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Advantages of buying property in Arnavutkoy in Istanbulimage

Advantages of buying property in Arnavutkoy in Istanbul


Today, Istanbul is characterized by its diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, old and modern, and exclusive and rustic. Wherever your goal is, you will find comfort, sophistication, and the right infrastructure for you. From Al-Fatih to Sultanahmet to Bakirkoy and Bebek.
There are many famous neighborhoods. Today we will talk about one of them, which is Arnavutkoy. One of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul, with an area of ​​about 453 km, and a population of about a quarter of a million people. One of the most distinguishing features of this area is its rural character mixed with some neighborhoods that include luxury and modern real estate.

Where is Arnavutkoy located?

Arnavutkoy district in European Istanbul is located in the Marmara Sea region, where it is bordered to the east by Sultanyub district, Basaksehir district, Esenyurt district to the southeast, Buyukcekmece to the south, and Catalca to the west.
In addition, this region has a coastline overlooking the Black Sea, Lake Kucukcekmece from the north, and also there is a beautiful view of the region on Lake Drusu from the east.
Arnavutkoy has a temperate climate, which encourages residency in it, as it is cool, with heavy rains in winter, and in summer temperatures tend to be moderate.

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Tourists and natural places in Arnavutkoy

Arnavutkoy is one of the most important areas where there are many tourist attractions, such as historical palaces scattered everywhere in the city, as well as places waiting to be discovered in its back streets.
Moreover, Arnavutkoy has hosted different religions and cultures throughout history, where you can see churches, mosques, and synagogues very close to each other. So that you also feel the cultural diversity that characterizes all the places in this region.
In addition, of course, to the many sites and monuments that testify to the Turkish civilization, in particular, there are many mosques, the most famous of which is the Green Mosque.

Accommodation in Arnavutkoy

It seems that living in Arnavutkoy is a very wonderful idea, as this area attracts investors and businessmen, who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, because of its touristic features, with its view of Lake Kucukcekmece and the Sea of ​​Marmara. It has a contemporary lifestyle that combines the elegance of the past and the glamor of the present.
The area includes various modern infrastructures and high-end services that encourage stability and residence, especially since the specifications of apartments in this area show their development and their suitability to international specifications.

Investing in Arnavutkoy District

Investing in the Arnavutkoy district is one of the most successful investments in European Istanbul, where this region is witnessing a great urban renaissance, through the construction of modern complexes, residential apartments with high specifications, and the acceleration of industrial development in it, through the abundance of vital facilities that it acquired in recent years Which is automatically reflected in the real estate sector.

Apartments in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

The apartments in the area combine all the specifications at the same time, as you see some old folk houses that still preserve the ancient past and some apartments blend the nobility of the past with the development of the present.
However, the general aspect that distinguishes the apartments in this area is that they are located within high-quality residential complexes that comply with the latest international specifications. In addition to durability, these apartments have great views of the surrounding greenery on one side and the Marmara Sea on the other.

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Villas in the Arnavutkoy area

Investing in luxury villas is a promising future for investors in Istanbul, as the villas in Arnavutkoy have innovative designs, both internal and external, with high-quality finishes, and charming views of the surrounding natural areas.
This is in addition to the social facilities, such as swimming pools and gaming areas around the villas, and their privileged locations away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Farms in Arnavutkoy

The farms in Arnavutkoy have many advantages. The large and spacious area, the fruit trees, the favorable climate for the growth of different crops, and the abundance of green trees around them are all of the advantages that you find in the area.
Besides, this region has all the ingredients necessary for the success of agricultural investments related to raising animals and livestock, selling crops, or buying and selling farms.

Lands in Arnavutkoy District

You can find suitable land for agricultural investment in Arnavutkoy. Some of the lands have strategic locations that bring you huge profits from the projects that can be undertaken. Especially with the lands that fall within the real estate plans and that will be included in the construction of residential complexes in the future.

In general, many Istanbul neighborhoods combine many of these characteristics.. but each neighborhood has a special character, which you do not find in the other. Some Turks say that the smell of Istanbul differs from one neighborhood to another. You have to stay in it forever to distinguish it.
Arnavutkoy is one of these distinctive neighborhoods for housing, vacation, or investment.

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