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Should You Have Property Insurance?image

Should You Have Property Insurance?


What is Property Insurance?

Property insurance is a type of insurance that offers homeowners assurance within the limits and guarantees offered in the policy in case of damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, theft, electrical and plumbing failures.

Why is Property Insurance Matters?

All kinds of dangers can happen to people and things at any time. The worst part is that we do not know when and in what form the danger will come. So, it is always useful to be prepared for unexpected situations. For this reason, property insurance, which secures your house, building and the furniture inside your house, is of great importance. Property insurance is a type of insurance that you can insure and insure as much as you have in your home within the scope you specify. If you are thinking whether to invest in property insurance; since we do not know when and how the danger will come, it is useful to be prepared at any time and to insure both yourself, your house and your belongings by insuring.

Property insurance secures your house, building and the furniture inside your house

What Is Covered by the Property Insurance Assurance?

Coverage in the policy you prepare determines the coverage of property insurance. The following coverages can be included within the scope of property insurance coverage, which can be made very comprehensively:

- Damages that may occur in cases such as earthquake and fire that may occur due to earthquake

- Damages that may occur in situations such as fire, explosion, landslide, collapse

- Damages that may occur in case of roof collapse, flood, flooding because of storm, lightning, hail, heavy snowfall

- Damages that may occur during turmoil, strikes, acts of terrorism

- Theft

- Loss of rent

- Costs of change of residence, legal protection related to real estate, loss of rent, housing assistance

- Glass breakage

- Electronic devices

- Electrical and plumbing faults

- Extortion and snatching

- Preservation of the value of buildings and goods against inflation

- Personal accident insurance, compensation to be paid to the insured in case of permanent disability of the insured person in the insured residence due to an accident, and to his/her family in case of death.

Are TCIP(DASK) and Property Insurance the Same?

No, TCIP is a compulsory type of insurance that everyone who owns a house in Turkey should have. TCIP only secures your building against damages that may be caused by earthquakes and natural disasters such as fire, tsunami, and landslide. In property insurance, on the other hand, it is expandable and customizable, where there is coverage of what can be insured.

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Property insurance is expandable and customizable

Should Have Property Insurance?

Although there are many measures that can be taken to protect your home and belongings, there are unfortunately limited ways to protect yourself from natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, hail, landslide, and unexpected situations such as electricity, plumbing failures and theft. It would be logical to secure your home and belongings in the face of natural disasters that we cannot resist, such as fire, earthquake, flood, and storm. You can determine the scope of property insurance as you want, and you can insure yourself and your belongings against the situations you want in a very comprehensive way. Having home insurance is very logical to insure your home and belongings against unexpected situations that may arise from any natural disaster or events such as theft.

Our experienced real estate consultants will assist you when you want to insure your home that you have purchased through Diyar Turk Real Estate. Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to help at all stages before and after purchasing a house. We do not hesitate to ask questions that come to your mind. For any question or request, you can always contact us through our website or WhatsApp line.

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