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Learn the difference between red and blue tabu in Turkeyimage

Learn the difference between red and blue tabu in Turkey


There are known lines and key information for everyone who is about to own real estate in Turkey to be aware of all the details and things related to it, in order to be within a safe area away from risks and in order not to fall into the problems. There is a topic that is important to talk about it, which is the difference between the red tabu and the blue tabu. Everything related to this topic will be found in the following article.

-First of all, what is the task of the Tabu in Turkey:

Before we define the details of the blue or red tabu, we must know that the function of the title deed, in general, is to prove the ownership of a property for a person. Its importance lies in the fact that it contains all the information related to the property such as its location / total area, in addition to many details. It can be obtained and extracted from the Land Registry Directorate.

title deed in Turkey

-Main information about the blue and red tabu:

-blue: It is allocated for agricultural land, and whoever receives it will be able to carry out all agricultural activities or raise poultry within the area.
-red: As for this tabu, it is intended for residential real estate and everything that belongs to its field.
- As for the difference between these two types. It is not allowed to build a property on land bearing the blue tabu, while it will be available on the land that is known to be designated for building and constructing real estate. However, with this difference between them, one must pay attention. Well, there is a problem that may exist because of this difference between them. As some buy the property as carrying the residential title deed, but discover too late that the property is built on agricultural land bearing a blue tabu. This will make the buyer face a major problem that may up to cause material losses.

-The most important notes regarding real estate title deeds in Turkey, whether red or blue:

-First, we must fully realize that this title deed can only be handed over to the owner of the property.
- Real estate in Turkey can be shared between several people, and therefore they will receive a joint tabu, in which each individual's share is allocated and mentioned.
- Obtaining this title deed will not be free. As the cost of extracting it is set by the Turkish constitution to be four percent of the property price, meaning that it is not a fixed value that applies to all real estate. Both the buyer and seller should pay in half. But it is common knowledge today that the buyer is the one who bears it only.

Types of the title deed for residential real estate, i.e. the so-called red title deed:

- There is a floor easement title deed, and this is granted to the property owner when the property is still under construction, and it is temporary until the completion of the property, in which case it is replaced with another one.
- The title deed of the full property. It is obtained upon completion of the construction of the property and it is permanent. 

buying property in Turkey

-This is the method of extracting real estate title deeds in Turkey. Learn about it:

-First of all, we must extract all the required papers and documents, which can be summarized as:
Personal photos of both the seller and the buyer/earthquake insurance policy/sales contract.
All these documents and papers are submitted to the Land Registry Department accompanied by the payment of all required fees.
Finally, it will be issued in the name of the buyer on a regular basis, and the property will have been transferred to the buyer.
The title deed of real estate in Turkey is one of the important and indispensable things when buying real estate in Turkey. Therefore, the buyer must be aware of all the details related to him, the most important of which is the difference between the blue and red title deed and the problem that may result from them. And this is what we have worked to clarify through the previous lines, identifying the most important steps of extracting it and the most important observations related to it.

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