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Apartments for Sale in Turkey


Apartments for Sale in Turkey, Where East and West Meet

Turkey, welcoming millions of tourists every year, is a country with a unique history and natural beauty. Many people who come to visit as tourists begin to interest in apartments for sale in Turkey. Foreigners are seeing Turkey as a country that is habitable with its climate, geographical beauty, and living conditions. Especially the tourists who come to Antalya for holiday purposes do not want to return to their country and want to continue their lives here by purchasing apartments in Antalya. Foreigners mostly buy apartments in Istanbul and Antalya provinces in Turkey.

Living in Turkey, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia and where numerous cultures are intertwined, offers a unique experience. Turkey, which is located on a peninsula surrounded on 3 sides by the sea, is a very colorful country with its magnificent natural beauties, a middle-zone climate, a rich cultural history, and different lifestyles. Turkey geographically consists of 7 different regions, and each region has its own characteristics. Marmara Region and Mediterranean Region are the most visited regions by foreigners. 

There are some advantages such as nature, culture, ease of life, and a delicious food culture besides the climate advantage that awaits foreigners in Turkey, which has sunny weather generally. It is possible to find fresh vegetables and fruits in all seasons in Turkey. The multicultural nature of the country is also reflected in its food culture. Turkey has a wonderful kitchen that hosts a lot of different flavors. Additionally, the cost of living in Turkey due to the difference in exchange rates for foreign nationals coming from abroad is very low.

Apartments for Sale in Turkey Suitable for Every Budget

Let's look at the advantages of living in Turkey for foreigners, who want to live here and are interested in the apartments for sale in Turkey. 

- Geography

Turkey, which is surrounded by the sea on 3 sides, has 4 sea borders, namely the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. You can easily perform numerous activities such as sailing, paragliding, diving, and swimming in Turkey, located in a very fertile region in terms of mountains and seas. thermal tourism is also well developed in Turkey, which is also rich in terms of underground resources. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists visit our country only for treatment in hot springs. Turkey has numerous possibilities in terms of geographic features.

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- Climate

Four seasons are experienced in Turkey, located in the central belt of the Northern Hemisphere. Each season in Turkey is experiencing different intensities in each region. You can swim in the sea in Antalya or ski in Bursa in December. Foreigners who like warm and mild climates are especially interested in apartments for sale in Antalya, Muğla, and Mersin. In addition, foreigners mostly buy houses for holiday purposes in Antalya.

- Historical Heritage

Turkey, which has hosted various civilizations for centuries, has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. There are historical treasures such as countless historical artifacts, museums, and ruins from various periods of history since the history of mankind. Gobeklitepe, which has been described as the zero point of humanity, is located in Sanliurfa. It is a very important heritage for the world not only for Turkey. There are 18 heritage sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list in Turkey, which has a very rich historical heritage.

- Multicultural Life

The multicultural life in Turkey is inevitable, which is hosted different civilizations for centuries. In addition, there is a multicultural environment where people of different origins live, as there are many foreigners coming to live from abroad. The Turkish people, who are hospitable and friendly, welcome foreigners with pleasure. Therefore, foreigners coming to Turkey, get used to the surroundings easily. There is a multicultural life in every region of Turkey. There is a cosmopolitan life in Istanbul, which is shown as one of the largest metropolises in the world.

- Turkish Cuisine

Reflections of multicultural life have also positively affected Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine with a wide variety of dishes is very rich. In addition, every season is possible to find fresh fruit and vegetables in Turkey. Weekly fresh vegetable and fruit markets are established in all provinces and districts in Turkey. You can find lots of healthy food alternatives in Turkey away from the fast-food culture.

- Transportation Facilities

There are 55 airports in Turkey actively used. This means easy access to everywhere. It is easily reached at any point in Turkey or the world from Istanbul or Antalya. Also, the highway, seaway, and railway transport networks are well developed.

- Travel

Turkey, which has many places of natural beauty and rich historical heritage, has great places to visit. Each city has its own characteristics and historical past. You should definitely visit historical places and natural beauties in Turkey such as Urgup (Fairy Chimneys), Adiyaman (Nemrut Mountain), Corum (Hattusas), and Sanlıurfa (Gobeklitepe), Rize (Ayder Plateau), Trabzon (Uzungol), and Edirne (Uzunkopru).

- Cost of Living

Turkey is less costly than many countries in daily life. Due to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey is easy and cheap access to fresh food. Foreigners can live much more cost-effective in Turkey due to the value of currencies such as the dollar, euro, and pound against the Turkish lira

- Property Diversity

The real estate sector in our country has a very dynamic structure. Apartments for sale in Turkey are qualified to answer every request. There is a wide range of real estate in Turkey for sale, from studio apartments to detached villas that will appeal to everyone's budget and taste. Apartments for sale in Turkey are sold at more affordable prices compared to European countries. So, you can buy luxury apartments in Turkey at suitable prices for your budget.

apartments for sale in Turkey

You need to work with a real estate agent who will assist you at every stage of the purchase of your dream home in Turkey. An expert and experienced real estate agent will help you buy real estate in a foreign country without any difficulties. The experienced and professional sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate are always ready to help with before and after-sales services. You can contact us through our website to get more information about apartments for sale in Turkey or you can send an email to

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