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Real estate market in Turkeyimage

Real estate market in Turkey


The real estate market in Turkey is one of the real estate markets that has gained its global status and is close to the first figures thanks to the many components that it possesses and is characterized by, which attracted the attention of invest in it. But what are these advantages? Was it really significant? Is it the right choice, or is there a better one?
All these details we will discover through the following lines. You can continue.

Does the real estate market in Turkey tend to be strong or weak?

This is one of the first questions that real estate buyers will ask themselves when they acquire real estate in Turkey. Is this market strong enough to make the right choice for this property?
-According to many official authorities, the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a remarkable development, and despite all the difficulties and harsh conditions, it has proven its worth.
-One of the first factors that made the real estate market in Turkey distinct and successful is that the economy that this country enjoys is superior and has an advanced rank in the world, and what is more reassuring is that the Turkish government pays special attention and that it plans to bring it to the first ranks in the world.

real estate market in Turkey
Turkey is also stable on the political level, which gives the investor a sense of security and stability. The political and economic side controls the fate of the success of this step.
-The real estate market in Turkey is characterized by being diversified in a striking way, which assures the investor that he will find the property he is looking for, accompanied by the specifications he prefers, in addition to the price that fits with his financial budget.
- If the property was purchased for real estate investment in Turkey, then according to the data, it will record a resounding success, especially if its selection is based on correct foundations and precise rules which helps in this matter that Turkey is characterized by a tourist nature and this indicates that the profits that will result from these seasons will be high.
-The real estate market in Turkey is superior to other real estate markets in the world in that its real estate prices are low and suitable for the majority of people. This aspect will appear clearly if compared with real estate prices in European countries or other countries.
- The Turkish government supports this market with all its energy, and therefore it has allowed foreigners to invest in it without hindrances. Its role lies in reducing the value of real estate taxes and in easing the procedures required for real estate ownership, as it is now possible to own a property in Turkey within a short period. a few days.
- What makes the demand for buying real estate in Turkey dense is the law that allowed those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership and on simple terms where the price of the property should not be less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and a commitment must be made not to sell it before three years have passed.
- And if the property does not match its specifications with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, then it is possible to apply for a real estate residence permit, which has no conditions other than owning a property on Turkish land. It has many advantages and there is a possibility to renew it.

buying property in Turkey

-Turkey is known for its strong infrastructure that would raise the price of real estate. Many important development projects were a milestone in the real estate world in Turkey. One of the most important of these projects is Istanbul's new airport, which despite its modernity has entrusted that his status has become global, and there is the new Istanbul Canal project
-The geographical location occupied by the Turkish state had a positive impact on the real estate market in Turkey, as it made foreigners choose it to buy real estate because of the ease of movement to and from it. It also allowed investors to link their businesses that are located inside Turkey with those located outside it.

Many of the points we have previously talked about were a guide that gives us a comprehensive view of the real estate market in Turkey and everything related to it and all the reasons and factors that contributed to its arrival to the rank it enjoys today.

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