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13 Reasons for Investing in Turkeyimage

13 Reasons for Investing in Turkey


Turkey is among the world's fastest-growing economies besides offers unique opportunities to investors. Due to the rising exchange rate in recent years, our country has become a very advantageous investment center for foreigners. Great facilities are provided for investors to invest in Turkey. Additionally, the foreigners who established a company in Turkey and employ at least 50 Turkish citizens are entitled to receive Turkish citizenship directly. If you want to know more about obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, you can browse our article.

Turkey is among the most attractive countries in the world for foreign investment, let's look

"Why you should invest in Turkey?"

1- Turkey Has a Strong and Stable Growing Economy

Turkey's economy is one of the world's fastest-growing economies with an annual average GDP rate of 5.5%. Turkey's economy now registering a record growth between 2003 and 2018, the world's 18th largest economy in 2003, while in 2018 it increased to 13 in order. It is aimed to be among the top 10 global economies by 2050.

2- Turkey Has a Young Population Rate

Half of Turkey's population consists of young people in the 32 years of age subgroup. This rate is a very large rate compared to European countries. Turkey with a population of young, dynamic, well-educated, and highly cultured, consider a good investment opportunity for investors. So, you will never have a young and skilled employment problem for a business that you established in Turkey.

3- High Rate of Skilled and Competitive Labour Forces is in Turkey

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute, the proportion of highly qualified employees is increasing with each passing day in Turkey. High-efficiency, well-trained, and competitive workforce is intense in Turkey every year, more than 800,000 students graduate from various departments of universities.

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4- A Liberal Investment Environment in Turkey

Turkey provides an ideal business environment for foreign investors, by offering superior competitive investment conditions to all investors, besides observing the principle of equal treatment. As there are no obstacles for foreign direct investors, there are laws to protect investors. The purpose of the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Law No. 4875 is as follows:

- To encourage foreign direct investments in the country.

- Protecting investors' rights.

- Bringing investor and investment definitions to meet international standards.

- To establish a notification-based system for foreign direct investments instead of an approval-based system

- Increasing the volume of foreign direct investments through established policies and procedures.

5- Spacious Domestic and Regional Market Opportunities in Turkey

Turkey has a large domestic market volume with an increasing population rate, well-developed technology infrastructure, and high GDP per capita. Shopping via the internet and credit cards in Turkey is quite common. Turkey offers a regional market opportunity that provides access to almost 1 billion consumers with Free Trade Agreements to investors besides its large domestic market.

6- Turkey Provides Free Access to 865 Million Consumers Through Agreements with Europe and Various Countries all around the World

Turkey provides investors free access to 510 million consumers from Europe and 355 million consumers from 27 different countries. Turkey always aims to sign bilateral trade agreements with new countries.

7- Turkey Offers to Foreign Investors Profitable Incentive Opportunities

Equal treatment is applied to domestic and foreign investors in Turkey. Turkey offers a comprehensive investment incentive program for both Greenfield investments and expansion investment projects that supports minimizing initial costs and accelerates investment returns. The Turkish Government supports investors through various grants, incentives, and loans. At the same time, corporate profit tax applied to foreigners has been reduced from 33% to 20%. Turkey is supporting investors with comprehensive incentive programs.

8- Turkey is a Terminal and Energy Corridor of Asia Extending to Europe

Turkey, where the East and west are connecting, has an important position and services as an important energy terminal and corridor for European countries. Turkey was located close to the world's primary reserve of more than 70%, and plays a major role in the transfer of these reserves to Europe, one of the most important stations of energy consumption in the world.

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9- Turkey Has the Advanced Infrastructure Systems

Turkey has a good and strong infrastructure in the transportation, telecommunications, and energy sectors. The main sectors required for a good investment are well developed and cost-effective. They facilitate your investment in Turkey and connect you to your potential customers. Turkey has fairly well-developed and low-cost sea transport facilities. It also has several advantages, such as rail transport to Central and Eastern Europe and well-structured land transport routes, and a direct distribution mechanism.

10- Turkey has an Important Strategic Position

Turkey acts as a natural bridge between the East and West, North and South axis and it is an effective and cost-effective center for large markets. There is an opportunity to access major markets in many countries in a short period. Turkish Airlines, one of the most important airlines in the world, provides transportation to 255 destinations in 122 countries. Many multinationals company in the world has chosen Turkey as an export and management center.

11- Continuous Reform Process for Investors in Turkey

The Government of the Republic of Turkey gives priority to reforms innovative production, sustainable growth, environment and development, qualified labor force, and international cooperation. The comprehensive reform process started in the early 2000s continues today. Within the scope of these reforms, the establishment time for founding a company was reduced from 38 days to an average of 6.5 days.

12- The Government of the Republic of Turkey Provides Advantageous R&D Incentives to Foreigners

R&D incentives provided to investors by the Turkish Government are exceeding 1% as of 2018, it is aimed to increase to a 2% level in the coming years.  Today, more than 100 companies are benefiting from the competitive R&D incentives offered by the Turkish Government.

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13- A Broad Range of Industries are Found which Created an Invest Opportunities in Turkey

Turkey has a wide range of industries to invest in competitive advantage. There are investment opportunities in many sectors such as automotive, machinery, defense and aviation, logistics, energy, agriculture and food, health, infrastructure, finance, and tourism. In particular, the health, tourism, real estate, and logistics sectors offer investors profitable investment advantages.

Istanbul is undoubtedly the best location to invest in Turkey. Istanbul, which is Turkey's gateway to the world, is offering the most profitable investment opportunity with the advantages of all kinds of transportation networks, advanced technology, and a large population. With our experienced team, we determine the best regions where you can invest in Istanbul in line with the sector you will invest in and provide you with professional support. If you want to invest in Istanbul or buy investment property in Istanbul and have questions in mind, you can ask us without hesitation. We are happy to support you in all matters. For more information, you can contact us through our website or by e-mail.

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