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Investing in Istanbul is a golden opportunity for youimage

Investing in Istanbul is a golden opportunity for you


Investing in Istanbul today is an important window into the future. Where many investors have made many investments in Istanbul, these investments have achieved huge profits, and today they participate in the largest development and housing projects in the European and Asian sectors which attracted major traders in the Middle East and the world.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the largest urban communities in Europe with a population of 16 million people on nearly 6000 square kilometers. According to recent statistics, the total number of tourists who visited Turkey was about 46 million in 2018, Istanbul, of course, ranks first in this field.
Istanbul city center occupies about 1,000 square kilometers, which means that there are more than 5,000 square kilometers of suburbs and lands surrounding the city, all of which are fertile and ready to be huge investments diversified between industries to import and export agencies taking advantage of the city's presence on the important Bosphorus Strait. As 55% of the commercial profits in the Istanbul Stock Exchange come from direct import and export.

invest in Istanbul

Excellent infrastructure

In investment sciences and economics, the most important requirement for successful investing is that it is based on a safe and stimulating investment environment. The structure must be the basis that really supports your investment so that the probability of investment success is high, and this is of course what the advanced infrastructure in the city secures. The Istanbul municipality allocates special areas for industrial cities, and also allocates free trade zones, in addition to special bridges and traffic contracts that can be used only for what serves the industrial cities.
Except for modern communication networks, modern power plants, and environmentally friendly sewage networks.

Successful investment environment

-Triple bridge knot on the Bosphorus strait
-Istanbul new airport
-Public and private transportation companies
-Luxury complexes and malls in Istanbul
-18 new metro lines
-Istanbul Water Canal Project
-The Eurasia Tunnel, connects the two parts of Istanbul via a road under the Bosphorus

What are the advantages that encourage investment in Istanbul?

We can say that it has dozens of features, but if we want to mention the most prominent ones:

Istanbul is the second most attractive city in the world after Paris (according to an article by Forbes magazine)
The presence of a high population density in the city
Multiple investment patterns (real estate - industrial - commercial - tourism - etc..)
There are dozens of development projects underway for various walks of life
The diversity of cultures and civilizations in the city and its embrace of many societies from all over the world

Golden investment

Real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most important types of investment. Real estate sales recently made good profits even during the recent crisis in the Turkish lira. Even during the Corona pandemic period. It was a good opportunity for many investors to strengthen their investments and enter into new deals at unprecedented prices compared to real estate prices in US dollars or Saudi riyals, for example.
In addition, the option to invest in shops and stores for sale in Istanbul is a very reliable option for foreign investors, especially for their keen interest in achieving attractive returns through leasing or even resale. Where the lands that are very suitable for urbanization extend over very large areas, the agricultural lands are sometimes raided, and the condition of the arid lands is at times altered.
Shopping centers reflect a huge commercial activity that is sometimes greater than the activity of several large neighborhoods combined, especially for those looking for an environment that embraces a single office business or a chain of offices.
Despite all this, the search for agricultural land in Istanbul remains a little difficult, as you have to have the diligence and patience to start an emerging agricultural project.

real estate investment in Istanbul

The medical section

Turkey hosts more than 600,000 foreign patients annually, has greatly improved the quality of its healthcare services, and will continue to invest in healthcare infrastructure to keep pace with the OECD.

Automobile and machinery industry

The establishment of the automobile industry in Turkey dates back to the early 1960s. This sector has shifted from aggregation-based partnerships to
A complete industry with huge design capacity and production capacity. This industry has become an important part of this global industry, in accordance with the most important international quality and safety standards.
This industry is largely concentrated in the industrial cities of Istanbul and generates huge profits, a large part of which is the export of medium-priced family cars to Europe and the Middle East.
The significant growth of Istanbul's automotive sector has made Turkey the 15th largest car manufacturer in the world and the 5th largest in Europe, according to a study dating back to 2018.

Istanbul provides a very strong environment to start a permanently stable business, whether for small investors or for international investment companies. It has proven this strongly during the past two decades, enough that it was able to maintain its economy in light of the crisis of the deterioration of the Turkish lira, or even within the global financial crisis before.
This is a city that flaunts its western and eastern cultures on the banks of the Bosphorus and that creates a wonderful climate, wherever you are and whatever you want to invest in, Istanbul is your next destination.

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