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Real estate investment in the Bebek district of Istanbulimage

Real estate investment in the Bebek district of Istanbul


Bebek in Istanbul is one of the most prominent coastal tourist places in the ancient city of Istanbul from the European side, which is characterized by its warm and beautiful climate. The area is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, where it is located within Besiktas and overlooks the distinctive Bosphorus Strait, and is adjacent to the Rumeli Hisar Castle and the Arnavutkoy neighborhood. This area has gained its fame from the frequent visits of tourists, despite the absence of historical sites in it But it is full of distinctive recreational facilities such as the Bebek coast, Bebek Park, and Bebek is receiving increasing attention from the Turkish state to continuously improve its services and facilities.

• Location of the area

Bebek in Istanbul is located opposite the Bosphorus and close to the ancient Ottoman monuments. This upscale neighborhood was also known as a small village known as the harbor town in which fishermen live and where ships rest after their arduous daily journeys.
At present, this neighborhood has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey for everyone looking for entertainment and fun, and one of the most popular tourist areas by Arab and foreign tourists.

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• Bebek Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a region such as Bebek will certainly be distinguished and greatly served, as the Bebek municipality is keen to provide all the services that the region may need and to provide all that is necessary due to the sophistication and importance of this region, its distinctive location, its distinctive coastal supervision, and the natural places in it that make it a distinctive destination, It is excellently served by the transportation network, which provides the appropriate way to reach the area, as the way to reach it is from Fatih, or Kasrae via the tramway, or from Taksim Metro to Kabatas, in addition to the availability of many governments and private hospitals, parks, recreational amusement parks, markets, restaurants, and hotels.

• What about investing in Bebek, Istanbul?

The strategic location of Bebek and the wonderful view overlooking the Bosphorus on the European side of Istanbul made it a very suitable area to be invested in. What reinforces this matter more is the presence of various properties that are represented by luxury villas, palaces, and houses overlooking the Bosphorus, and this made it a destination for the wealthy To invest and buy real estate, and to spend holidays in it, Bebek is an ideal area for daily life also for people with high incomes and high budgets. Real estate in it is distinguished and dominated by luxury and idealism, and it is the best option that suits traders, and this encourages many businessmen to reside in it permanently and invest in it for the long term.

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• Buying an apartment in Bebek, Istanbul

The demand in the Bebek real estate market is high, as this area has all the features that anyone would like to buy a property or an apartment.
The demand for real estate in Bebek is increasing because it is an upscale area, and it is ideal for someone who wants to invest because Turkish real estate prices are growing, and the property gives you an easy opportunity to profit from rental income as well, as Bebek has witnessed changes and a qualitative rise in real estate prices During the past years, because the area is one of the most desirable places to buy by the rich and famous, and it combines between a high-end lifestyle, a great location, parks, restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea, in addition to the presence of ancient historical buildings, wonderful lively streets and transportation networks that provide ease of movement between the areas of Istanbul

Bebek is one of the most important areas that are the most suitable option for those wishing to invest and go to the field of real estate and trade or even for residence.

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