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Neighborhoods of Istanbulimage

Neighborhoods of Istanbul


Historical and Touristic Neighborhoods of Istanbul

Istanbul, which is connecting the two continents with bridges and has been the focus of the whole world with its nature and history for centuries, is one of the most populous, economically, and culturally active cities in the world. Istanbul, which has hosted different civilizations for centuries and was the capital of 3 great empires, is a very rich city in history and culture. This beautiful city, which has 39 districts today, has dozens of historical and touristic neighborhoods worth seeing.

In this article, we will introduce the historical and touristic neighborhoods of Istanbul that must be seen by those who visit Istanbul and live in Istanbul. As Diyar Turk Real Estate team, we recommend you see these districts when you visit Istanbul.

European Side


There are dozens of neighborhoods worth seeing in Beyoğlu, one of the oldest, most popular, and touristic districts of Istanbul. Let's take a look at the districts of Beyoğlu, where those who come to Istanbul do not return without seeing. There is real estate for sale in Istanbul, which is a great transformation project, in the heart of Taksim for those who love Beyoğlu and Istanbul and decide to live here. You can contact us for details.


Many people in the world know Taksim, Istanbul's most famous and popular neighborhood. Taksim, which is one of the places where tourists who come to Istanbul do not return without seeing, is a lively and vibrant neighborhood 24 hours a day. There are many cafes, restaurants, shopping stores, and entertainment venues in Taksim. İstiklal Avenue, which is the most visited by locals and foreigners, is also located in Taksim. You can visit places extended along İstiklal Avenue such as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Sent Antuan Church, and Pera Museum.

It is possible to easily reach Taksim, the most visited neighborhood of Istanbul, from anywhere in the city. There are also many accommodation options you can stay here.

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Galata, a historical district, is the most beautiful part of the Historical Peninsula silhouette and it is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul. The neighborhood takes its name from the Galata Tower, which is one of the most important towers in the city. Galata Tower, a 1500-year-old historical structure, is a tower that is known worldwide and offers a unique view of the Historic Peninsula and the Bosphorus. The tower, which is on the UNESCO Heritage List, was built in the 6th century by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius Oilosuz. In Galata, which is the meeting point of cultures, there are many historical buildings such as mosques, churches, and synagogues besides Galata Tower.

There is cosmopolitan city life in Galata, which is both a historical and touristic neighborhood of Istanbul. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars in the lively district during the day. It is possible to reach this neighborhood, which is one of the most frequent destinations in Istanbul, from all over the city.

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This historical settlement, located very close to Istiklal Avenue, is a dynamic and lively neighborhood throughout the day. The neighborhood was named after Cihangir, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent. A cosmopolitan life is dominant in the neighborhood, which has predominantly Greek architecture. This neighborhood, where people with a high level of education live today, has been chosen as one of the top 5 places to live in the world by the British Guardian Newspaper. There are many cats in the streets of the neighborhood. For this reason, the symbol of Cihangir is a cat. Cihangir has a colorful social life with its different concept restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. It is easily accessible from all points of the city here.


Karaköy is an Istanbul neighborhood, located at the intersection of Bosphorus and Golden Horn, one of the oldest commercial centers famous for its banks and trade centers. Karaköy has come to the fore as a commercial center and port neighborhood throughout history. This neighborhood, which hosts extraordinary cafes and neighborhood bakeries, has many historical buildings from the Ottoman period. One of the most important steps in the district of Beyoğlu, Karaköy has a ferry port and easy access to various parts of the city by the sea.

There are many famous restaurants and cafes in Karaköy, which is the port neighborhood. If you want to visit the unique neighborhoods of Istanbul, you should add Karaköy to your route.


Fatih, one of the most important districts of Istanbul, is located on the Historic Peninsula. You can easily reach this district, which has countless historical monuments, museums, mosques, and bazaars, by public transportation facilities such as ferries, buses, funiculars, metro, and Metrobus. You can watch this unique Historical Peninsula view from the Galata Tower. If you like this neighborhood and want to live here, you can contact us for buying properties in Istanbul.


Eminönü, one of the most visited locations in Istanbul, is always a lively and vibrant place. This neighborhood, which attracts people with its shopping options as well as its historical and natural beauties, offers unlimited possibilities. The historical Spice Bazaar is in the Eminönü neighborhood and thousands of people visit it every day. There are many historical mosques, libraries, shopping bazaars, museums, and parks in the region. This district, which is visited by those who visit Istanbul at least once, offers an unlimited number of options to tourists and locals. You can enjoy the view while eating a fried fish sandwich in this neighborhood famous for its fishermen.

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Balat, which is a modest neighborhood with colorful houses and stone-paved streets, is located in the Fatih district. Balat is one of the historical districts of the Golden Horn coast with its unique architecture and colorful houses. The neighborhood, which hosts Greek, Armenian and Jewish communities, reflects the history of these communities today. The structures such as synagogues, churches, and mosques from the past to the present decorate the colorful streets of this charming neighborhood. The historical neighborhood Balat, located on the shore of the Golden Horn, is one of the neighborhoods that best reflect the multicultural and cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul. You can drink coffee in boutique cafes and shop in interesting souvenir shops in Balat, one of the most visited places in Istanbul today.


