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Fighting with Covid-19 in Turkeyimage

Fighting with Covid-19 in Turkey


Caution Process of Turkey with Covid-19 Virus

Turkey, which is fighting against coronavirus quite successfully, is planning to loosen tight measures taken across the country in early June.

Turkey is one of the most effective countries struggling with coronavirus. The number of infections and the number of people who lost their lives due to disease were brought under control in a short time in Turkey. The fall of the disease in a short period is shown as a great success by the world press. Turkey, with its advanced health care system and experienced doctors, has managed to take control Covid-19 virus, which all the world is still fighting, in a short time.

Free Test and Treatment for All Citizens in Turkey

Turkey has organized special flights for all of its citizens abroad during the pandemic period and encouraged them to come back to the country. Also, all foreigners, who are not able to return to their country, were hosted in private dormitories during the pandemic period in Turkey, and free shelter and food and beverage needs were provided. In Turkey, coronavirus tests and treatments, for all citizens, including foreigners, are provided free by the state. In this process, Turkey has provided support to 34 countries such as the USA, England, Italy, and Spain, with medical supplies, and protective equipment.

The World Media Discussed Turkey's Success

Turkey has spoken with success in the cautions against the virus all over the world, and it is planning to start the normalization process in early June. In the tourism sector, it is expected that the hotels will start operating at half capacity at the beginning of June. The tourism sector, which will start making reservations by taking all necessary precautions, will start to host guests. Turkey has also appeared in the foreign press with success in combating the pandemic. Some countries have proposed Turkey, which stands out with its successful struggle in the epidemic, to their citizens for holiday.

An effective method of combating the disease has been developed in Turkey. Unlike in other countries, life is not completely stopped. Commercial activities and production continued. Curfew has been imposed across the country only for people under 20 and over 65.

How Turkey Has Struggled with Coronavirus?

- From the first date coronavirus cases have been seen in Turkey, education was stopped in schools, and online education was launched.

- All international flights have been stopped.

- Places of Activities, where the contact is intense such as restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs, were temporarily suspended.

- Carrying capacity of public transportation was halved and were allowed to travel for passengers in such a way that they would only be seated single.

- Travels, in the 30 metropolises of Turkey, were connected to the governorship permit.

- Curfew was imposed on citizens over 65.

- Curfew was imposed on young people under 20 and children.

- 3-4 days curfew was declared intermittently to include weekends and some public holidays in 30 metropolitan cities and Zonguldak province.

- Obligation to wear a mask was introduced to everyone who goes out.

- Mask sales stopped in the country during the epidemic period and the state started distributing free masks to the public. Vocational high schools and some businesspeople started to produce masks with great devotion. These masks were distributed free of charge to citizens of Turkey and were sent to other countries fighting the epidemic.

- In this process, there was no problem in accessing food. The public has easily reached any food they want.

Planned to Start the Normalization Process in Early June

Ramadan Eid, a religious eid in Turkey, is a date when family visits are made, and crowded masses are traveling. Due to the upcoming Ramadan Eid, the #stayhome call is made to the citizens to spend this holiday at home. The measures are expected to be relaxed as of early June with the guidance of the members of the scientific committee, who will make a situation assessment, according to the tests to be done after Ramadan Eid.

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