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Turkey, A country Surrounded by Sea from Three Sides:

Turkey has become a country with a" center of attention" regarding its strategic location in the world. It is one of the rare countries that mainland on two continents. 3% of the total area is located in Europe and 97% in Asia. Turkey Connecting Asian and European continents, Istanbul is one of the largest and most developed metropolises in the world. It is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in the world. Anatolian Peninsula remains within the borders of Turkey is one of the world's oldest settlements. The oldest religious structure known place on Earth discovered that Göbekli Tepe (Şanlıurfa) is located within the borders of Turkey. Turkey was a home to great civilizations and empires since the prehistoric era and bears the traces of all these civilizations. It is a country with a magnificent past and cultural richness, with different stories in each city.

Turkey became one of the most advanced European countries in terms of tourism, which is dominated by a beautiful and warm climate. Therefore, tourism activities can be carried out in every season. It is a suitable country for many tourism types such as summer, winter, culture, sports, and health.

Turkish cuisine, which has an important place in the world, varies according to regions and attracts attention worldwide. Each region with its unique flavors of gastronomic tourism in Turkey has grown considerably and people in many parts of the world are to travel to Turkey just to taste Turkish cuisine.

Living in Turkey

Turkey, which is the unique geographical location and the mild climate, attracts the attention of all world citizens. It is also one of the countries that many people dream of living in, with its rich history and food culture. There is a housing stock that can meet any kind of demand from people from all walks of life and foreigners have a great interest in the country. Due to its geographical location, it is possible to same time swim on the south coast, while skiing on the north side in Turkey.

We can say the cost of living in Turkey is cheaper than the other countries. Because in this country, there are advanced agriculture and animal husbandry activities which carried out, and the textile sector was highly developed. Turkey appeals all people from all walks of life with its social facilities.

Transportations both within the country and abroad are very easy, thanks to the rapidly developing infrastructure in Turkey. It is easy to travel abroad from Turkey's many points. For domestic and international travel the preferred transportation type can be selected from alternatives such as road, rail, seaway, and airline. The journey from one end of the country to the end of the country takes at most one-half hours with the airports located in almost every province. From Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises in the world, flights are available almost to every part of the world.

Turkey has many developed lines of business such as agriculture and husbandry, health care, tourism, commerce, entertainment, and their workspace are quite wide. It also attracts many investors who are engaged in trade because of its location on the trade route and being strategically in the middle of the world. The Turkish government is providing many incentives to foreign investors and also provides citizenship opportunities. Click for detailed information about turkish citizenship program.

Medical system is also very advanced in Turkey. Doctors in hospitals offer high-quality service with newly built city hospitals are professionals and specialists. Each year, the foreigners come to Turkey from many parts of the world to find healing. Health tourism in Turkey, which is rich in geothermal water resources, is quite advanced as well as hospitals.

Being a Homeowner in Turkey as a Foreigner

Yearly, thousands of foreigners decide to live and buying properties in Turkey. recently, this process has become quite easy with the laws passed by the Turkish Government regarding the property purchase of foreigners. Thus, Turkey has become a country where quite intense migration of people from various nations and live together. Especially big cities such as Istanbul and Antalya have a complete cosmopolitan structure.

The Real Estate sector, which is quite developed in recent years, offers luxury housing options that appeal to all income levels. There are a wide range of alternatives from luxury residences in the city center to luxury villas outside the city. All possibilities that foreigners consider while buying property in Turkey are offered such as security, parking, social facilities, proximity to the center, children's playgrounds, shopping malls.

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Foreigners' Reasons for Preference to Living in Turkey

Geographical location and nature

The lovely weather all over the year

 Fresh fruits and vegetables availability in every season

Appropriate careers and job opportunities for foreigners

Inexpensive living costs in general

The sincerity and hospitality of Turkish people

Rich in cultural and social opportunities

Cheap & Qualified properties are great opportunity for foreigners who aim to buy Real Estate easily

Most Preferred Cities by Foreigners in Turkey


İstanbul, one of the largest metropolises in the world, is the province that receives the highest number of immigrants from Turkey and abroad. Foreigners prefer Istanbul for reasons such as its location, cosmopolitan structure, possibilities, and diversity in the real estate range. İstanbul is the province with the most properties sales to foreigners in Turkey.


Turkey's tourism capital, one of the world's most important tourism centers in Antalya, which is the second province with the most residential sales to foreigners. Here, the reasons such as the cosmopolitan structure, the diversity of the real estate range, the temperate climate and the suitability of the housing prices come to the fore.


In Turkey's capital Ankara, it is located in the first rows in house sales to foreigners. Foreigners who prefer this place see Ankara as a modern city without the crowd of Istanbul. It is preferred due to the fact that almost all the opportunities in Istanbul are here as well as being a quiet city.


Bursa is one of the provinces that foreigners choose to live in with its sea, nature, and proximity to Istanbul. Luxury housing projects constructed here and villas in nature attract many foreigners.


Yalova is one of the most popular cities preferred by foreigners for living with its natural beauties, luxury housing projects and proximity to Istanbul.