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Residential Complex vs. Normal Apartmentimage

Residential Complex vs. Normal Apartment


Buying Flat in Residential Complex or Normal Apartment

One of the most important decisions in life is the decision to buy a house. You have made this big decision and decided to buy a house. Congratulations! One of the most important stages of buying a house is the decision to buy a house. After you have made your decision, the process of looking for a house that is suitable for various factors such as your budget, the size of your family and your wishes begins.

At this stage, you will see the distinction between apartments in residential complex and apartments in normal apartment. While these two terms are similar, they have some key differences that can greatly affect the apartment you choose.

It will be more suitable for you whether it is an apartment within the site or a normal apartment building. Knowing the pros and cons of the apartments in the site and the pros and cons of the apartment building will greatly help you in choosing the most suitable apartment at this stage.

In this article, we aimed to explain the difference, pros, and cons of apartments within the residential complex and normal apartment. If you're ready, let's start!

Apartments in Residential Complex

Residential complexes usually consist of buildings that are new and contain many features, consisting of many apartments, professionally managed by a site manager, and ensuring that the works run smoothly. At the same time, large sites usually have many luxuries social facilities such as security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, parking lot. The interiors of the apartments within the site are generally furnished with better quality materials and they are better equipped.

Apartments in Normal Apartment

Apartments are in an independent building and generally do not have social facilities. They are buildings consisting of several apartments with individual owners. There is no site management, usually the apartment manager is chosen from among the owners of the flats, and a small monthly fee is collected from this manager for minor expenses and needs and common expenses are met in this way. The interiors of the apartments are furnished with standard materials.

After giving brief information about the sites and apartments, let's examine the pros and cons of the apartments in the complex and normal apartment.

Pros and Cons of Apartments in Residential Complex


Most of the apartments in the complexes (newly built) are new. Large complexes (residential complexes) have been built at a rapid pace in Turkey over the past few years, which means that the apartments on the estates are new. Of course, there are second-hand apartments for sale on the sites. What distinguishes these apartments from the features of the new apartments is that they have been used for a while, they are mostly not suitable for Turkish citizenship, and they are 10-15% more affordable compared to the new apartments. Apart from these, all the pluses that we will list below are the same in new and second-hand apartments. Let's come to the pluses of the apartments on the sites.

- Suitable for Turkish Citizenship

As we just mentioned, brand new (newly built) apartments on the sites are suitable for Turkish citizenship application. In old flats, if the previous owner is a foreigner and he acquired Turkish citizenship through the flat in question, the former flat in question will not be suitable for Turkish citizenship application.

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Brand new apartments on the sites are suitable for Turkish citizenship

- Luxurious Interior Design and Use of Quality Materials

The sites are mostly built in the luxury segment. Especially in Istanbul, residential complexes are very large structures with very luxurious interior and exterior features. Almost all the apartments in the residential complexes in Istanbul have features such as kitchen appliances, air conditioning, first quality flooring, kitchen and bathroom furniture, fire alarm, video intercom, internet infrastructure, and satellite system.

- For Sale Directly from Construction Company

Apartments in residential complexes are sold directly by developers and delivered to buyers in a guaranteed manner. During this warranty period, all problems arising from any faults such as electrical wiring failure, plumbing malfunction, blistering on the floor coverings etc. made during the construction are covered under the warranty.

- No Commission Payment

The commission fees of the real estate agents in the new apartments for sale on the estates are paid by the developers. There is no extra commission fee from the pockets of the buyers.

- Security and Car Park

All residential complexes in Istanbul have security, indoor and outdoor car park. In a big metropolis like Istanbul, having both security and parking in your apartment provides great convenience and comfort in many respects.

- Luxury Social Facilities

The sites have luxurious and rich social facilities. In the sites in Istanbul, there are very luxurious social facilities such as swimming pool, gym, green area and walking paths, Turkish bath, and sauna. In some sites, an extra fee is paid for these facilities, while in some sites, a social facility fee is charged within the general fee expenses.

The sites have luxurious and rich social facilities

- Proximity to Transportation and Social Facilities

Since residential complexes are very large residential areas, the infrastructure, and superstructures around them usually develop and change around these complexes or the sites are built in central locations. This means that the sites are both close to social facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and have improved transportation opportunities in both possibilities.

