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Advantages of real estate investment in Pendik area Istanbulimage

Advantages of real estate investment in Pendik area Istanbul


The Marmara Sea in the Pendik region gave attractiveness to the various regions in it, occupying a distinctive residential location. This has played a major role in becoming one of the most developed and vibrant districts of Asian Istanbul, attracting crafts and professions to settle in it, and hastened the construction of modern-style apartment complexes with their unique views of the Marmara Sea.

Where is Pendik district located in Istanbul?

Pendik is located in the far east of the Asian section of Istanbul, and it is called the icon of beauty, because of its charming sea view of the Marmara Sea. Its name appeared, more than that, when it caught the attention of Turkish citizens wishing to invest in Istanbul, being one of the regions in which Istanbul as a whole was developing rapidly. It has transformed from a quiet coastal area into a vast residential, commercial, and industrial city, and for the past decade and a half has witnessed the establishment of large investment complexes with distinctive designs that suit all tastes and choices.

Not to mention the Pendik region embraces a large number of Greek historical and archaeological areas, which has earned it an unparalleled splendor and beauty that combines civilizational temples and modern architecture, especially since the region was known in the Byzantine era as "Bancon", which means the fortified city.

This huge development of the Pendik region is mainly due to the presence of Sabiha Gokcen Airport within the boundaries of the region, which entered service in 2011, in addition to the extension of the Kadıkoy Kartal metro line to the Pendik region at the end of 2016, which is 36 km away from Taksim, and Istanbul Airport New 77 km.

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Residential landmarks in Pendik

Pendik has many advantages, making it a suitable choice for housing or real estate investment. It combines modern life with the nature of tourism through its picturesque view of Marmara Beach, which gives the family an atmosphere of psychological comfort by enjoying the summer weather. Pendik is also distinguished by its proximity to other vital areas, such as Sultanbeyli, Atasehir, Semkoy, and Şile, all of which are located on the Marmara Sea.

The best places in Pendik

Pendik region has a variety of tourist features, with many local and foreign tourists alike. We offer you the most important tourist sites:

- Aydos Forest: Visiting it before the cold of winter allows adventure lovers to meet with nature, as it has stunning scenery and charming nature, and has suitable ways for cycling, amidst the scenes of nature, and under the green of high trees, and you can catch fish from the Aydos pond.

- Ballica Atlispor Club: If you are a fan of horseback riding, or if you like training or enjoy seeing horses, you can enjoy this fun at the Ballica Club, founded in 2002, located near the Ballica forests.

- Guzdagi Bridge: One of the most wonderful recreational areas that are worth visiting and spending a fun day. It is located at an altitude of 206 meters above the water surface and includes restaurants and children's play areas.

- Servoir is one of the most important sources of drinking water in Istanbul, as it was built on the Riva River, Ömerli Dam, one of the camping sites in Istanbul, is known for its natural beauty. It provides an ideal place for camping and outdoor sports, and to enjoy the magic of the natural greenery.

- Doga Belem Muzesi: It is the first museum of mummified animals in Turkey, which includes hundreds of mummified animals and birds. The visit is an introduction to children about the types of animals and their names.

Pendik District Schools and Universities

In the Pendik region, there are many educational institutions of scientifically and technologically advanced schools, institutes, and universities, and the educational process includes stages (kindergarten, primary, preparatory). It is divided into many public and private schools, including Pendik Fatih Anatolia School, and Balkan School, and the most important universities in the region are Pendik University, Marmara University, and the presence of many nearby universities.

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Hospitals and health services in Pendik

There are several governmental and private hospitals in the region characterized by distinguished medical staff, modern technologies, and advanced treatment technology for patients. With the availability of various medical specialties, the most important of which are Pendik Governmental Hospital, Medical Park, Private Pendik Hospital, and Private Ramadi Hospital.

Pendik region markets

The area covers a range of local markets, but we will review the main shopping centers there:

- Newman Shopping Center: It contains more than 130 stores of various international and Turkish brands, as well as the most famous watches, jewelry, and cosmetics stores, and also includes restaurants, cafes, and outdoor entertainment areas for children.

- Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping Center: The mall is one of the largest "outlet" shopping centers in Istanbul and is a great destination for local and foreign visitors, as it contains the largest amusement park in Istanbul in addition to its stunning view of a very wonderful artificial pool. It also has an equestrian club, an ice skating hall, and movie theaters, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes that serve mostly local and international dishes.

Advantages of investing in Pendik district of Istanbul

The investment movement in Pendik has greatly accelerated due to the presence in the area of ​​Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, the second international airport in Istanbul. The availability of a large transport network linking it with the regions of Istanbul province made it an attractive point for investors to invest in real estate and industrial and commercial institutions. Especially since Pendik has been well covered by the Turks opening small businesses and professions, it has helped to promote the modern urban construction and the growth of its real estate market.

The fact that the Pendik region has access to the Marmara Sea which provides enchanting nature forests and recreational and marketing spaces makes the idea of ​​buying an apartment worth considering because the region has all the means of living in a quiet place surrounded by the sea but within a modern-day environment.

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