The history of Beyazıt, one of the most rooted neighborhoods of Istanbul, dates back to the Byzantine period. The neighborhood, located in the most central location of the Historic Peninsula, is one of the most touristic centers of the city and contains Istanbul University, the oldest university in the city, and the Grand Bazaar, the oldest and largest bazaar in the world. Home to historical buildings worth seeing, Beyazıt is very close to Sultanahmet Square, Topkapı Palace, and Hagia Sophia Mosque. Beyazıt Square, one of the most important symbols of the city, has always kept its importance throughout history.

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Samatya, a historical Istanbul neighborhood, has preserved this historical texture to a great extent. It is a frequent destination for those who want to go on a time journey and return to the past in Istanbul. The historical streets and structures of Samatya, which are among the most preferred districts of film and TV series producers, are almost still intact today. You should have dinner in the district, which hosts the best taverns in the city, and walk through its almost unspoiled historical streets.


Beşiktaş is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. The district, which has a coast to the Bosphorus of 8.4 km, is in a location adjacent to important districts such as Şişli, Kağıthane, Beyoğlu, and Sarıyer. Beşiktaş, an old fishing town on the Bosphorus, has now become a large business center for people in the upper-income group. It is a district with a very lively and active life due to the universities and important business centers in the district. If you want to own luxury apartments in Istanbul you can contact us and examine the best options on our website.


It is the neighborhood where the Büyük Mecidiye Mosque (is known as Ortaköy Mosque), which is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul, is located. Ortaköy, offering unique views to visitors, was a neighborhood where Greeks, Jews, and Muslims lived in the past. Today, places of worship of these three beliefs stand side by side. Luxury restaurants and cafes around the Ortaköy Mosque and streets with handcrafted products host thousands of people every day.

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Bebek, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, is a district where people from high-income groups live. A large number of people visit this neighborhood, which has shops of world-famous luxury brands, luxury restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. Bebek, which is one of the most touristic attractions of Istanbul, also has many historical monuments during the Ottoman Period.


Arnavutköy, which is located within the borders of the Beşiktaş district on the European Side, with its deep-rooted history and magnificent historical structures, is among the most popular neighborhood in Istanbul. This neighborhood, which has managed to preserve its authentic structure to the present day, gives the visitors a feeling of traveling on a wonderful history. In this neighborhood, which has a magnificent coastal road, you can have the opportunity to walk in the unique view of the Bosphorus. Arnavutköy, which is famous for its historic mansions and famous fish restaurants along the coastline, offers unique experiences every season of the year. Arnavutköy is located in the most beautiful place on the Bosphorus with its unique Kandilli, Üsküdar view, its mansions, church, and mosque, and it is one of the places you should visit in Istanbul.


Sarıyer is one of the greenest neighborhoods of Istanbul with its unique lush forests and natural beauties such as Emirgan Park, Belgrad Forest, Kömürcü Bendi Natural Park, and Marmaracık Bay. The neighborhood is located in the northern end of Istanbul and it has a coast to the Black Sea. It is very easy to reach here from other districts of Istanbul. It is among the most preferred districts for life with its natural beauties and proximity to business centers in Istanbul. If you want the real estate for sale in Turkey you can browse the ads on our website and contact us.


Emirgan, one of the most touristic and popular neighborhoods in the Sarıyer district, is also one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. It is one of the most preferred neighborhoods for life in Istanbul with its lush green areas and calm and peaceful life. There are usually detached houses in this neighborhood famous for Emirgan Grove. Beautiful historical mansions, Tulip Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, and Chef's Mansion are among the places to visit in Emirgan, which has managed to preserve its historical texture until today. It is one of the most peaceful places to live in the city with its tea gardens on the Bosphorus coast and lush forests behind it.

Rumeli Hisarı

Rumeli Hisarı, which is located in one of the most beautiful locations on the Bosphorus, takes its name from Rumeli Castle. It is located right across the Anatolian Castle, one of the symbols of the Anatolian Side. In addition to magnificent historical buildings, the neighborhood offers its visitors a unique view of the Bosphorus. It is a neighborhood worth seeing with its breakfast places, cafes, and restaurants along the beach.

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Istinye is one of the most popular neighborhoods in demand by local and foreign tourists and it is one of the developing neighborhoods of the Sarıyer district. It has hosted the largest shipyards in the city over the years in history. The history of the neighborhood dates back to the Byzantine period. The number of visitors to the neighborhood has increased with the opening of Istinye Park, one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul. İstinye is among the neighborhood worth seeing with its historical ruins and shopping opportunities.


