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Istanbul's Canal and Erdogan's Dreamimage

Istanbul's Canal and Erdogan's Dream


Istanbul's Canal and Erdogan's Dream

Preparations for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's dream Istanbul Canal Project have been largely completed. President Erdogan stated in a recent statement that the foundation of the Istanbul Canal Project will be laid in the summer. Erdogan, who is saying "my biggest dream" for Istanbul's Canal Project, stated that with the project, the traffic in the Bosphorus will decrease and the risk in the Bosphorus will be minimized.

It is aimed to open an artificial waterway with the project between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. The length of the planned waterway is 45 km, and its depth is 25 meters. With the project to be implemented on the European Side of Istanbul, it is aimed to stop the passage of ships carrying dangerous goods from the Bosphorus.

Let's take a look at the curious questions about Erdogan's dream of Istanbul's Canal Project.

  1. What is the purpose of the Istanbul Canal Project?

Approximately 43 thousand ships pass through the Bosphorus per year, which is a natural waterway. The increase in ship traffic and the increase in ship size as a result of technological developments pose a great pressure and threat on the Bosphorus. Bosphorus is becoming more and more dangerous every year with strong currents, sharp turns, and urban transportation traffic (ferries) that risk waterway transportation in the Bosphorus. Istanbul's Canal Project, it is aimed to ensure the security of the Bosphorus, alleviate the traffic load, and ensure navigation safety.

  1. Where exactly is the location of the Istanbul Canal?

Approximately 27.383 meters of the Istanbul Canal are within the boundaries of Arnavutkoy district, 6.149 meters are within the boundaries of Kucukcekmece district, and 6.061 meters are within the boundaries of Basaksehir district, and 3.189 meters are within the boundaries of Avcilar district.

The new Istanbul Canal, a great economic renaissance for Turkey

  1. What are the dimensions and depth of the Istanbul Canal Project?

Istanbul Canal will have a length of approximately 45 km, a base width of 275 meters, and a depth of 25 meters.

  1. Which facilities are planned to be built within the scope of the Istanbul Canal Project?

Within the Istanbul Canal Project scope, it is planned to build 2 ports, 1 marina, 1 recreation area, and 1 logistics center. It is aimed to contribute to the economy and improve the natural environment with these projects.

  1. How many years will the construction of Istanbul's Canal take?

It is foreseen that the pre-construction preparation works of the Istanbul Canal will take about 1.5 years and the construction period will take 5.5 years. In other words, the project completion period is planned as 7 years.

  1. How much is the construction cost of the Istanbul Canal Project?

The construction cost of the Istanbul Canal Project is predicted to be 75 billion TL.

  1. Will the benefits arising from the construction of the Istanbul Canal meet the financial burden?

Istanbul Canal Project is important for the safety and security of the people living in Istanbul and for the country's benefit. All these benefits are invaluable in monetary terms. When the project is implemented, the international trade volume to be achieved and the increase in the country's strategic importance is also incomparably valuable financially.

  1. Is Bosphorus or Istanbul Canal safer for ships to pass?

When the Istanbul Canal and Bosphorus conflict scenarios are compared, Istanbul Canal is safer than the Bosphorus.

Istanbul channel and Erdogan's big dream with all safety and security precautions

  1. What measures have been taken to eliminate the risk of accidents within the Istanbul Canal?

For any emergency, 7 emergency mooring areas, 2 anchorage areas, and 2 tugboat areas have been determined along the canal. Also, 30 tugboats will always be ready for service along the canal.

  1. Will ship crossings be bidirectional in the Istanbul Canal?

As a result of the studies carried out, the principle of one-way operation has been decided in the Istanbul Canal, as in the Bosphorus. (12 hours North, 12 hours South)

  1. What types of ships will be able to pass through the canal when the project is completed?

When the Istanbul Canal is completed, tanker ships (275 meters long and 48 meters wide) and container ships (350 meters long and 49 meters wide) will be able to pass.

  1. Would ships, which are crossing the Bosphorus for free, prefer to pass Istanbul Canal by paying money?

Today, ships passing through the Bosphorus pay certain fees for certain services. So, there is no free pass. The ships waiting for hours or even days to cross the Bosphorus suffer great economic losses. Considering the waiting costs of the ships, passing through the Istanbul Canal will provide a great advantage to the ships.

  1. How many scientists and experts have worked within the scope of the Istanbul Canal Project?

Within the Istanbul Canal Project scope, a total of 240 experts and academicians from various institutions and universities have been worked with.

  1. Will the Istanbul Canal Project contribute to employment?

It is expected that 10.000 people will be employed in the preparation and construction phase of the Istanbul Canal, and after the completion of the integrated facilities, 10.000 people will be employed in the enterprises.

  1. Has the Istanbul Canal Project been processed in the zoning plan?

Yes, the Istanbul Canal Project was registered in the zoning plan on 23.12.2019.

  1. Will new residential areas be created around Istanbul Canal?

Two smart cities based on horizontal architecture will be built on both sides of the Istanbul Canal Project. The maximum projected population in the region is 500.000 people. These residential areas will consist of low-rise houses in the neighborhood concept. Also, there will be public institutions and organizations, universities, educational institutions, social facilities, green areas, sports fields, tourism areas, congress, and fair areas, and logistics zone areas in the region.

  1. Does Istanbul Canal increase the risk of earthquakes?

There is no active fault line on the Istanbul Canal route. Excavations along the Istanbul Canal line will not cause any seismic movements.

  1. What are the studies carried out for the protection of living life within the scope of the Istanbul Canal Project?

Within the scope of the project, a total of 18 experts, including 2 Flora Experts, 1 Invertebrate Specialist, 1 Herpetologist, 1 Ornithologist, 2 Mammologists, 2 Inland Fish Specialists, and 9 Marine Biologists, were working on flora and fauna throughout 4 seasons.

  1. Will the Istanbul Canal Project cause climate change?

No, there is no climate change in the region after the Istanbul Canal Project is completed.

  1. Will green areas decrease with the Istanbul Canal Project?

No, a total of 91.24 million square meters of green space will be added to the region within the scope of the project.

President Erdogan's biggest dream, the Istanbul Canal Project work continues at full speed. The Istanbul Canal Project, whose construction will start in a short time, will be the biggest project of Turkey throughout the history of the republic. With the project expected to add value to Turkey, Istanbul will gain a new look and strategic value.

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