- Infrastructure Facilities

Since residential complexes are very large structures, all the infrastructures of services such as natural gas, electricity, sewerage, internet, and water are built specifically for the residents while they are still in the construction process.


- Heating expenses

Central heating system is generally used for the heating system of the apartments within the site. In central heating systems, heating costs can be higher than for individual use, which can be an undesirable expense.

- Dues and maintenance costs

Residential complexes are luxury buildings that contain various social facilities and services. For this reason, dues costs can be quite high compared to normal apartments.

Central heating system is generally used for the heating system of the apartments within the site.

- Prices of apartments in the residential complexes

The prices of the apartments in the residential complexes are quite high compared to the apartments. The quality of the materials used in the sites, the social facilities and facilities on the site, luxury services and many other reasons cause the apartments in the sites to be higher.

"The price of a new apartment in the same residential complex may be 10-15% more expensive than the price of the old (second hand) apartment."

Pros and Cons of Apartments in Normal Apartment


- Apartment prices on normal apartment

Apartments in normal apartment building are generally built using standard quality materials, they do not have social facilities, security services and parking areas. For this reason, their prices are quite affordable compared to the apartments in the complex.

- Dues and maintenance costs

As we have just mentioned, since the normal apartments do not have facilities such as social facilities, security, and parking, and because they are smaller structures, the dues and maintenance costs are also quite low compared to the complexes.

- Heating Costs

Individual combi boilers are generally used for heating in apartments. This means that you are in total control. It means that you can adjust the heating costs to the degree you want.

Individual combi boilers are generally used for heating in apartments.

- Location

Since the normal apartments are much smaller structures compared to the complexes, every point of the city can be found. This means that you can easily find a regular apartment close to where you want it.

- Neighborhood Relationships

In fact, this item is a phenomenon that will completely change according to the perspective of the person living in the apartment. The friendly Turkish nation can develop a very good neighborly relationship and you can establish relations with your closest relatives beyond relatives. Neighborhood relations are very important in Turkey. On the other hand, some neighbors may be noisy, while others may not attach importance to neighborly relations and may be disturbed by this situation. Neighbors' noises can be your nightmare, especially in old apartments without soundproofing. But flats, which are small buildings, are the ideal places to establish close neighborhood relations.


- Commission fee is paid

A commission is paid for an apartment purchased through any real estate agency. In Turkey, the legal commission fee is collected at a total rate of 4%, 2% from the buyer and 2% from the seller.

- No security, social facilities, and parking

Normal apartments built on a small area usually do not have a parking area. This means that you must park your car either on the street or in a paid parking lot. In addition, these apartments do not have security services and social facilities. If the property owners want, they can agree among themselves and install security cameras in the building.

- Cleaning and maintenance services

Regular common area cleaning service provided in residential complexes is not available in apartments. Instead, the apartment manager chosen among the residents of the apartment can make an agreement with a cleaning company or a cleaning staff and have the apartment cleaned regularly on certain days of the week and reflect the fee to the due’s expenses. Or, depending on the agreement, common area cleaning can be done by the property owners sequentially. This is a situation that changes completely depending on the agreements of the property owners among themselves. In any maintenance and repair situation related to the apartment, the apartment manager will find a repairman, painter, or plumber (whatever the problem is, the master of the job) and fix the problem, and the cost of this is also reflected in the fee.

Regular common area cleaning service provided in residential complexes is not available in apartments.

- Normal Apartments are generally old

When we consider the apartments in Istanbul, we see that most of them are old apartments. These old apartments often incur the cost of renovation, electricity and plumbing renovation costs, or the cost of developing and renewing infrastructure facilities after they are purchased. This causes situations such as not being able to use the house for a while after purchasing and spending extra money.

- Not suitable for earthquake risk

Istanbul is a city at risk of earthquakes. Unfortunately, many of the old apartments in Istanbul, where a major earthquake is expected, are not safe against earthquake risk. All the newly built buildings (residential complex and normal apartment) are built to be resistant to earthquakes.

As Diyar Turk Real Estate, we offer our customers luxury and new apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul. We do not sell second-hand and old apartments. In this way, we protect you from many costs and risks. You can contact our professional real estate consultants to learn more about apartments for sale in a complex in Istanbul.

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