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Luxurious Apartments' Prices in Istanbulimage

Luxurious Apartments' Prices in Istanbul


Luxurious Apartments' Prices in Istanbul

There are many qualified and luxurious apartments in Istanbul, which have thousands of apartment options. The luxurious apartments in Istanbul vary according to the region where the apartment is located. The luxury apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul built in almost every region of the city are offered for sale at prices that appeal to every budget. The luxurious apartments' prices in Istanbul, located relatively far from the central and touristic areas, are much more affordable than those in the central location. The luxurious apartments' prices in Istanbul, which has a central location or far from the center, increase every year, regardless of location. The real estate market in Istanbul, which is evaluated every year, offers highly lucrative deals for those considering investing in Turkey.

What are the Features of Luxurious Apartments in Istanbul?

The luxurious apartments have a different architectural structure from ordinary residential architecture. The interior design of the apartments, which have facilities such as large landscaping areas, social reinforcement areas, and parking areas, are also quite different than ordinary residences. The features such as high ceiling height, floor-to-ceiling windows, large rooms, and large balconies are just a few of the many features that distinguish luxurious apartments from ordinary apartments. All of the materials such as interior doors, batteries, kitchen sinks, kitchen cabinets, bathroom flooring, flooring, and lighting system used in luxury apartments are of first-class quality.

The luxurious apartments, which attract great attention in Istanbul, have made great progress with the developing construction technologies. In addition to the standard luxurious apartment features, many features have been added to the luxurious apartments built in Istanbul such as smart home systems, terraces with swimming pools, specially designed kitchen cabinets, dressing rooms, ensuite bathrooms, high-quality kitchen appliances, and special lighting.

The most important characteristic of luxury apartments in Istanbul and the reason behind the demand for them

Luxurious Apartment Prices by Districts in Istanbul

The district with the highest luxurious apartments in Istanbul is Beşiktaş. The average square meter price of apartments for sale in Besiktas is 13.143 TL (March 2021 data). The district with the most luxurious residences is also the most expensive district of Istanbul in terms of living and shopping.

The districts with the highest luxurious apartments in Istanbul are Beykoz, Bakirkoy, Sariyer, Kadikoy, Atasehir, Sisli, and Uskudar, respectively, after Besiktas. The common feature of all of these districts is that they are close to tourist and central places and they are located on the coastline. You can obtain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a luxurious apartment in these districts, which are home to large and ultra-luxurious residential complexes.

Are all luxurious apartments in Istanbul expensive? Of course, no. There are very luxurious and affordable apartments in districts of Istanbul such as Beylikduzu, Bagcilar, Kagıthane, Eyup, Basaksehir, Avcilar, and Esenyurt.

Advantages of Living in a Luxury Apartment in Istanbul

The luxurious apartments offer a comfortable and quality life opportunity. The luxury apartments, which offer a simpler and more luxurious life, are designed very useful. The most suitable places to put your furniture and belongings are determined in advance and the maximum space for living remains. The advantages offered by luxurious apartments in Istanbul to buyers are as follows:

- They are generally built in a central location and are close to facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes.

- There is a wide variety of transportation possibilities around luxury residences built in places relatively far from the center. For example, you can easily reach anywhere in the city by ferry from a luxurious apartment in Avcilar, by metro/train from a luxurious apartment in Kucukcekmece, or by Metrobus from a luxury apartment in Beylikduzu.

- The luxurious apartments in Istanbul have a wide variety of social facilities. All of the residential complexes in Istanbul have luxury facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, and Turkish bath. Thanks to these facilities, it is possible to have a pleasant time without leaving your home.
Great services found in luxury apartments in Istanbul

- One of the most important problems in crowded metropolises like Istanbul is the car parking problem. In apartments where there is no car parking space, it is necessary to either park the vehicle outside on the road or find an empty parking lot. One of the most important advantages of luxurious apartments in Istanbul is the parking area. In luxury suites that provide at least one parking per flat, the parking problem for your vehicle is eliminated.

- The number of green areas where you can spend time is quite high in Istanbul, the most populous and largest city in Turkey. But it may not always be possible to go to these places. Most of the land areas of residential complexes in Istanbul are divided into green areas and landscape areas. In these areas, which are also important for families with children, families can play with their children in these large gardens with no vehicle traffic.

- The luxurious apartments in Istanbul are monitored with 24/7 security cameras and secured by security personnel. In this way, unwanted upsetting events are prevented. A stranger from the outside is not allowed in without your consent.

- One of the other advantages of luxurious apartments in Istanbul is luxury residence services. If you need any repair or renovation work related to your apartment, you can ask for help from the site's technical staff and you can easily handle your work. Also, luxury suites offer luxury services such as reception, concierge, cleaning, valet, and car washing.

- The luxurious apartments are built using first-quality materials with fine craftsmanship. An apartment building with quality materials offers quality and comfortable living space. The smart home system is used in most of the luxurious apartments in Istanbul. With smart home technologies, you can adjust the temperature, ventilation, cooling, and lighting of your apartment with your phone or tablet remotely as you wish.

- Spacious and comfortable living spaces are created in luxury apartments. They have a spacious living area with high ceiling length and large windows. Also, thanks to the heat and sound insulation in the apartment, your apartment is not affected by sudden heat changes and the outside sound does not affect your home.

Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to offer you the best service with its expert real estate consultants. In our wide portfolio, there are luxurious apartment options for sale in various districts of Istanbul. You can contact us via our website or send an e-mail to to get more information about luxurious apartment prices in Istanbul and to be informed about the opportunities.

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