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What do you know about Trabzon

An Overview of Trabzon

The pearl of the Black Sea, Trabzon with its magnificent natural beauties, lush-green plateaus, and historical places is a city that everyone should visit once in a lifetime. Trabzon, the second-largest city in the Black Sea Region after Samsun, is Turkey's twenty-seventh largest city. Gumushane, Giresun, and Rize are neighboring provinces of Trabzon. At the same time, Trabzon is a city that has a sea border with Russia. Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its clean air and lush nature. Trabzon, which has a history of 4000 years, also has a strategic location through which the Silk Road passes. Trabzon is one of the oldest commercial port cities in Anatolia. Trabzon, which has a population of approximately 810.000, attracts great attention with its rich forest cover, mountains, and cuisine with rich flavors.

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The city, which is very rich in vegetation, has approximately 2500 rare plant species, 440 of which are unique to the region. Trabzon has a humid climate, and its humidity reaches up to 99% in the summer months. This explains the density of the vegetation cover of Trabzon.

Trabzon is a city with four seasons of precipitation. Despite this, millions of local and foreign tourists visit Trabzon every year. There are no very hot or very cold weather events in Trabzon, which has mild and rainy weather in summer and winter. The coldest weather in the city is in January-February, and the hottest weather is in July-August.

Transportation in Trabzon

It is possible to reach Trabzon, which is the largest city in the Eastern Black Sea region, by road, sea, and airways. The fastest and easiest transportation to Trabzon is provided by the airline. In Turkey, which has a developed road network, it is easily accessible from the Black Sea coastline to Trabzon by road. Transportation to Trabzon can also be provided by the sea, but it is not preferred because it is a long and expensive road. Sea route can be preferred for tourist trips.

History of Trabzon

Trabzon, one of the leading cities of Turkey in terms of population and economy, is known as the prince city. It has many cultural and historical values in terms of tourism.

Trabzon is a city with a rich historical heritage that has hosted different nations, civilizations, and religions. The oldest known history dates back to 7000 BC (Paleolithic Age). Trabzon, which came under Persian rule in 550 B.C, came under the rule of Alexander the Great in 334 B.C. In the authority vacuum created by the death of Alexander the Great, an independent Pontus state was established here. While Sinop was the capital during the Pontus kingdom, Trabzon continued its economic development as a port city. With the separation of the Roman Empire, Trabzon continued to remain under Eastern Roman rule. Especially since the end of the 1st century, the city gained importance and grew rapidly.

XII. in the middle of the century, Trabzon was a very important port city on the important trade routes of the period. Trabzon, which was subjected to Russian invasion during the First World War, was taken back with the Brest-Litovsk treaty signed in 1918 and joined the borders of today's Turkey.

Must-See Places in Trabzon

There are many places to visit in Trabzon, which promises an unforgettable journey in touch with nature in the city, where the most delicious tea, hazelnut, vegetable, and fruit are grown. Let's take a brief look at the must-see places in Trabzon:


When Trabzon is mentioned, one of the first places that come to mind is Uzungol. Uzungol is a landslide-set lake formed by the rocks falling from the slopes blocking the Haldizen stream. Uzungol, one of the most touristic places in Trabzon, is also the eco-tourism center of the city. It is rainy almost every time of the year in the region, which has the typical Black Sea climate. There are many natural areas to visit such as waterfalls and parks around Uzungol, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

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Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery located in the Macka district of Trabzon and one of the oldest structures in Turkey, has become the symbol of the city. The Sumela Monastery, which is thought to have been built between 365-395, is considered one of the most sacred places in the Christian world. The Sumela Monastery, whose restoration work continues nowadays, is closed to visitors until 31.01.2021.

Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, offers an exquisite city view from a bird's eye view. Trabzon Castle, which is located in the center of the city, was built in the 5th century. The castle, which has preserved itself until today, is of great interest by tourists.

Haldizen Plateau

Haldizen Plateau, one of the most striking spots of the Black Sea, attracts attention with its unique nature, clean air, and historical buildings.

Hidirnebi Plateau

Hidirnebi Plateau, surrounded by lush forests, is one of the most accessible plateaus closest to the Trabzon city center. Wild animals can be observed, and trekking can be made on the plateau, which can be easily reached in all seasons.

Calköy Cave

Calköy Cave is the second-longest cave in the world with a length of 8 km. There is a river and a historical castle in the cave, which is an underground water canal. The cave, which is said to be good for asthma and sinusitis, welcomes thousands of visitors every year through a 400-meter walkway.


Hamsikoy, which is famous for its delicious rice pudding, is one of the must-visit places in Trabzon. The village, which has a magnificent nature view, is located in the Macka district of Trabzon.

The Market of Real Estate in Trabzon

Trabzon, which has magnificent natural beauties, has become the center of attention of foreigners, especially Arabs, in recent years. Trabzon, which had a stagnant real estate market in the past, stands out as a region where investors, especially from the Gulf countries, want to buy real estate in Turkey. Arab investors prefer Trabzon mostly for its nature and climate. In the city, where blue and green are together, affordable real estate prices also affect the preferences of foreign investors. In Trabzon, which has more affordable real estate prices compared to cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, and Izmir, the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Qatar, and Jordan mostly buy houses.

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