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Real Estate Investment ,Your Path to Get Turkish Citizenshipimage

Real Estate Investment ,Your Path to Get Turkish Citizenship


The Ways of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

There are six ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in Turkey. Let's take a brief look at the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

  1. Citizenship by Birth

It is self-acquired citizenship by establishing paternity with a Turkish citizen mother or father.

  1. Citizenship by Adoption

It is the citizenship obtained by a Turkish citizen through the adoption of children under the age of 18, provided that they do not have a condition that will constitute an obstacle to national security and public order.

  1. Citizenship by Marriage

It is the citizenship obtained on the condition of being married for at least 3 years as a result of marriage with a Turkish citizen, continuing the marriage, and living in family unity.

  1. Citizenship by Residence

It is a citizenship that can apply by adults over the age of 18 who have been residing continuously for at least five years with a residence permit in Turkey.

  1. Citizenship by Turquoise Card

It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship through the Turquoise Card, which was implemented in 2017 to employ qualified people in Turkey and to eliminate the obstacles that foreign investors may encounter in terms of work permits and residence permits in Turkey.

  1. Citizenship by Investment

It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey within the framework of the rules determined by the Turkish Government. You can apply for Turkish citizenship by making one of the following investment types.

- by purchasing real estate with a minimum value of 250.000 USD, provided that it does not sell for 3 years

- by making a fixed capital investment of at least 500.000 USD

- by creating employment for at least 50 people

- by depositing at least 500,000 USD on the condition of keeping it for 3 years in banks operating in Turkey 

- by purchasing government debt instruments of at least 500.000 USD, provided that they are kept for 3 years

- by purchasing at least USD 500.000 real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund share on the condition of holding it for 3 years

Real estate investment is the path toward Turkish citizenship. You can both make a good investment and apply for citizenship with your family by purchasing a house in Turkey with a minimum value of 250.000 USD. With the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar in recent years, a favorable investment environment has emerged for foreign investors. You can apply for citizenship by purchasing a luxury residence with a sea view for 250.000 USD in Istanbul. Also, you can rent the house you bought and continue to earn money.

real estate investment in turkey

Real Estate Investment Is Your Path Towards the Turkish Citizenship

Turkey, which is acting as a bridge between the Asian and European continents, is a country that attracts the attention of foreign investors to a large extent. Besides its cultural, historical, and natural beauties, Turkey, with its secular and multinational life and a prosperous and peaceful climate, attracts investors from all over the world. The real estate sector in Turkey has always maintained its importance and value with the advantageous real estate purchasing opportunities it provides to investors and high-profit investment opportunities.

Every year, thousands of foreigners buy real estate in Turkey. While some foreigners buy housing for holiday purposes, some of them buy housing to take advantage of the Turkish passport. Real estate investment is one of the shortest ways to become a Turkish citizen and have a Turkish passport.

You can benefit from all the advantages of Turkish citizenship by purchasing a real estate minimum worth 250.000 USD.

buying real estate in turkey

Advantages of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate

There are many advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey. 

  1. You can buy a luxury flat with a sea view worth 250.000 USD and make a profitable investment in the sector that constantly gains value.
  2. You can apply for citizenship together with your family (spouse and children under 18).
  3. There is no obligation to live in Turkey in the citizenship program through real estate. You can handle all your transactions from the country you live in and continue to live in your country.
  4. Not required to declare your assets located in your home country and other countries.
  5. The Turkish Government does not declare your assets in Turkey to your home country.
  6. You can rent the real estate you bought for 3 years and earn income.
  7. After 3 years, you can resell the house you bought and make a profit.
  8. You can benefit from the professional support of Diyar Turk Real Estate, which provides services in Istanbul and Antalya, and you can make a hassle-free investment transaction.

turkish citizenship by investment

Owning real estate in Turkey, which is in a strategic position geographically, is advantageous in many ways. Working with a professional consultant in your citizenship transactions through real estate in Turkey will make your job easier and ensure a smooth process. The experienced and professional team of Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to serve with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You can contact us via our website or e-mail address.

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