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Learn about the benefits of buying a property in Avcilarimage

Learn about the benefits of buying a property in Avcilar


Avcilar is located on the European side of Istanbul, occupies an area of ​​42.59 square kilometers, and has a population of more than 430,000 people. Avcilar began to develop and prosper in 1980, and now enjoys the construction of many infrastructure projects that made it a distinguished destination for investors. What distinguishes Avcilar is that it is strategically located in the middle of some important areas such as Beylikduzu, Kucukcekmece, and Esenyurt, and it overlooks Directly the Marmara Sea, about 20 minutes from Ataturk Airport, and is very close to major districts such as Fatih and Taksim.

What distinguishes the Avcilar area when you buy a property is:

-You will have owned a property in Istanbul in the best areas, in an upscale environment, and in a strategic location.
-Owning a distinctive property in the latest residential complexes
-It will provide you and your family with different places suitable for entertainment, including the Corniche on the Sea of ​​Marmara, with its green spaces suitable for family gatherings.
-The modern "Spartakule" district is located in Avcilar and overlooks the E-80 highway, which can be accessed from the center of Istanbul.
-Shopping and getting most of the international brands in the large Marmara market, in addition to the Pelican Mall.
-Ease of transportation through Metrobus stations, or buses distributed throughout the region, which reach other important areas in Istanbul.
There are many tourist attractions and attractions in this region, which made it a destination for Turkish and foreign tourists alike, and therefore the decision to buy an apartment in Istanbul within the Avcilar area is considered an excellent investment decision, and among the most important tourist attractions in Avcilar:

*Snow Museum
*Marmara market
*Pelican Mall
*The famous Avcilar coast, stretches for 7 km.
*Ataturk's house, which was turned into a museum in 2000.
*Recreational spaces and green spaces such as gardens, parks, and cafes.

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Services and facilities:

Transportation: There are various forms of transportation, there are Metrobus, buses, and marine transportation due to its supervision of the Marmara Sea, which reduces congestion within the city.
Schools and Universities: There are many public, private and international schools for all levels of education. As for universities, it includes the most prestigious university in Turkey, Istanbul University, which is distinguished by its teaching staff and various specializations of study.
Hospitals: We must not forget that there are many hospitals and clinics with various medical specialties that serve the region, which is also characterized by medical staff with great experience in the medical field.
The apartments in Avcilar Istanbul are characterized by luxury and modern architecture, as real estate development companies are heading to them and competing for the construction of many real estate projects in them, due to the available features that made it an important center as it enjoys attractive sea views and stunning landscapes, real estate prices in Aviglar are acceptable compared to other similar areas in Istanbul.
The decision to buy property in Istanbul Avcilar is also a wonderful decision, especially as it is an area teeming with life, and is characterized by the presence of modern residential complexes, as well as the multiplicity of distinguished service facilities in it in various educational, commercial, health and other sectors.

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Speaking of the prices of apartments in Avcilar, they differ from one neighborhood to another depending on various factors, most notably: proximity or distance from the sea, and the famous Metrobus transportation line.

In addition to all that was mentioned, all the factors and circumstances surrounding the Avcilar area indicate that a bright future awaits it, as real estate prices in Avcilar increased during the year 2020 at significant rates compared to real estate prices in previous years.
This will continue to happen in the coming years, especially since Avcilar is one of the areas affected positively by the presence of the Istanbul Canal, which is expected to be completed in 2023, which will contribute to the rise in real estate prices and increase the demand for buying a property in Istanbul in the Avlagar area in order to enjoy all features available in it.
It also advises everyone who wants to own and invest to go-to real estate within the modern residential complexes in the Avcilar area and to stay away from the apartments in the regular buildings, as the first enjoys the quality of construction in the modern complexes and is characterized by its resistance to earthquakes and provides you with all the social services that you may want within the complex, And this is not available in ordinary apartments usually.

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