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Apartments in Turkey 2021 that suit different social groupsimage

Apartments in Turkey 2021 that suit different social groups


Tastes and desires vary and always differ from one person to another according to many reasons. It is possible that the reasons may be personal just because this type suits him and the other does not suit his taste, and the reasons may be related to the purpose of using the apartment, whether it is for rent, purchase, or investment, and there are several other factors that may affect your choices such as the number of family members and the length of residence required. Here, the options for apartments in Turkey vary greatly, and we will mention a number of types of apartments that suit different societal groups. 

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What are the types of apartments in Turkey: 

  1. Apartments in Turkey: They are the normal type of apartments that are spread in Turkey, as they are characterized by taking into account everyone's demands, as we find them in abundance and with different and multiple types, different spaces, and multiple shapes or patterns that make them suitable for different lifestyles. It is also very popular and accessible to everyone. 
  2. Hotel apartments in Turkey: They are the most attractive apartments for tourists who want to spend a short period on summer holidays or seasonal holidays such as New Year and Christmas, and they are available in abundance and in different styles and types.
  3. Penthouses: They are luxury apartments of high quality and are found in the highest buildings or complexes, where they are located on the upper floors and are often on the last floor of high-rise buildings in major cities. It is also characterized by the glass facades that give the building a beautiful view and is also characterized by high privacy, which gives the resident a feeling of comfort and tranquility. 
  4. Apartments with a sea view: As is the case with the rest of the world, the coast in most Turkish cities is the essence of investment in Turkey, where Turkish cities have wonderful views of the coast, and we find strong competition between Turkey's cities to create investment projects that highlight the beauty of the surrounding nature. We find homes with direct views of the coast, which are very popular with those wishing to rent or own a property on the coast. 
  5. Studio apartments: This type of apartment is preferred by many, especially young singles and university students, especially international students who are accepted by grants from other countries, and these apartments attract workers who want to reduce exorbitant housing expenses. Studio apartments are small in size as they consist of one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one living room. We often find this type of apartment in the heart of the city, close to lively places and workplaces, which makes it an ideal choice for many. 
  6. Duplex apartments: It consists of two complete residential apartments on top of each other, connected by an internal staircase. The duplex apartments are distinguished by their large capacity, as they can accommodate large families who cannot afford the costs of staying in the villas, as their price is acceptable compared to the villas, and some of them have their own garden, which makes them include two properties together, which are luxury housing and an acceptable budget. 
  7. Sharing apartments: They are the apartments in which time is shared with another partner, in other words, the benefit is shared in the property, for example, one of them buys a room or a hotel apartment in a luxury hotel resort in Turkey, so he has the right to reside there or invest it by renting it for one week a year, without committing to a condition Pre-booking, which makes it easier for him to come to Turkey at a time that suits him without the need to search for a property to stay in during this period or rent, especially in the tourist seasons, in which it is difficult to find a suitable and convenient apartment due to the large demand for real estate.
  8. Apartments within the residential complexes: Residential complexes are characterized by specifications that we do not find in other types of real estate, as major construction companies, in cooperation with Turkish municipalities, establish complexes with high specifications, including the distinguished location and proximity of the complex to infrastructure projects, services, public facilities, shopping and entertainment places, and most importantly, proximity to transportation and ease of movement. The apartments in the residential complexes are characterized by high-end designs, interior decoration, privacy, and security, where we find heavy security that guarantees the residents of these apartments' safety, and the apartments and entrances are provided with surveillance cameras to ensure that they are not exposed to thefts. As for the services inside the complex, we find gardens, places for children’s entertainment, swimming pools, a gym, restaurants, cafes, saunas, a recreation center, a commercial center, and many other services that meet the needs of the residents of the complex so that they do not need to leave the complex to meet their needs. Given all these advantages, the prices of apartments within the residential complexes are considered high compared to the prices of apartments outside the complexes. 

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We were on a tour of the various apartments in Turkey that suit all classes of society according to their financial budget and their goal of acquiring these apartments.

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