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Get Turkish citizenship with 250 thousand dollarsimage

Get Turkish citizenship with 250 thousand dollars


Turkey is known for its distinguished strategic location and proximity to Asian regions, especially Arab and European as well. It is also characterized by its civilized and upscale character. Tourism occupies an important center in Turkey, as it depends on its tourist and archaeological areas and its mild climate, and this has increased the investment points in Turkey and attracted the attention of tourists to it in addition to facilities provided by The government for obtaining Turkish citizenship in many ways. This is what will be the focus of our discussion in this article.

The most important points in the matter of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey:

- As it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, but the most important of them is by buying property in Turkey, and here it is taken into account that the value of the property is not less than 250 thousand dollars, instead of the value that was previously imposed, which was one million dollars, but it is required here not to sell the property until after some time A fixed term of three years.
- After purchasing the property to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are stages to applying for citizenship:
* The first stage is to buy property in Turkey and obtain a real estate evaluation paper, which states the actual price of the property and entitles it to apply for Turkish citizenship.
* The second stage is obtaining real estate residency.
* The third stage consists of applying to obtain Turkish citizenship. It is also recommended to have a real estate agent or lawyer with experience at this stage to proceed through all stages without obstacles.

obtain Turkish citizenship
Documents required to obtain real estate residency before granting citizenship to the investor and his family:

1- Real estate residence application.
2- A certificate stating that the property conforms to the conditions of the Turkish Nationality Law and is extracted from the Directorate of Land Registry (Tabu).
3- The original passport and a copy of it. The person applying for residency must be present here, and no one is acting on his behalf.
4- Recent personal photos 4.

Some decisions concern those who obtained Turkish citizenship by buying a property, and the most important of these decisions are:

1- The investor can sell the property, but after three years have passed when he obtains Turkish citizenship.
2- It is forbidden to sell the property to naturalized relatives to obtain Turkish citizenship for them as well.
3- It is forbidden to recycle the property. What is meant here is that the investor sells the property to a person of Turkish nationality and then sells it to a person of the same nationality or manipulates official papers to obtain Turkish citizenship.
4- It is prohibited to return the property to the original owner, as the investor cannot resell the property to the original owner of the property, whether the owner is a person, real estate company, or contracting.

obtain Turkish citizenship

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

1- To buy a property from a Turkish citizen or a real estate company.
2- The property must have a legal title deed (Tabu) even if it is under construction.
3- The property price should exceed 250 thousand US dollars.
4- Paying the price of the property by bank transfer from a bank outside or inside Turkey.
5- The investor pledges not to sell the property until 3 years have passed.

It is worth mentioning here that we know that the investor doesn't need to remain in Turkey to obtain citizenship. Upon completing his papers, he can obtain citizenship; Turkey also allows obtaining dual citizenship, and here you should review the consulate of your home country and see if it allows obtaining dual citizenship or not. Some countries such as India, China, and Saudi Arabia do not support the feature of dual citizenship.

Thus, we have talked about the method of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey, the papers required to apply for Turkish citizenship, the most important stages that the investor goes through, in addition to the conditions set by the Turkish government to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment...
Obtaining Turkish citizenship is a unique opportunity to live in a sophisticated and developed country that contains many advantages and wonderful living and investment opportunities. Also, obtaining a Turkish passport, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world, allows you to enter many countries without a visa and allows you to move between countries easily.

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