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Real Estate Prices in Turkeyimage

Real Estate Prices in Turkey


Real Estate Prices in Turkey

Turkey, with its natural and historical riches and especially because of its geographic location, is in a very important position compared to other countries. It is located in a position that can be called the center of the Middle East, Asian and European countries and it is an important transit point that acts as a bridge between these countries. Turkey, located in such an important position in the world, also attracts the attention of the people living in different countries. Turkey, which is among the world's most attractive countries in terms of buying property, draws attention to its geopolitical location, natural beauty, and climate. Foreign investors buy real estate in Turkey, where they can easily reach anywhere in the world.

Turkey, one of the world's fastest-growing developing countries, showed a considerable degree of development in the real estate sector. Turkey, which is promising a bright future with its strong economy and young population, provides an environment they can safely purchase and sale of real estate to investors. The portfolio diversity has reached incredible proportions in the real estate sector in Turkey, having shown serious development and growth in the last 10 years. Today, a foreigner wishing to buy a house in Turkey can find many options from studio flats to villas with private gardens, from second-hand flats to new flats under construction. In addition to these, they can easily access many options such as the sea, lake, and forest views, in the city center or in the countryside.

Real estate prices in Turkey and the importance of real estate investment in Turkey

The Advantages of Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Buying an apartment is one of the most important financial decisions a person can make and is a very serious financial investment. A person's motivation to make such a serious investment is to make an investment that has the potential to gain value. In other words, the purpose of buying an apartment is not only to meet the need for shelter but also to increase the value of the apartment in the future. Real estate investment in many different parts of the world brings serious profits. The real estate sector is generally seen as a profitable investment. At this point, the geographical location, affordable property prices, and stable economic growth distinguish points of Turkey from other countries. If we mention the advantages of buying property in Turkey briefly rankings, we can list the following.

- The apartments for sale in Turkey are more cost-effective compared to European countries and other leading countries of the world.

- When you buy apartments in Turkey, you can get a residence permit with your family (spouse and children under 18 years of age).

- You obtain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship with your family when purchased real estate above 250.000 USD.

- The economy in Turkey is steadily growing with each passing year and the real estate prices in Turkey are showing an increase. This means making a profitable investment as well as being a homeowner.

- You can easily reach your own country and other countries in the world from Turkey (A direct flight from Istanbul Airport to 249 different cities in 110 countries)

- Appropriate cost of living in Turkey (Turkey, which is experiencing the four seasons, is a paradise of fresh fruits and vegetables)

Real Estate prices in Turkey are increasing steadily

Real estate prices in Turkey are quite affordable compared to other countries in the world. For example, while it is possible to buy an apartment in Antalya with prices starting from 40.000 USD, the apartments for sale in Istanbul are offered to buyers with prices starting from 55.000 USD. Global finance experts who state that the safest investment for low risk and definite return is a long-term investment, recommend real estate investment to investors. Real estate investment, which provides a definite profit in the long term, is seen as the safest investment type. Strong and steadily growing real estate prices in Turkey are rising every year and Turkish real estate is bringing in its investors. A new flat in a residential complex in Istanbul offers a profitable investment opportunity to its investors with its high rental potential and increasing value every year.

As well to tangible gains to investors, the real estate investment in Turkey offers a variety of different acquisition opportunities. A foreigner who buys real estate in Turkey can apply for a residence permit with his/her family and he/she can obtain the right to reside in Turkey. Residence permits in Turkey can get a variety of ways, but the easiest way to get a residence permit with the family is to own real estate. In addition, after 5-years of living in Turkey with a residence permit can be obtained the right to Turkish citizenship application. A foreigner who gets Turkish citizenship can benefit from all the advantages of having citizenship such as the right to vote or having a Turkish passport etc.

Real estate prices in Turkey and the most important thing that affects them

Owning a Real Estate in Istanbul, the City of Opportunities

Buying real estate in Istanbul, the city of opportunities, is the dream of many investors. Istanbul is a very important and strategically located city where wars have been fought for centuries. Today, In Istanbul, which is located at a single flight distance to almost every part of the world, transportation to all countries of the world is easily provided. The world's leading investors and big companies invest in Istanbul and maintain their commercial assets here. Let's take a brief look at the reasons for these companies and investors chose Istanbul.

- Strategic location and easy access to anywhere in the world (There are 2 international airports, 2 international seaports)

- A city with a strong historical and cultural heritage, as well as a capital of science and arts

- A wide range of tourism such as congress, culture, health, camping, shopping, education, sports, nature, and faith

- The third most visited destination in Europe

- The fact that health services are very developed and every year approximately 15 million tourists prefer Istanbul for treatment

- It has a quality educational infrastructure (There are 61 universities, 13 states, and 48 foundations in Istanbul, and the number of foreign students studying is over 1 million)

- Real estate prices in Istanbul are more affordable than in other metropolises in the world, and buildings are of class A quality.

- The most populous city of Turkey (the possibility to appeal to larger market opportunities as well as a qualified and young labor force)

The real estate sector in Istanbul, which is among the few metropolises in the world, has developed and advanced. The real estate sector in Istanbul offers options suitable for the budgets and wishes of many people, with real estate prices and properties varying according to the region. In the demand for houses for sale in Istanbul, the districts such as Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, and Bağcılar stand out on the European Side, while Kadıköy, Üsküdar, and Beykoz stand out on the Anatolian Side.

When purchasing real estate in Istanbul, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the region where the residence is located, the rate of increase in value in the region, and the values of the surrounding properties. In order to determine these, it is of great importance to work with an experienced and professional real estate consultant who knows the region well. The expert and experienced sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate are always ready to provide you with the best service before and after sales.

You contact the professional and experienced sales consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate to get more information about real estate for sale and real estate prices in Turkey or can reach us via

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