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Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey A Profitable Investmentimage

Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey A Profitable Investment


Is the Real Estate Investment in Turkey A Profitable Investment?

Turkey is in the ranking investment real estate ranks 14th in the world. The diversity of nations that buy real estate in Turkey, which is leaving behind countries such as Spain, Greece, and Portugal, is also increasing every year. According to research by an international investment company based in the United States, Turkey took place in the 14th rank in the "best real estate market for foreigners" ranking worldwide. Turkey has taken its place at the forefront of the global market with the cost of living, transaction cost, growth rate, and tourist attraction. Turkey has come to the fore in the global market with the factors such as real estate with high rental income, affordable real estate, favorable living conditions, and citizenship incentives for the investment of 250.000 USD.

Besides these, the increase in real estate values in Turkey ranks first in the world ranking. Namely, Turkey, which is ranking at the top in the world in terms of value increase, offers very lucrative investment opportunities to its investors in terms of real estate investment. The real estate sector, which has been stagnating all over the world with the coronavirus epidemic, is expected to rebound in 2021. The real estate experts in Turkey state that would be the best investment vehicle for real estate investments In Turkey in 2021.

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Why Should Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

Turkey has a unique position in the world. It is an attractive country for foreign investors for reasons like its unique geopolitical location, historical and natural beauties, developed infrastructure, superstructure developed commercial and tourism activities, and stable growing economy. Let's take a look at the main reasons to make real estate investments in Turkey:

- The real estate sector in Turkey is one of the sectors that continued to grow despite the economic, political, and social problems in the country. The stability of the Turkish economy has boosted confidence in the real estate sector in Turkey.

- The right to apply for the Turkish citizenship program is obtained in Turkey for real estate purchases of 250.000 USD or more.

- The devaluation of the currency in Turkey means very affordable real estate prices for foreigners. Foreigners who invest at affordable prices receive a profitable investment return with an appreciation of the real estate sector in Turkey.

- There is no need for a residence permit or any other permission to buy real estate in Turkey. With the abolition of the Reciprocity Law, real estate in Turkey can be easily purchased with only a visa and passport.

- The real estate sector in Turkey has gained great value with giant projects implemented every year. Zoning investments put into service around these projects have made attractive the real estate investment in Turkey such as land, housing, and farmland.

- Turkey, situated in a location that can be considered the center of the world, acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe. It also has a nice climate depending on its location. Many provinces are sunny most of the year.

- Turkey has a young and dynamic population. With an investment to be made here, it is easy to reach both a wide market mass and qualified and young employment.

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The Useful Ideas About the Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real Estate investment in Turkey is seen as the most profitable and risk-free investment tool among investment instruments in the long term. Turkey is one of the leading countries with a strong and stable economy from the world economic and commercial terms. Thanks to this valuable location around the world, the value of the real estate sector in Turkey is increasing every year. The region in Turkey with the highest return in Istanbul. Real estate investment in Istanbul provides high profits in the short term. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and Europe, offers lucrative investment opportunities with high return potential with mega projects such as Istanbul Canal, Eurasia Tunnel, and Istanbul Airport.

Let's look at some suggestions that will make your worthwhile investment for those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey:

- To invest by buying apartments in Turkey:

Investing in buying apartments in Turkey is one of the most popular and realized investments. In 2020, housing sales were made to 40.812 foreigners in Turkey. 19.175 of these sales were realized in Istanbul and 7.735 in Antalya. You can make a great profit by renting or reselling the apartment by buying an apartment in a central location in Istanbul. When buying investment real estate in Turkey, many factors are of great importance such as the location of the apartment, transportation facilities, proximity to amenities, and social facilities. These features will provide a price advantage when you want to rent the apartment or want to resell it.

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- To invest by buying land in Turkey:

Although there are some restrictions on the sale of land to foreigners, they can buy a maximum of 30 hectares of land outside the military and security zones. Buying land in a developing region or a region where new investments are planned (such as urban transformation zones, organized industrial zones, Istanbul Canal Project, and its surroundings) can be a highly profitable investment. Also, the purchased land can be sold and gains can be made in this way.

- To invest by buying commercial real estate in Turkey:

There are various commercial real estate types in Turkey such as hotels, shops, offices, restaurants, workshops, and factories. Commercial real estate investment is one of the most reliable investment tools that will provide the best profit to commercial real estate investors. Hotel investment in Istanbul, which hosts millions of tourists from all over the world, is a type of investment that will bring high profits.

As we have seen, there are many ways to invest in real estate in Turkey. But there are important points to be considered when investing in real estate in Turkey. To state it briefly:

- Interrogate the reliability of the seller of the real estate to be purchased and the suitability of the real estate for sale.

- Check if the owner of the property for sale is the same person as the person on the title deed document.

- Check if there are any problems on the property that prevent the sales process, such as sequestration, commentary, or mortgages.

- See the real estate to be purchased on-site by working with a trustable real estate agency.

- Check whether the declared properties of the property are compatible with the properties registered in the title deed.

- Get information from an expert real estate consultant about the environment you want to invest in and the potential of the environment. Or, if you do not know where to invest, ask them to guide you according to your investment type (rental apartment, office, shop, hotel, etc.)

- Work with a professional and reliable real estate agent. Working with a reliable real estate agency protects you from many negative situations that may arise. Diyar Turk Real Estate with an experienced and professional sales team offers the most suitable real estate investment options in Turkey for your needs and it allows you to make a profitable investment. Allows you to make the most suitable investment in the right region with its expert real estate consultants. Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to help with its before-sales and after-sales services.

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