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Apartments Prices in Istanbul


Turkey, with its unique historical and natural riches, is one of the most preferred countries for investment and housing purchases due to its strategic geographical location. Turkey, with its unique location connecting East and West, North and South, acts as a bridge between important regions. The country, which is being at such an important point in the world, attracts many foreign investors who want to invest from abroad. Turkey is among the most attractive countries for foreigners to buy property. It attracts a great deal of attention with its unique features and the great advantages it offers. Foreign investors invest heavily in real estate in Turkey, by considering the unique advantages Turkey offers.

Turkey is one of the rare countries whose economy is growing day by day and whose welfare is increasing day by day and it has also shown great improvement in the real estate sector. With its strong economy and young and qualified population, it offers a safe investment environment for investors. The construction sector has also developed in parallel with this development in Turkey, which has shown great economic development in recent years. Turkey offers investors an incredible portfolio variety.

Istanbul is the most preferred city in Turkey by investors. Istanbul, which has hosted the most important trade routes throughout history, has airports and ports that provide transportation to all over the world today. Istanbul has a very important position both in Turkey and in the world, and it maintains its strategic value today as it was in the past. Due to this important location, many international brands have their headquarters in Istanbul. Istanbul, which draws attention with its historical and natural beauties as well as its commercial importance, is a lively city that lives 24 hours a day. Istanbul offers both its visitors and residents a rich and modern life in terms of historical, cultural, and natural beauties.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world for real estate investment that meets many expectations at the same time. Investing in real estate in Istanbul is the dream of many investors. Istanbul, which has direct flights to almost all parts of the world, attracts many foreigners with its ease of transportation. Today, the world's leading brands invest in Istanbul and maintain their commercial presence there. The fact that Istanbul has become such a preferred place has increased the population and the need for housing in direct proportion. The sector offers a wide variety of housing types to real estate buyers in Istanbul, where approximately 20 million people live together in peace. With the increase in the number of domestic and foreign investors interested in apartments for sale in Istanbul, the real estate sector has accelerated the construction of housing projects. With the demand for housing increasing every year, the construction industry in Istanbul has developed rapidly. Thanks to the rapidly developing sector, the number of high-quality, luxurious, and modern residences in Istanbul has increased to a great extent.

It is possible to buy affordable ultra-luxury apartments in Istanbul compared to many cities in Europe and the world. Moreover, these residences can have a unique Bosphorus view or a sea view. Most of the new apartments built in Istanbul are located in luxury residential complexes. Residential complexes also offer their residents many luxury facilities such as security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, and hammam. Cheap luxury apartments in Istanbul are especially popular with Persians and Arabs.

Apartments prices in Istanbul, one of the most crowded cities in the world, vary according to the region and the characteristics of the apartment. The real estate sector in Istanbul offers apartment options suitable for the budget and wishes of many people.

It is possible to buy affordable ultra-luxury apartments in Istanbul compared to many cities in Europe and the world.

Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Buying an apartment is for many people the most important financial decision and a serious financial investment. The motivation for investing such a large and serious amount will be to invest with high earning potential. In other words, when buying an apartment, it is aimed not only to meet the need for accommodation but also to earn money. Nobody wants to make an investment that will lose value and lose money. In general terms, real estate investment, which is seen as the safest and most risk-free investment tool in the medium and long term, provides serious gains to its investors. It offers investors unique purchasing options with its location in Istanbul, affordable prices, and quality properties. We can mention the following to take a brief look at the advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul:

- One of the most important advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul is the "location". You become a homeowner in a unique location in the world, with an apartment you buy in Istanbul. Owning an apartment in this city with a high investment potential will return investment with high profits in the medium and long term.

- Luxury apartments located in high-quality residential complexes have rich social facilities.

- Buying an apartment for 250.000 USD or more in Istanbul is the gateway to Turkish citizenship. By buying a luxury apartment in Istanbul, you get the opportunity to become a Turkish citizen with your family.

- Living or doing business in Istanbul means being only a flight away from almost any country in the world. (The possibility of reaching 249 different cities in 110 countries from Istanbul Airport by direct flight)

- Apartments prices in Istanbul are quite affordable compared to other metropolises in the world.

- When you buy an apartment in Istanbul, you can easily get a residence permit with your family (spouse and children under 18).

- Buying an apartment in Istanbul, which is gaining value day by day, means not only owning a house, but also a profitable investment. Apartments in Istanbul have always brought profit to their investors.

- Living costs in Turkey are quite affordable compared to European countries and it is very easy to access fresh food in all seasons.

By buying a luxury apartment in Istanbul, you get the opportunity to become a Turkish citizen with your family.

Some Important Points to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

The real estate sector in Istanbul, which is among the best metropolises in the world, has developed and progressed fairly quickly. There are some important points to consider when buying an apartment in Istanbul, where interest and demand are increasing day by day.

