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Bakirkoy area and its importance in real estate investmentimage

Bakirkoy area and its importance in real estate investment


Turkey is one of the most attractive destinations for real estate investors and buyers because Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey and the economic center, it has the largest number of properties sold to foreigners. It is held by many real estate investors as a first choice, however, Istanbul is still a big city and has many different areas with different characteristics. When someone thinks of buying a property for sale in Istanbul, the first question that comes to his mind is “Which region of Istanbul is suitable for my investment in terms of budget, investment goals, and purpose of buying a home?”

- We will focus on one of the most important areas of Istanbul, which is Bakirkoy.

The Bakirkoy real estate market attracts the attention of Turkish and foreign investors. As the region has the first preference for real estate buyers who buy for investment purposes. The area is located on the western side (European side) of Istanbul, overlooking the Marmara Sea from the south, while the E5 road passes through the north of the area. Bakirkoy is one of the largest districts of Istanbul with an area of ​​275 square kilometers. Bakirkoy, where Ataturk International Airport is located, is surrounded by Bacelievler, Kucukcekmece, Gungoren and Zeytinburnu districts.

Bakirkoy in Istanbul

History of Bakirkoy

There are parts of various Roman and Byzantine ruins in the area. Archaeologists have also discovered many artifacts dating from the First Bronze Age.

Several structures, built during the period of Suleiman the Magnificent, can be found on this coast, while the oldest building in the center of Bakirkoy is the Karsi Mosque, which dates back to the 17th century.

Bakirkoy used to be a summer resort of palaces and churches in the 4th century. Muslims settled in the area in the 17th century. It was also inhabited by people from different countries and cultures such as Greece, Russia, and the Balkan countries. Therefore, Bakirkoy has a beautiful heritage and some cultural attractions.

It's economy

Bakirkoy is close to the location of many national and international companies and occupies an important position in Istanbul's economy. Being an important center for the banking sector, there are currently 132 banking branches in the center of Bakirkoy and its various neighborhoods. The World Trade Center, which displays Turkish export products, is also located in the area. Bakirkoy's economy is mainly based on industry and commerce. Since the textile industry began in the region more than 60 years ago, organized industrial settlements between Bakirkoy and Yedikule have begun.

Lifestyle in Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy is home to many cultural art centers, with five municipal cultural centers and two private cultural centers, where public events such as concerts, theaters, festivals, and sporting events are organized every year.

Real estate market in Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy has a variety of real estate options in its fifteen neighborhoods. The area attracts different investors for different reasons.

E5 and Bakirkoy

It is the most important and lively road in Istanbul, which connects most of Istanbul's neighborhoods from the European side to the Asian side of the city, and passes through the Bakirkoy area. In addition, the Istanbul Metro passes through the area as well as buses and minibusses. All of this contributes to the growth of the region and the advantages of real estate investment in the region.

Recreational facilities

Bakirkoy's brilliance in all of the areas mentioned above comes only from its ability to accommodate many quiet and bustling lifestyles. Tourism in Bakirkoy has brought with it a lot of civilized and even luxurious life. In general, Bakirkoy provides its residents with a strong infrastructure and excellent facilities for holidays and recreation as well.

There are beautiful beaches in Bakirkoy: such as Florya, Yeslikoy, Atakoy. There are many nice cafes and restaurants on these beaches as well. In addition to:

• Ataturk Forest: which is located in Florya and has a beautiful landscape and a good place to spend some picnics.

• Florya Aquarium: a very large aquarium with thousands of species of marine organisms.

• Cafés and Restaurants: The area has a variety of cafés and restaurants. Shopping centers in Bakirkoy have many shopping centers such as Galleria, Carousel, Town Center, Capacity, Atrium, and Marmara forum. In addition to Bakirkoy Bazaar, which is located underground, began work in 1991 and includes more than 100 shops.

Bakirkoy in Istanbul

Health and sports

There are few hospitals in the area but the first psychiatric hospital opened in Turkey is Bakirkoy Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital. The region has various sports clubs such as Bakirkoyspor, which qualified to play in the first Turkish football league.

All these advantages make Bakirkoy a very good place to invest in. The area has many properties for sale or even if you happen to spend a vacation in Istanbul next summer, you should visit Bakirkoy. There are many fun projects that you can do, whether with your friends or even with your family. But in the end, you will enjoy it whether you like quiet or noisy projects.

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