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Avoid these mistakes when applying for Turkish citizenship through investmentimage

Avoid these mistakes when applying for Turkish citizenship through investment


We all know that a passport is a document that proves our identity to governments and institutions over time; And looking forward to obtaining second nationalities was a good idea to overcome the idea of ​​obstacles and political, social, and banking difficulties and even border difficulties and travel.

In 2019, Turkey facilitated obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the means of obtaining this citizenship were many, the most important of which was to apply for citizenship through a real estate investment of 250 thousand dollars, but when applying for this citizenship, you should avoid serious mistakes when buying property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship:

First: Paying the value of the property in cash:

It is one of the worst mistakes that can be made, as the bank transfer receipts must be submitted when you submit the file for Turkish citizenship, and if you want to buy the property for cash, there will be no bank receipts and therefore the application for citizenship will not be submitted. As general information that we must put forward, most investors buy the property in cash, as the idea of ​​the buyer paying the value of the property through bank transfer before transferring the ownership is feared. Here, it is advised not to deal with individuals, but with companies, as the capital of these companies is the credibility with which they deal with their customers.

obtain turkish citizenship

Second: Personal information:

Applying for Turkish citizenship requires submitting identification papers to certain competent authorities, as this application contains supporting information, personal information, and official papers that work to prove the identity of a foreign investor who wants to buy property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. You must pay attention to the accuracy of the information during transfer, such as the full name as mentioned in the passport. Also, attention should be paid to the information when issuing the bank receipt, because forgetting or making the smallest mistakes leads to the rejection of the application for Turkish citizenship.

Third: Ensuring the credibility and formality of the real estate appraisal document:

As the value of the property in Turkey that will be used in the application for obtaining Turkish citizenship is a predetermined value by the laws related to the purchase of the real estate in Turkey, the Turkish government requests an evaluation of the property through the real estate appraisal document but requires that this document is by experts or specialized companies with prior experience and that the person issuing the evaluation is officially authorized by the government, as the job of this person is to avoid making mistakes and protect the foreign investor from fraud.

Fourth: Obtaining a residence permit for investors before applying for citizenship through investment:

During the application for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, investors must obtain a residence permit for investors before they apply for citizenship. This does not impose the presence of foreigners in Turkey and also allows them to appoint a third party, for example, their lawyer, who will be authorized on their behalf to submit the application; But this does not apply to the family members of the foreign investor, although they have the possibility to obtain the investor's residence permit on the name of the investor's permit itself.  

turkish citizenship

You may encounter some non-professional people in the field of real estate who will convince you not to rely on real estate companies on the pretext that they will steal your money, but you should never listen to them, the truth is definitely the exact opposite, as reliable real estate companies in Turkey provide you with many suitable options according to preferred specifications and also offers the buyer many discounts and offers that you will not find if you buy directly from the construction company. As for the commission, it is obtained from the construction company or the owner of the property and not from the buyer of the property, and therefore you will not incur more expenses as a buyer.

These real estate companies also provide real estate consultancy to give you the best option and prevent you from being defrauded, with a group of experienced lawyers to help you with all legal matters regarding buying property in Turkey, in addition to helping you in the event you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

Fifth: Not relying on old information about real estate and its laws:

Since the real estate market in Turkey is constantly renewed and full of surprises, you cannot rely on what you know from previous information, because many changes may happen overnight, and if you have previously purchased or invested in real estate in Turkey, this does not make you an expert as many laws have changed. For example, if you are not Turkish, you could not previously buy a property in Turkey. Today, it is the opposite, and you will be surprised by the facilities that are available to you.

Also, real estate prices within the regions have changed. What was previously under construction has become today one of the most famous and most expensive neighborhoods, so it is necessary to keep abreast of real estate and keep pace with all changes to get the best deal.

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