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How to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment?image

How to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment?


One of the most preferred ways to obtain Turkish citizenship among foreigners is through investment, as the advantages of obtaining it through this method are many, in addition to that Turkey is an ideal and exemplary environment for the existence and success of these investments.... What are these ways of investment? Are the conditions for obtaining it through any type of investment the same? What are the benefits that will be obtained by this method? .... All these questions we will realize the answers to in the following article.

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?

1- If the investment is real estate, as many people and investors around the world today resort to obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, it has many advantages and wonderful details .... This method is also known as the easiest at all, as it is only required that the price of the property be not Less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars in addition to a pledge not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.
* Choosing this method of obtaining Turkish citizenship is a smart choice.... As Turkish citizenship will only be a valuable gift and the best return is real estate ownership.... As Turkey, with the nature of its composition and the components that it possesses, makes the real estate the best investment with the returns and profits that The result will be great, especially if it is chosen on the right basis and studied rules away from random selection .... Also, this type of investment has high profits in the tourist seasons in particular, and this is due to the large tourist influx to it.
* Also, this property can be taken as a residence and a haven for safe stability, and this is based on the elements that Turkey enjoys of stability at the political and economic levels.

turkish citizenship

2- In the event that the investment is commercial, the conditions are somewhat different, as here the invested capital should be no less than five hundred thousand US dollars.

3- Obtaining Turkish citizenship through bank deposit is one of the investment methods.... The amount must not be less than five hundred thousand US dollars.... It is also stipulated that no part of it be withdrawn before three years have passed from the date of its deposit.

4- Establishing a business and employing fifty Turkish employees / or buying shares and documents worth five hundred thousand US dollars or more.

-Why do many people and investors in particular seek to obtain Turkish citizenship?

This relentless pursuit only indicates that the positives that emit from it are very impressive and distinguished.
1- This nationality gives the investor the right to cross between the countries of the world with absolute ease.... As there are about 72 countries around the world that have allowed those who hold this nationality to cross into their land without obtaining a visa... and there are 40 countries that granted them entry visas when The moment they reach their land.... Also, there are seven countries that granted them a visa via the Internet.... This makes moving to and from Turkey very easy.
2- Turkish citizenship is the golden card that allows those who hold it to live on Turkish soil in a legal and legitimate manner.

turkish citizenship by investment
3- The one who holds it will be like any Turkish citizen who has the same rights and has the same duties.... He will have the right to run for office, vote and obtain prestigious positions in the state, and therefore it will be his duty to fully and comprehensively maintain public security in the country.
4- Obtaining citizenship through investment leads to safety, as if its investment was not profitable and superior, it will not be a loser.
5- The amount can be refunded after three years.
6- One of its greatest benefits is that it allows those who carry it to live on Turkish soil in a legal way, and thus obtain a great deal of absolute luxury and comfort.

In conclusion, the picture will have become completely clear and we will have a comprehensive idea of ​​how to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment .... We will also be able to determine the most important positive repercussions that will be issued by it .... Many investors have chosen it ... And you, what would be your choice?

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