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All That Matters to About the Turkish Passport 2021-2022image

All That Matters to About the Turkish Passport 2021-2022


Turkey grants the right to apply for Turkish citizenship to foreigners who purchase real estate worth 250,000 USD or more. In 2021, many foreigners acquired Turkish citizenship through investment. With the real estate investment program, there is no obligation to live in Turkey during the Turkish citizenship process. In addition, a foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment can apply for citizenship with his/her family (spouse and children under the age of 18). We strongly recommend that you get a Turkish citizenship consultancy during the investment process in Turkey. Professional help will help you get through the process easily. One of the most important advantages that foreigners will have when they acquire Turkish citizenship is that they have a Turkish passport. The Turkish passport is a strong passport that provides visa-free or easy entry to 110 countries.

We answer that “Turkey is one of the best countries to buy real estate” for a stranger who asks “Should I buy real estate in Turkey?”. Turkey is a country full of advantages, offering unique purchasing opportunities for foreign investors.

Turkey, which has experienced a great leap forward in the real estate and construction sector in the last 10 years, has become one of the most preferred countries for real estate investment by foreigners. A real estate bought in Turkey never loses value, on the contrary, it always brings profit to its investor. With its developing economy, real estate investment in Turkey always offers profitable investment opportunities. In addition to this gain from real estate investment, there are many advantages of Turkish citizenship with an amount of 250,000 USD or more. The most important of these is to have a Turkish passport. In this article, we will talk about all that matters about the Turkish passport in 2021-2022.

All Matters About Turkish Passport 2021-2022

What is a passport?

A passport is a type of international identity given to the citizens of every country used in international travels. The use of passports in Turkey was made regular on 15 July 1950 with Passport Law No. 5682. Passports are issued by the Population Directorates upon the request of the citizens. Passport applications can be made online or directly in Turkey.

Types of passports in Turkey

What are the types of Turkish passports?

There are various types of passports that those who want to travel abroad in Turkey can apply for. The most commonly used regular (Bordeaux) passport. Types of passports in Turkey:

Regular passport (Bordeaux passport): It is the type of passport applied by those who do not meet the service, special or diplomatic passport requirements in Passport Law No. 5682. It is not necessary to have special conditions to apply for this passport.

Special (Green) Passport: A special passport is a type of passport issued to former members of parliament, former ministers, civil servants in second and third-degree government positions, and public officials. At the same time, special passports are issued to metropolitan, provincial and district mayors during their term of office and lawyers with a seniority of 15 years or more.

Service (Gray) Passport: It is the type of passport given to civil servants or citizens sent abroad by the government, municipality, and special administrations on official duty for service purposes.

Diplomatic (Black) Passport: It is a type of passport given to members of parliament, ministers, former presidents, former ministers, generals, etc., who have high-level powers and responsibilities in the Republic of Turkey.

How to apply for a passport?

Passport applications can be made online or directly. When applying online, the type of passport to be applied for and the province and district where you want to obtain the passport are selected on the application screen. All information must be entered completely and correctly during the passport application. After the appointment date is established, it is necessary to be at the Population Directorate on time with the required documents.

What documents are required for a passport?

The required documents vary according to the type of passport applied for. But if we list the general documents required for all passports;

- T.C. ID card

- Biometric photo

- Passport fee and passport book fee

- Old passport (if any)

- Consent for minors

In addition, fingerprints are taken during the passport application. For this reason, it is necessary to apply in person. The passport fee is paid according to the validity period requested.

Passport fees in Turkey 2021

How much are passport fees?

Passport fees for 2021:



Book Fee

Total Fee

6 Months

227,20 TL

180,00 TL

407,20 TL

1 year

332,10 TL

180,00 TL

512,10 TL

2 years

542,20 TL

180,00 TL

722,20 TL

3 years

770,20 TL

180,00 TL

950,20 TL

4-10 years

1085,40 TL

180,00 TL

1265,40 TL

The specified passport fees and book prices are the prices determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the year 2021. Passport fees and book fees are updated every year.

How to renew the passport?

Applications are made to the Provincial and District Population Directorates for passport renewal. The application is made as if a new passport application is made, the fee is paid, and the old passport is submitted during the application. There is no special fee for passport extension.

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