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How does Turkish citizenship benefits its holderimage

How does Turkish citizenship benefits its holder


Turkey has always been the preferred destination for many who wish to live in a country that has many advantages, as Turkey enjoys a strategic geographical location that connects the continent of Asia and Europe and is surrounded by seas from almost all sides, which gives it charming sea views that constitute an important factor in the fields of tourism and real estate investment. An important role in maritime trade through the seaports and harbors that spread on its shores. Of course, obtaining Turkish citizenship is one of the most important goals that many people may aspire to because of the advantages it gives to those who hold it, the most important of which is obtaining the Turkish passport, which is classified as one of the best passports in the world and which gives its holder the ability to enter more than seventy countries without the need to Visa. In this article, we will list the most important benefits that an individual obtains when obtaining Turkish citizenship and how to obtain and apply for it.

turkish citizenship

Features and benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

• Granting the family the right to obtain Turkish citizenship: An individual with Turkish citizenship can grant it to his family, a wife and children who are under the age of eighteen, even if they do not wish to reside on Turkish territory permanently.
• Obtaining the rights of the Turkish citizen: the holder of Turkish citizenship can benefit from the full rights of the Turkish citizen as he has become a Turkish citizen, and you will be treated similarly in all areas such as medical rights and educational opportunities for you and your children and benefit from the retirement program and you have the right to run for office and vote.
• Obtaining a Turkish passport: The Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world, as it is ranked forty-ninth and allows those who hold it to travel to more than a hundred European, Asian, African and American countries, and also allows its holder to enter more than seventy countries without The need for an entry visa . Among the advantages is also the speed of obtaining the Turkish passport within a period not exceeding one month from the date of submitting the application, even if you are not residing on Turkish territory for a certain period. It also allows you to keep your first nationality and is also allowed to obtain another nationality, and it is worth mentioning Its validity is up to ten years, renewable for life.
• Benefiting from Turkey's diplomatic relations with other countries: Turkey enjoys good relations with various countries, as it always works to develop and strengthen its commercial, diplomatic, cultural and economic relations with everyone.
• Work more freely: There are no conditions for Turks to work in their country, and they can obtain social security and sikorta insurance, and getting work for a Turkish is easier and faster than for a foreigner, as each foreigner needs to have 5 Turkish employees in the same place where he works , while the Turks do not apply to them such procedures and they can work directly. Also, holders of important certificates, especially doctors, engineers and jurists, can obtain greater job opportunities in Turkey after obtaining citizenship. Also, for licensing your company or business in Turkey and participating in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in it, this will be easier for Turkish citizens.
• Ease of buying and owning transactions: It is easy for you to obtain Turkish citizenship to do a lot of legal transactions and procedures, especially with regard to:
- Owning real estate: where there is no need for many transactions, especially with regard to translation procedures, or documents required only from foreigners, and other matters facing any foreigner outside his home country. It is noteworthy that the foreign resident needs to issue a real estate appraisal document in Turkey when buying property in Turkey, as well as obtaining a security approval for ownership, emphasizing that these procedures are generally easy and accessible.
- Opening a bank account in any bank in Turkey: In the same context, some banks in Turkey may require additional procedures for foreigners to open a bank account there, while the Turkish citizen does not face any problems in this regard.
- Buying cars
- Incorporation of companies

How to obtain Turkish citizenship:

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, all of which are easy and their procedures are simple, as the Turkish government has facilitated the procedures and here are these ways:
1- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment: An industrial or commercial investment can be established with a fixed capital of no less than 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira.

obtaining turkish citizenship
2- Employing no less than fifty Turkish employees, which secures the livelihood of fifty families with a good salary that guarantees them a decent life.
3- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey: A property worth $250,000 or several properties of the same value can be purchased, provided that this property or properties must not be sold for a period of three years.
4- Deposit an amount of no less than 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira in a Turkish bank, and no amount may be withdrawn before the lapse of three years.
5- Buying shares from the investment capital fund or the real estate investment fund and keeping these contracts for three years.
At the conclusion of this article, we hope that we have provided you with all the details that you would like to know in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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