Tarabya neighborhood, which is located close to the Sarıyer district center, is one of the most beautiful regions of Istanbul. The name of Tarabya, which used to be a unique place where patients came to find healing, comes from the word “Therapia”. The neighborhood is famous for its fish restaurants and taverns. A peaceful life prevails in Tarabya, where high-income people live and where luxury restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, and shopping stores are located. It is one of the must-visit places for those who want to eat delicious food accompanied by a magnificent view of the Bosphorus.


Şişli is one of the most developed districts of Istanbul and it is a modern and crowded district. The district, which is known as the center of fashion and trade, has all kinds of opportunities such as luxury hotels, residences, shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Şişli, which was an open and rural area used in activities such as hunting and archery in the Ottoman Period, is one of the most central and busy districts of Istanbul today. If you want to get your dream home in Turkey, you can browse the ads on our website and contact us.


Nişantaşı is an Istanbul neighborhood that attracts attention with its historical buildings, cozy streets, elegant restaurants, and luxury stores. The neighborhood, which hosts world-famous brands, is also very rich in historical buildings. In the neighborhood, there are old-style apartments that have been able to survive since the Ottoman era and were built with a 19th-century architectural approach. This historical neighborhood, which is both entertainment and shopping oriented, is one of the places to must visit.

Anatolian Side


Kadıköy is located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and it is one of the most popular districts of the city, which must be visited with its colorful and vibrant city life, historical buildings, shopping centers, parks, and beaches. The district, which has a rooted history, is one of the most developed districts of Istanbul and offers unlimited activity options. Kadıköy is the most active district on the Anatolian Side. The main connecting roads of the city pass through this district, so it is easy to reach. If you want to buy apartments in Turkey, Istanbul which offers a high standard of living and various social facilities, you can browse the ads on our website and contact us.


Moda, which is the neighborhood where the most beautiful sunset of Istanbul is watched, draws attention with its modern structure and peaceful life. Moda, which is located near the town center of Kadıköy and one of the quietest neighborhoods of the Anatolian Side, is a favorite coastal region. It is generally preferred by those who want to watch the view of the Bosporus calmly or those who want to spend a peaceful and calm day. This neighborhood, which is easy to reach with its central location, is among the places to visit in Istanbul.


Kalamış is a historical Istanbul district, which fascinates people with its peaceful atmosphere. This neighborhood, known as the place, where the princes lived in the Ottoman Period, was remembered for the peace it gives people throughout history. Kalamış, which has a huge marina, has many historical buildings worth seeing.


Bağdat Avenue, one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, is located in the Suadiye neighborhood of Kadıköy. It is one of the most enjoyable points of the city. It is among the neighborhoods that can be visited shop and taste the delicacies of luxury restaurants and cafes.


Beykoz is one of the calmest and most peaceful districts of the Anatolian Side. Although this neighborhood, which is an old settlement, is close to the central areas of the city, it has preserved its calm structure. If you want to buy property Asian side, which is fascinated with its historical districts, natural beauties, Anatolian Fortress, magnificent mansions, and unique Bosphorus view, you can browse the ads on our website and contact us.

Anadolu Hisarı

The Anatolian Castle, the oldest district of the Bosphorus, is located directly opposite the Rumeli Castle on the European Side. There are dozens of historical buildings worth seeing in this neighborhood, which has a long historical background. Anadolu Hisarı, fascinating with its calm and peaceful environment, lush nature, historical buildings, and unique Bosphorus view, is a worth seeing Istanbul neighborhood.


Kanlıca famous for its yogurt is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Istanbul. This neighborhood, where songs and poems are written in its name, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Kanlıca, one of the greenest districts of Istanbul, offers a peaceful and calm environment for those who want to escape the city's density and stress.


Üsküdar, located on the Anatolian Side and within the boundaries of the Maiden Tower, is a historical Istanbul district. Üsküdar district, which has a ferry port for transition to the European Side, is a popular stopping point. The most magnificent view of the Maiden's Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Istanbul, is viewed from this district. If you want to buy a flat in Üsküdar with its historical buildings and unique facilities, you can browse the ads on our website and contact us.

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It is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods of the Anatolian Side and even of Istanbul. Kuzguncuk, which fascinates people with its colorful houses and streets, has a nostalgic atmosphere. The atmosphere of the district, which hosts many series and films, has rarely changed from the past to the present. This friendly and warm neighborhood, where the neighborhood culture continues, is one of the most popular routes on the Anatolian Side. Mosques, churches, and synagogues stand side by side in Kuzguncuk, where people from different cultures and religions live together in tolerance.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world with its historical history, natural beauties, social and cultural facilities. It is a metropolis that embraces millions of people from different languages, religions, and races and welcomes millions of people every year. It is a city that millions of people dream of living with the job opportunities it provides and the unlimited social options it offers. The Istanbul districts we mentioned and hundreds more locations that we couldn't fit in this article are waiting to be discovered in Istanbul. If you want to own a property in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you can contact Diyar Turk Real Estate for the most suitable options for you, and you can browse the options of real estate for sale in Istanbul on our website.

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