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European Esenyurt is the most suitable place for investmentimage

European Esenyurt is the most suitable place for investment


Esenyurt is one of the most important municipalities of Istanbul, and the city's most popular area for buying and owning real estate by foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular, due to the great urban renaissance it has witnessed in recent years. If you are interested in buying property in Istanbul for housing or real estate investment, all you have to do is look at its most important areas... Esenyurt.

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Esenyurt was established as an independent municipality on March 22, 2008, under Law No. 5747. As for the history of urban expansion in Esenyurt, it dates back to the nineteenth century, when before that it was an agricultural area that sold its crops to other regions, and it was called “Esenyurt” after one of the owners the old ones.
The municipality of Esenyurt in Istanbul covers an area of ​​2770 square kilometers. It is located on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking Küçükçekmece Lake from the east, the E-5 highway from the south, and adjacent to Avcilar and Beylikdüzü districts, while Büyükçekmece Lake is located in the west.
The region has witnessed a great real estate revolution, especially in the recent times, which made it a vital center for the city of Istanbul, where many companies took it as its headquarters, in addition to containing a number of hotels of high quality, which made it take an upward trend in growth and development, which led to attracting a large number of investors Those wishing to acquire a property within a high-end housing project that contains all the elements of luxury at a reasonable price.
It also established luxury residential complexes, which numbered so far 80 housing projects with different housing options that meet various desires. Esenyurt has become attractive to many who wish to own real estate, whether for the purpose of residence or investment.
Esenyurt has impressed investors with its modern complexes, the acceptable prices of its real estate and apartments, its population density, and its proximity to the most important modern areas and the most important investment areas in strategic European Istanbul such as Basaksehir and Beylikdüzü.

real estate investment in Istanbul

The main reasons for investing:

First: the various means of transportation:
• Esenyurt has a modern transportation network that is characterized by its greatness, diversity and strength, linking it to the center of Istanbul and all its other regions, and its means of transportation vary between taxis, minibuses and large buses, in addition to the metrobus that crosses the E-5 road, which connects Asian Istanbul with European Istanbul, and passes The most important municipalities in the city.
• Esenyurt has a vital location, as two highways pass through it, namely E5 and E-80, which are the lifeblood of Istanbul, and through which Esenyurt can be reached to all other vital areas in Istanbul.
• It is also worth noting that Esenyurt is close to the TEM and D100 land roads, and the roads associated with them, which facilitates access to it from all parts of the city.
• Various types of large and medium buses are available that pass in most neighborhoods of Esenyurt
• The subway line is expected to open in the middle of this year 2021, which will connect the Esenyurt district in the center of Istanbul in the Kabatas region, which will significantly reduce the intensity of congestion, as it aims to reduce 70,000 people daily and will contribute to raising the investment and real estate value for it

Second - Public Services and Facilities:
Esenyurt owns a variety of public facilities and services that encourage real estate investment in it. For example, there are a group of leading governmental and private hospitals in the city that provide all specialties and the latest medical devices, in addition to health centers. It also includes Esenyurt University and the two Avcilar Universities are in between. And Bahcesehir includes public universities in addition to private universities and schools that reach 150 schools in their various stages, governmental, private and international.
There are many shopping centers in it and they are distributed in most of its neighborhoods to reach 20 luxury shopping centers, the largest of which are: Marmara Park Mall and Marra Torium.
Esenyurt enjoys a green nature because it contains a large number of public parks that give it a refreshing atmosphere, including the Martyrs' Park and Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Garden, in addition to 60 gardens for children.

Third - The large presence of the Arab community:
Most Arabs, especially newcomers to Turkey, want to live in an area that makes it easier for them to move and speak their mother tongue because of the spread of shops, restaurants and cafes, in which Arabs work and serve oriental foods from the Arab kitchen, which gives a feeling of belonging as if they are in their country.
While the Arabs contributed greatly to the development of Esenyurt due to the great economic movement of buying and selling, establishing companies and opening shops that contributed in one way or another to the wide urban renaissance witnessed by the region, which raised the real estate investment shares in Istanbul in general and the Esenyurt region in particular.

Fourth - real estate prices in Esenyurt:
The multiplicity of housing projects and their abundance in the region provided opportunities to obtain housing apartments suitable for all segments of society with different budgets. It became possible to obtain luxury apartments that contain many social facilities within many large projects at reasonable and appropriate prices.
As for those looking for a property in Istanbul, whether residential or investment, Esenyurt has provided them with many options, some of which are distinguished by the quality that attracts those looking for luxury, and some of them are characterized by economic implementation with medium quality, attracting those looking for a suitable apartment at an acceptable price. .
Prices vary according to the availability of several factors, including: the location of the property, its area, its view, the number of rooms and the services provided in it such as entertainment factors or the smart home system, or its proximity to transportation, highways and public services, and real estate prices in Esenyurt start from 50 thousand dollars to 200 thousand dollars.

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Real estate sales in Esenyurt for the year 2019

Esenyurt ranked first as the most selling real estate area in Turkey for the year 2019, during which it sold 33 thousand and 194 properties, according to official figures issued by the Turkish Statistical Institution.
In conclusion, we can conclude that the Esenyurt area has all the factors that make it the best place for investment because it has the elements that encourage Arab and foreign investors to create their investments in it, which will surely meet success and guarantee them huge profits. If you are looking for a property in Turkey In general, or you are looking for a property in Istanbul in particular, all you have to do is head to the European Esenyurt and you will get what you wish for!

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