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Real estate prices in Istanbul 2021image

Real estate prices in Istanbul 2021


Real estate prices for a country like the Turkish state are never fixed in one case. There are always many updates to it based on what is happening in the country and based on the initial fundamentals existing in the country, which always contribute to changing this aspect, but this does not negate that there are a fixed base for this matter and real estate prices in Turkey and Istanbul are going systematically, but what are the real estate prices in Istanbul today? What are the factors that contributed to its arrival to the state it is in today? We can discover these details through the following article. 

real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices in Istanbul today, are they booming or declining? 

Many people today are wondering about this, especially real estate investors and property owners. After many studies presented in this field, it was found that real estate prices in this city continue to excel and thrive to achieve superior results. But what are the reasons for reaching this stage?

  1. Stability in all fields: Today, Turkey is considered one of the countries that witness stability in all areas of life, the most important of which is the economic field. Turkey is ranked high in the world, where it got the number thirteen, it is trying hard to be among the first five one, and this is very evident through its ability to resist the Coronavirus, which had a great impact on all countries of the world. The same is the case with the political sector; Turkey is politically stable and there are no serious problems in it, which encouraged investors to turn to it for distinguished and successful investment. We must mention that they are equal in social terms. Here, the three elements have come together to form a suitable environment for the purchase of the real estate in it, and thus the result was an increase in the price of real estate, as we know that the greater the demand, the higher the price. 
  2. The facilities provided by the Turkish government: The Turkish government was very cooperative with the foreign investor on its land and did not refuse its presence as other countries did. It gave him an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if the property was worth two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, so he could apply for it. In addition, the procedures imposed to reach this investment are simple, and within five days only, the project can be launched. One of the things that attracted the attention of investors to buy real estate in Istanbul is the tax cuts they will get. All these facilities were a major reason for the high price of real estate.
  3. Developed Infrastructure: Among the things that led to the high and superior price of real estate in Istanbul is that its infrastructure is superior and distinguished, and its development work is still going on at this moment. There has been an expansion in transportation networks, the digging of new water channels, and the construction of distinguished and enormous medical cities, so these projects were important in making the price of real estate rise significantly. 
  4. Measures were taken against the Corona Virus: Not only Turkey, but the whole world has witnessed a huge epidemiological crisis. There are those who were able to resist and confront, and there are those who could not. And Turkey, thanks to the preventive and precautionary measures that it has taken and the vaccines that it has introduced into the country, was among the category that was able to confront it.

real estate prices in Istanbul

Despite all the reasons that led to the rise in real estate prices in Turkey, did all Turkish regions and cities witness that rise like Istanbul? 

The effect is general, but it is undeniable that there are areas and sites whose share of the positive reflection was more. The areas located near Istanbul Airport are the ones that take the largest share of the positives. Also, the real estate prices of cities in Turkey are not at the same pace at all, as those in Antalya differ from those in others, because the factors that characterize each city are different. 

After reading this article, we can conclude to what extent real estate prices in Istanbul have reached and to what degree of success and excellence they have reached this moment, and the coming days will reveal more to us.

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