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A High turnout to study in Turkeyimage

A High turnout to study in Turkey


Education System in Turkey

The education system in Turkey is a system that implements modern education methods, interacts with the education systems of different countries, and develops every year. Foreign students from all over the world prefer quality and qualified educational institutions in Turkey every year. Foreign students show a high turnout to study in Turkey for reasons such as the development and quality of the Turkish education system every year, diplomas with international validity, and economic and safe education opportunities.

Education in the Turkish education system starts with pre-school education. Children who complete pre-school education are enrolled in the 12-year compulsory education system. After 4 years of primary school, 4 years of middle school, and 4 years of high school education, the 12-year compulsory education period is completed, and children are entitled to receive a "High School Diploma". The students who have a high school diploma can enter the university exams and start their university education and continue their education life. The students who complete their university education are entitled to receive a "Bachelor's Diploma". After the undergraduate education, if the student meets the necessary conditions and wants, he/she continues his/her Master’s and Doctorate education.

In Turkey, 12-year compulsory education in public schools, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral education in state universities is free of charge. In addition to this free education, some private schools and universities provide paid education.

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Being a Foreign Student in Turkey

Every year, thousands of students come to our country to study in Turkey. Many reasons such as the equipment and quality of universities in Turkey, the country's natural beauties, climate, and multicultural life atmosphere affect student preferences. Reasons why foreign students prefer Turkey:

  1. In Turkey, education provides by well-equipped teachers at high-quality and well-equipped schools. A diploma from any school in Turkey is recognized in all European countries.
  2. There are various programs and departments in universities in Turkey. There are approximately 60,000 different programs in 207 universities.
  3. Turkey, which has a multicultural life environment, is a culturally rich country. Living in a society of respectful and tolerant people is seen as an ideal option for students.
  4. Turkey is a country with magnificent natural beauty. As a peninsular country surrounded by seas on 3 sides, Turkey offers countless natural destinations for students to explore. Turkey, located in the middle climate zone, experiences four seasons. The country, which has a different beauty in every season, is preferred by many foreigners even just for its magnificent climate.
  5. There are many works on the UNESCO Heritage List in Turkey, which is very rich in terms of historical and cultural heritage. There are many places to visit in Turkey for students who love historical trips.
  6. There is at least one university in almost every province of Turkey. For this reason, people living in every province of Turkey are student-friendly people who are accustomed to students. In every city, there are many social clubs and many cafes, restaurants, and libraries for students to spend time.
  7. The hospitable Turkish people are always ready to help no matter who the request comes from. The Turkish people, who will do their best for foreign students coming from a foreign country, will do their best not to alienate students.
  8. All schools in Turkey consist of modern buildings equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In other words, students can learn the Web Design course practically, not theoretically.
  9. Living costs in Turkey are more affordable compared to many European countries. They can easily meet basic needs such as accommodation, food, and beverage. In addition, there are many dormitories and rental houses for students who want to study in Turkey. In Turkey, discounted price tariffs are applied to students in many areas of life such as museum entrances, movie tickets, and bus tickets.
  10. Turkish is the 20th most spoken language in the world. Students studying in Turkey have the opportunity to learn Turkish and get to know a different culture.

Foreign Students Show A High Turnout to Study in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has become a center of attraction in the field of education, which attracts the attention of foreign students with its cities with different beauties. A university diploma from Turkey is recognized in European countries. The course credit system (ECTS) is applied according to Europe and is given to all students as a Diploma supplement.

Turkey aims to host 200 thousand students by 2023. While the number of students studying in a country other than their own country was only 800 thousand in 1975, it is estimated that this figure reached 4.5 million in 2010. The number, which has reached 7.5 million today, is expected to reach 20 million in 2030.

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Requirements for Foreigners for University Education in Turkey

Turkey is an important country that has made a name for itself in the field of education. With the facilities provided to students, the quality of education, and a high standard of living at affordable prices, Turkey is one of the countries where foreign students prefer education. All universities in Turkey play an important role in preparing students for business life and gaining professional qualifications, with the quality education and social opportunities they provide.

Entry requirements for foreign students to state or private universities in Turkey are the same. However, in some cases, different document requests or entry requirements may be requested between universities. Foreign students who want to study at a university in Turkey must first complete the documents requested by the university they want to apply to and submit them to the relevant authorities. What do foreign students need to do to receive a university education in Turkey;

  1. Student Admission Form
  2. High school diploma or equivalent
  3. Transcript
  4. Financial Guarantee Letter
  5. Registration fee

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