Istanbul. There are many luxury sites in this district, which are built upon European standards. It has a cosmopolitan structure and many foreigners live here.


It is a district adjacent to its central districts such as Sarıyer, Şişli, Beyoğlu, and Beşiktaş, on the European side of Istanbul. Kağıthane is a district that is a candidate to become a new center with its new projects and many foreigners are investing here.


Urbanization is progressing very fast in this district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is the fourth most populous district of the Anatolian Side and the fourth most populous district of Istanbul. It is very rich in economic diversity.


It is located on the Anatolian side. The main transportation routes connecting the various districts of Istanbul pass through here. It was selected as the second district with the highest quality of life in Istanbul.


Connection roads of the third bridge pass through this district on the Anatolian side. Turkey's and Europe's largest cities' housing sales to foreigners are pretty much planned in this district hospital.


It is located on the European side of Istanbul. This district, which used to be a busy industrial area, is on the way to becoming the new business center of Istanbul today. The construction of large and high-quality housing sites has increased, and many business centers have been built.


It is located on the European side. There are many new and luxurious residential sites in the region. Başakşehir, with its options that appeal to almost everyone, is one of the most popular districts for foreigners about buying a property.


It is located on the European side. Its economy is based on trade and industry. It is one of the most developed and preferred districts of Istanbul.


It is located on the European side. There are many historical monuments, business places, trade centers, and cultural and art centers in this district. It is a business and financial center in Istanbul, even Turkey. It is one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul in terms of added value.


It is located on the European side, on the northern side of Istanbul. It is one of the richest districts in terms of natural vegetation. There are very luxurious suites and villas in this region where high-income people live.