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Advantages of obtaining Turkish passportimage

Advantages of obtaining Turkish passport


Among the many things that foreigners hope to obtain in Turkey is the Turkish passport, which carries among its papers many positives that motivated foreigners to choose it over all other passports in the world .... What are the advantages behind it? Is obtaining a Turkish passport easy? It is said that there are many types, what are they?
You can find answers to all these questions in the following lines:

-The Turkish passport allows those who hold it to cross the borders of about seventy-seven countries without a visa requirement.... This is in addition to many easy procedures and no harsh restrictions.
it can also cross the borders of about thirty-three countries by means of the visa that will be obtained automatically when a man sets foot on the land of the country he is traveling to.
-Also, it can enter eight countries by obtaining a visa online.
In addition to the possibility of entering twenty-six countries belonging to the Schengen area.
- It is important to know well that the Turkish passport got a place among the first thirty passports in the world.
- If the person carrying it is a student, this means that he will receive, thanks to him, discounts on tuition and registration fees in universities.
It is very easy to obtain it... as this will be possible within thirty days.
- And whoever carries it will be treated like any Turkish citizen.... For example, he will receive free treatment if his choice is hospitals that belong to the government field....
Likewise, he will be able to participate in the elections / and benefit from the retirement law.
- This passport will not be opposed to the fact that its holder is a holder of another passport.... Thus, the person can have dual nationality.
- It will be for a long period of about ten years / and its renewal is available and easy .... After obtaining Turkish citizenship, it will be possible to obtain it directly.
-The investors who seek it the most, as it shortens them in many ways and facilitates many procedures for them.... It is like a golden card that will make things simpler.

turkish passport

These are the most important types of Turkish passport:

1- normal:
This type is intended for all and the general public of Turkish citizens and foreigners....also called the red passport.
2- private:
Also known as the Green Passport....It is intended for VIPs and officials.
3- The sealed:
Gray .... This is the color that he got and it is intended for all government employees in Turkey.
4- The diplomat:
And this black passport is for all diplomats, ambassadors and what they rule.

How can I obtain a Turkish passport?

In the beginning, you should book an appointment online / pay all the fees involved and get a receipt for the amount paid / and then go according to the specified date to submit all the papers and documents necessary to obtain it, which are summarized as follows:
Personal identity and a copy of it / personal photos / receipt of the amount paid / document or paper proving the address of residence or current residence / a form should be filled out with the required information .... and then you must wait until the time to receive it.

obtain turkish passport

What is the cost of obtaining a Turkish passport?

The cost of obtaining it is not fixed at all, as this subject varies according to its validity period.... which is valid for six months, its cost is 170 lira / one year it costs 250 lira / two years 400 lira / three years 575 lira / more Up to ten years 800 lira.
*On average, its cost will be about a thousand Turkish liras only.
One of the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship is obtaining a Turkish passport, which offers those who hold it many advantages, and this is what we have tried to explain accurately through the previous lines.... It can be obtained very easily. Will you seek to obtain it like others? Is it the distinction that you want?

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