- When you decide to buy an apartment in Istanbul, one of the first and most important things you should pay attention to is the region where the apartment is located, the characteristics of the region, and the increase in value. As a foreign investor, it is not possible to know the regional characteristics and the increase in the value of the region in the country you want to invest in. For this reason, it is very important to get professional help from this stage onwards. It is of great importance that you work with a real estate agent who will inform you about the region and its value increase and will save you time and money. Diyar Turk Real estate is always ready to give you the best service at every stage of your investment with its professional and experienced real estate consultants.

- After deciding on the location, you want to invest in, one of the most important issues you need to focus on is the features you want to have in your apartment. It is very important to determine the features you need, taking into account your budget. A choice that exceeds your budget will force you to pay and cause undesirable results.

- The transportation facilities around the apartment you want to buy are also one of the most important points to consider. The proximity of the apartment to public transportation stops such as metro, Metrobus, bus, and important transportation routes such as E-5 and TEM highways will both facilitate your work in transportation and ensure that your apartment will appreciate quickly.

- The social facilities around an apartment you will buy in Istanbul are also very important. Being close to daily necessities such as bakery, butcher, bank, greengrocer, market, and ATM will not only make your work easier, make your life more beautiful, but also add value to your apartment. In your search for an apartment for sale in Istanbul, concentrating on a district with high investment potential, and close to transportation opportunities will return you as a good investment in the future.

- Apartments prices in Istanbul are another important factor that you should pay attention to when looking for flats for sale.

In our search for an apartment for sale in Istanbul, location is the most important factor to be considered. Although the choice of location is important, flat prices in Istanbul are one of the most important points to be considered, since this choice will be made in line with the budget. It is extremely important to know which district is developed and which district is developing in Istanbul.

Apartments Prices in Istanbul

Location is one of the most important factors that affect apartment prices in Istanbul. Many factors, such as the development of the location of the apartment, its proximity to the facilities around it, and whether it has a sea or Bosphorus view, directly affect the prices of the apartments. These districts have high business potential, high investment value and are highly developed in terms of social opportunities. Infrastructure and superstructure facilities in these districts, which are close to the city center and social facilities, are very developed and this has greatly increased the value of the region. Esenyurt, Arnavutkoy, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, and Silivri are the districts where the quality and cheapest apartments are located in Istanbul. These districts are developing at a rapid pace and offer investors unique earning opportunities. In particular, Arnavutkoy is a district that offers great profit opportunities in the future with the construction of both the Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Canal Project.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are offered to buyers in 2021 with prices starting from 55.000 USD. Global finance experts recommend real estate investment with low risk and high returns to investors at every opportunity. Real estate investment, which has high returns in the medium and long term, is seen as one of the safest investment types. In Istanbul, which grows and develops steadily every year, the prices of flats are also increasing, and they are bringing in their investors.

The Factors Affecting Apartments Prices in Istanbul

- Location is one of the most important factors affecting apartment prices in Istanbul. The level of development of the location of the apartment directly affects the price of the apartment. While the most expensive residences in Istanbul are located in the Besiktas district, the cheapest residences are located in the Esenyurt district.

- Another important factor affecting the prices of apartments is the quality of the materials used in the construction of the apartment. The price of a high-quality apartment built with quality materials is also high. This factor, which is of great importance in terms of comfort and durability, is one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing a residence.

- Another factor that is effective in determining the prices of apartments in Istanbul is the presence of social facilities such as gymnasium, Turkish bath, and sauna. In addition, features such as the proximity of the apartment to transportation facilities, its facade, the floor it is located on, and its size are also taken into consideration.

- Foreign investor demands from foreign countries also affect apartment prices in Istanbul. As demand increases, apartment prices also increase.

- Megaprojects such as Istanbul Canal, Istanbul Airport, Eurasia Tunnel, and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which were built and under construction in Istanbul, are also among the factors affecting the prices of apartments.

In addition, another method used in determining the price of apartments in Istanbul is the calculation made over the rental price (usually in second-hand houses). The average payback period for an apartment in Istanbul is 21 years. In some districts of Istanbul, this period is even shorter.

As stated, many factors are effective in determining the prices of apartments in Istanbul. When you decide to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you can understand the average selling price by considering many factors and making your choice accordingly. Thus, you can understand whether the house you are considering buying is offered to you at its true value.

In Istanbul, which has unlimited possibilities in terms of apartment diversity, it is quite easy to find housing with the desired features and budget. However, one of the important points to be considered is to get help from an expert and reliable real estate agent. A real estate agent who knows Istanbul and its districts well will make your job much easier by offering the most suitable options for your wishes and budget.

Professional and experienced real estate consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate will pick you up from your hotel and organize a real estate tour to offer you the most suitable apartments for sale in Istanbul. When you decide between these options, it helps you at all stages until you move to the house you want to buy. If you are buying an investment property, it helps to sell your property for resale and rent your property if you want to earn monthly income.

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