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Advantages of real estate investment in the Fatih district of Istanbulimage

Advantages of real estate investment in the Fatih district of Istanbul


The Fatih district of Istanbul is considered the most important historical stronghold and the largest incubator for many civilizations and cultures through the ages. It has historical and cultural backgrounds that are unmatched among other regions. In addition, it is considered the tourist and commercial center in Istanbul, due to the large number of tourist places in which it is located, and the large number of commercial projects that have been established in it.

  • Advantages of living in the Fatih district of Istanbul

There is no doubt that it is a golden opportunity to live in such an area, as the Fatih area is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul and has a very great tourist value. So, wherever you turn your eyes, you will find in front of you a large group of prominent tourist places that are of great value and are very popular with tourists.

We must mention the most important features of this region, the first of which is its distinguished geographical location, as it is the heart of Istanbul and is located in its center, and provides all means of transportation and comfort. Anywhere you want without any difficulties.

In addition to surrounding it with the distinctive infrastructure of health and educational centers and the presence of a large number of universities, and many commercial centers that provide all requirements and supplies.

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  • Advantages of owning a property in the Fatih district of Istanbul.

  • Istanbul's vital center due to the availability of a distinguished transportation network that allows easy access and exit from it.
  • A well-deserved tourist icon, as the Fatih area is considered the most important and famous tourist area in Istanbul.
  • The basic service centers in various health, commercial and educational sectors, in addition to a group of universities, made its residents not have to leave them for another place except in rare cases, because they found all the services and goods they needed in them.
  • Advantages of investing in the Fatih district of Istanbul.

A strong and attractive investment environment has been created for investors of various types of investment, and this environment has also been supported with features that encourage anyone who wants to earn high returns to enter the field of investment in Istanbul within this region, and we mention these features:

  • Its strategic location: which is distinguished by it, led to the diversification of investment fields.
  • The high demand for expatriates: contributed to the revitalization of the trade and investment movement in it, in order to meet the continuing needs of the huge numbers that flow into the region.
  • The wide region became famous at all levels and the great competition over it.

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  • The tourist attractions in the Al-Fatih area are a major reason for the real estate activity there

The Al-Fateh area is characterized by large and very famous tourist areas and is the most important reason for the competitive market for real estate in the region. We mention the most important of these tourist areas:

-Al-Fateh Mosque: It combines the nobility of the past and the brilliance of the present. Its size and composition pleased the eyes of the beholders. It was built between 1463 and 1470 by order of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh.

-Al-Fateh Sultanahmet area: Al-Fateh Sultanahmet area is one of the very important tourist areas in Istanbul, and it is administratively affiliated to Al-Fateh municipality.

-Eminonu District Istanbul: One of the most beautiful tourist places in the European city of Istanbul, Eminonu district is administratively affiliated to the Fatih Municipality, and it has a charming view of the Bosphorus and contains many historical monuments.

As we note, there are many tourist areas that vary between palaces, mosques, old commercial centers, and archaeological and historical landmarks, all of these factors attract tourists and investors and activate the real estate market in an indescribable way, so the demand increases and the competitive market rates rise on investment in such an area.

Finally, as we note, the real estate market for this region is a very vital market, and it has a great demand from investors. It has a location in the center of Istanbul that distinguishes it from other areas, and it provides many educational, health, and marketing centers, which provide its services to the residents of this region, making buying an apartment In the Al-Fateh area, a wonderful project.

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