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Advantages of buying property in Istanbulimage

Advantages of buying property in Istanbul


Since the city of Istanbul is the real estate front that many people and investors around the world prefer, this indicates that these properties have many and many privileges .... So what are these advantages? Is it really, as it is said, that buying real estate in Istanbul is an irreplaceable opportunity? .... This is exactly what we will discuss and what we will discuss through the lines that we will present to them immediately.

These are the advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul.... Get to know them.

1- Buying and owning real estate in Istanbul is very unique and wonderful, as it does not come alone, but comes loaded with many gifts and wonderful details.
2- The real estate in Istanbul, like other real estate in Turkey, is able to grant Turkish citizenship to its owner if he fulfills the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship .... the most prominent of which is that its price is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars It must also be committed not to sell it before three years have passed from the date of its purchase.... It is important to note that this conditional amount to obtain it is one of the many facilities provided by the Turkish government for investors and foreigners on its land, as it was previously one million US dollars.

buying property in Istanbul
3- In the event that the property does not meet its specifications with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, it will be absolutely authorized to grant its owner a real estate residence permit, which in turn carries many advantages.... It is one of the best residences that exist in Turkey at all, and obtaining it Very easy.... Plus, there is a great possibility of being renovated.
4- Real estate in Istanbul is suitable in order to meet more than one goal .... There are those who choose it for housing and stability, as it is the closest to ideal and exemplary environment that many people are looking for .... There are also those who choose it with the aim of ascending the real estate investment platform And obtaining abundant profits as this has been proven by conclusive evidence through many previous experiences.
5- This city contains many distinctive tourist places, some of them belong to the historical field and others belong to the natural field.... Buying real estate in Turkey provides the possibility for its owners to visit and get to know them on the ground.... Those places It is more of a cultural component than a recreational one.

real estate in Istanbul
6- Istanbul is famous for being diverse on the real estate level....there are the apartments located within the residential complexes, which are considered favorite by everyone, due to the many advantages that they carry, the most prominent of which is the overall safety and protection that surrounds them, where alarms, surveillance cameras and security guards, in addition to this. For the specifications of sophistication and modernity that crown her face .... But these apartments in these complexes are characterized by very high prices, which do not fit the budgets of many individuals.
There are also apartments and independent real estate, and these are less expensive than the first, but they also have inferior features and specifications.
Istanbul is also famous for its various villas (tourist / historical / ordinary).... These villas are suitable for real estate investment as they generate huge profits as well as housing and stability.
* It is also important to point out that there is a great disparity in the levels of areas in Istanbul .... where there is luxury / and the average / and there is also the popularity .... that is, in accordance with the tastes of almost everyone.
7- When constructing real estate in Istanbul, all international standards for building and construction are adhered to. / Also, most of them are designed to be resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters if they occur.
8- The service packages that adorn Istanbul are wide and large, which ensures a life full of luxury, comfort and all positive things.
At the end of this article, we can fully conclude that buying real estate in Istanbul is a very healthy choice .... based on all those points that were mentioned in the previous lines .... Buying real estate in Istanbul was an option for many ... Would it be your choice, too?

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