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The New Route of The Real Estateimage

The New Route of The Real Estate


A New Route is Drawing the Real Estate Sector

The coronavirus, which affected the whole world, also affected the real estate sector in Turkey. Changing habits all over the world also showed their influence on home selection. Studio flats and 1+1 flats, which are the best-selling flats in the real estate sector, will no longer be built.

While our lives take shape as before coronavirus and after coronavirus, winds of change are blowing in many sectors. Everyone has been spending their time in their homes since the coronavirus affected the whole world. In some countries, rules such as curfews are applied, while in some countries voluntary quarantine is implemented. These days, when we spent a long time in our homes, reminded us once again how important the choice and comfort of the places we live in.

Plans are Changed in Real Estate Construction

According to news from leading names in the real estate sector, a new route is drawn in the real estate sector and the plans for the houses are changing. The floor plans and social reinforcement areas of the new projects will change, additional rooms will be prepared for people who have to work from home, and studios and 1+1 apartments will no longer be built. Instead of very large social reinforcement areas, small social reinforcement areas will be planned, which can isolate the housing site area from the outside when necessary.

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