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Foreign investors are opting for buying propertiesimage

Foreign investors are opting for buying properties


Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is a special country that acts as a bridge between East and West cultures with a deep-rooted and rich historical background. It attracts people from all over the world with its colorful lifestyle, rich history and culture, unique location, and magnificent natural beauties.

Besides its cultural, historical, and natural beauties, Turkey, with its secular and multinational life and a prosperous and peaceful climate, attracts investors from all over the world. Turkey, having a strong and steadily growing economy, has always offered new and advantageous opportunities to investors, and increased and preserved the value of the investments made.

Thousands of foreigners buy flats, villas, commercial units, and land in Turkey every year. With the increasing number of foreign investors every year, the real estate and construction sector in Turkey is also developing. Every year, foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey for various reasons.

Foreign Investors Are Opting to Buy Properties in Turkey

Foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey due to its unique geographical location, advanced transportation facilities, affordable and luxurious real estate options, and many other reasons. The reasons why foreigners want to invest in Turkey are of course not limited to these. There are many reasons for foreign investors to invest profitably in Turkey. Let's take a brief look at why foreigners should choose Turkey to buy real estate.

- Opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship with a real estate investment of 250.000 USD and above

The Turkish government provides the opportunity to become Turkish citizens with their family (spouse and children under the age of 18) to foreigners who purchase real estate for 250,000 USD and above. While it is difficult to obtain a residence permit when real estate is purchased in many countries, it is possible to become a Turkish citizen in real estate investments of 250,000 USD or more in Turkey. A foreigner who gains Turkish citizenship can benefit from all opportunities (social security, education, working, etc.) in Turkey. Also, a foreigner who acquires Turkish citizenship can have a Turkish passport and travel to 110 countries without a visa.

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turkish passport

- Obtaining residence permit easily by purchasing real estate

A foreigner who buys real estate for any price in any city in Turkey can easily obtain a residence permit. Foreigners can apply for a residence permit with their spouses and children under 18 years of age. This permit, which is issued for two years at a time, can be extended. After living in Turkey with a residence permit for 5 years, an application for Turkish citizenship can be made when the necessary conditions are met. Children of foreigners who have residence permits in Turkey can receive free education in public schools. Also, foreigners residing in Turkey with a residence permit can purchase motor vehicles, export vehicles, and furniture, and establish their own companies.

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- The abundance of social and cultural opportunities

There are different social and cultural opportunities in each province of Turkey, which has 81 provinces. There are all kinds of social opportunities from sports activities to concerts, from cultural activities to entertainment. While you can enjoy the beach and the sea in Antalya in December, it is possible to ski in Uludağ. Also, various festivals are held in different parts of the country and at different times. Events such as Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling, which has been going on for 660 years in Edirne, the Istanbul Film Festival held for years in Istanbul, the Istanbul Jazz Festival, the Istanbul Music Festival, the Orange Blossom Carnival in Adana and the Antalya Film Festival held in Antalya are carried out every year with the participation of thousands of people from all over the world.

- Geographical location and advanced transportation options

There are direct flights to many countries of the world from Turkey, which attracts all attention with its unique and strategic geographical location. Almost all countries can be easily reached from Turkey, which has many developed international airports. Turkey also has developed road and rail options. These roads, which provide easy transportation within the country, continue to the outside of the country. Transportation by rail is provided from Turkey to many countries in Europe. Surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey is also highly developed in terms of maritime transport. Bosphorus, one of the most important waterways in the world, is a very important waterway. 

- Affordable and modern property options

Thanks to its advantageous location, Turkey is a country that is in high demand by foreign investors. The real estate sector in Turkey has also developed in the face of this rising demand. Real estate prices in Turkey, where quality, luxury, and modern housing projects are built, are also quite affordable compared to many European countries. Luxury housing projects built in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, have luxury equipment such as a swimming pool, Turkish bath, spa, gym, tennis court, and smart home systems.

- Turkish lira devaluation

In recent years, the Turkish economy has been adversely affected by reasons such as the foreign policy attitudes of the Turkish Government and the abstention from consumer behavior that has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Depreciating against the dollar, the Turkish lira offers advantageous and profitable real estate purchasing opportunities for foreign investors.

- Cost of living in Turkey

Due to its location and its climate, agriculture and animal husbandry activities are highly developed in Turkey. It is possible to easily access fresh vegetables and fruits and other food products at affordable prices every season. Rental housing, transportation, and other expenses are also quite affordable compared to many countries.

- A secular and prosperous living climate in Turkey

Turkey is a cosmopolitan country where people of many nationalities and religions live together in peace. The mixed and multicultural life in Turkey, hospitable Turkish people, and natural and historical riches are among the important reasons that attract foreign investors.

- Fantastic climate with all four seasons

Due to its location, Turkey is a country located in the middle climate zone. In the country where four seasons are experienced in different beauty, in general, summers are hot and winters are cold. In all regions of Turkey, each season is experienced with a different beauty.

- Job opportunities in Turkey

Turkey, located in a very important and strategic location in the world, is one of the places where the head offices of large companies engaged in international trade are located. Especially in Istanbul, most of the big brands have a branch. Turkey offers unlimited options in terms of job opportunities for both job seekers and those who want to start their businesses.

obtain turkish citizenship

- Ease of access to delicious Turkish cuisine

The cuisine of Turkey, which has a deep-rooted and rich historical background, has been influenced by many cultures. In Turkish cuisine, which offers unique flavors, each region has its magnificent flavors. While a food culture consisting of light meals with olive oil comes to the fore in the West, meat and fatty meals are consumed in the Eastern. When you come to Turkey, we recommend you taste local dishes such as lahmacun, kebab, doner kebab, baklava, kokorec, sarma, and manti.

We have listed many reasons for foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey. You can contact the experienced and talented real estate consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate to learn more about Turkish property.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You can contact us via our website or e-mail address.

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