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Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenshipimage

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship


This field is interesting to anyone who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, as it has become the common goal among many people around the world. They unanimously agreed on it only after they found it the golden card that makes life luxurious and comfortable. But the question lies in how to get it? What conditions must be met? What papers and documents do I need to bring? These questions will be answered in the following lines.

-These are the most important means of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Learn about them:

1- Real estate investment:
This is the most common method today among all those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, because its advantages are many and it is one of the easiest ways at all, as only the price of the property is required to be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and above, and it should be committed not to sell it before three years have passed from the date of sale.
One of the most important advantages that will result from choosing a real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship is that it offers its owner abundant profits and high material returns, and this will be achieved if the property is chosen according to correct foundations and accurate rules. It is important to draw attention to the fact that the most profits will be in the seasons' Tourist.

obtain turkish citizenship

2- Commercial Investment:
It can also be obtained through commercial investments when the money is not less than five hundred thousand US dollars. It also comes with huge and satisfactory profits.

3- Bank deposit:
One of the means that many people resort to is a bank deposit, by placing an amount of money in one of Turkey's banks of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars. However, it is stipulated that no part of it be withdrawn before three years have passed from the date of its deposit.

4- By marrying a Turkish woman:
This method is common not only in Turkey but in all countries around the world. It can be obtained by marrying someone who is Turkish. But documents and evidence must be submitted proving that this marriage is real and not only in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The most important stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

-First of all, an application for Turkish citizenship must be submitted to the Souls Department / The application will be transferred to the Immigration and Passports Department / The applicant’s file will be checked by security agencies / Later the rejection or acceptance decision will be announced.

These are the documents required in order to obtain Turkish citizenship:

A copy of your personal ID or passport.
If it will be obtained through real estate investment, the property title deed and the real estate appraisal document must be brought, which is an essential and indispensable element because it accurately determines the price of the property, leaving no room for manipulation.
A document must also be submitted proving that the person wishing to obtain citizenship has a stable and sufficient income.

turkish citizenship

What are the most important advantages that will be obtained after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

1- It is a golden card that allows its holder to cross the borders of many countries around the world without a visa requirement.
2- Those who hold this nationality will have the same rights as the Turks and have the same duties.
3- the person will be able to obtain prestigious and distinguished job opportunities, and he will also have the right to run for office and be elected.
4- Living in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, based on the remarkable development that Turkey is witnessing today in all its sectors and fields.
5- Obtaining free health and educational services if the institutions that belong to the government sector are selected. and he will get many discounts if he chooses the institutions that belong to the private sector.
Turkish citizenship is not besieged by restrictions that are difficult to deal with but is available to everyone in more than one way, and this is among the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners. This is what we tried to explain through the previous lines, briefly presenting everything related to it.

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