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The real estate broker and real estate consultant in Turkeyimage

The real estate broker and real estate consultant in Turkey


What is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate consultant? A question that arises a lot in the real estate field because most people are not familiar with the difference between them. In our article today, we will explain to you in detail about this difference, especially as it is a topic of interest to those who are going to buy property in Turkey

The consultant is the one who tries hard to arrange your ideas and information and makes sure that you understand the market in general, and then proceeds to enter with you with the small details. And he is keen to make sure of your need so that he is able, as much as possible, to meet them for you. As for the broker, he enters directly with you with phrases that play on a chord, such as a phrase “Your request exists” and starts listing the offers available to him and his goal is to convince you of the area of ​​the project he has and its importance, or he tries to convince you of the project from which he gets a higher commission or a greater profit rate. 

When you want to buy property in Turkey, you need a real estate consultant. This consultant may be working personally or with a real estate company. How can you distinguish whether this person is a broker who wants to sell you a property or a consultant who wants to advise you? Herein lies the difference:

Real estate consultant: 

He gives you a clear real estate value and depends on the principle of (consultation) to consult in general and not consulting to sell only, but some of them do not share your opinion sometimes and some of them discuss with you and try to arrange your ideas to reach a common real estate base between you and him; as he hears your words till the end and does not immediately give you offers and options... Rather, he discusses with you and listens to you to understand your request and your way of thinking. Is this thinking suitable for the Turkish market and do you want housing or investment?

buying property in Turkey

And he is fully dedicated to this work and does not work in other fields, as the full-timer gives you real experience and accurate information about projects and regions and knows the history of each project, the reputation of the real estate companies responsible for it, the municipality’s plans for the region and many other details. Despite his full time, he tells you I do not know for the information he does not know or asks you to wait until he is sure of the correct source of information and does not utter what he does not know. He can provide detailed reports to compare the projects you visit with him and can distinguish the best based on your housing and investment criteria. Ask him for this real estate report to see, as you are not required to agree to his report directly, but you have to browse the report and then decide, the decision is your decision in the end.

It is difficult to find a consultant who is familiar with everything related to residential investment, hotel investment, and commercial investment, and you see him also familiar with the lands and the best areas of Turkey’s lands for agricultural investment. 

Our advice to you is to read a lot and consider everything before going into any type of previous investment and do not rely only on investment information in your country, as the issue may have other dimensions in Turkey. 

The most important point that cannot be overlooked is to visit the consultant in his office and see the area in which you intend to buy a property on the map and ask him for a precise explanation of it and a detailed explanation of the real estate projects in the area of ​​your choice, and then you decide the possibility of matching your ideas with the ideas of the real estate consultant.  

The real estate consultant also pays a free visit to the projects and explains to you about the area you are visiting, its history, civilization, transportation, and services that can be provided to you and gives you a future vision for the area in terms of long-term or short-term investment and other information that is useful and important to you about the areas and not only about the projects and works hard to shorten your time and effort so that he gives you years of experience through your meeting with him. Moreover, the real estate consultant is like a lawyer, the lawyer is an expert in rights and laws, and the consultant is a real estate expert.

Real estate broker: 

In the past, brokers worked for real estate owners only, before the idea of multiple selling services spread in 1967, and they were known as (real estate dealers) later this name changed to (broker) due to the multiple ways brokers now adopt in helping land owners complete the transfer process of legal ownership. 

buying real estate in Turkey

There are different types of brokers: 

1. Seller's agent: is the person who contracts with the property owner to help him promote his properties offered for sale or rent 

2. The buyer's agent: is the broker or dealer who assists the buyer in purchasing real estate. 

3. Double agent: He is the mediator who helps both parties to complete the purchase transaction. For this broker to maintain the integrity of his license, he must represent all parties honestly and fairly, and he must also require both parties to sign the double agency contract. It is known that there are special laws applied to dual brokers, especially when it comes to negotiating rates and ratios. A conflict of interest for both parties is possible if a dual agent is appointed, which often leads to the broker withdrawing from serving both parties. The laws of the dual agency may differ from one country to another in terms of their definition of the profession. Some other countries also prohibit the practice of this profession in the first place. Some countries may allow double agency in cases where the broker, not the agent, represents both the seller and the buyer at the same time, and his role ends with the end of the sale and purchase process. Unlike other professions, it is not required for a broker to have specific qualifications or education, but it is sufficient for him to possess conversational and social skills to negotiate and persuade. Therefore, many views this profession as a “profession of those without a profession”, where there is no need for any qualifications and despite this, you may be able to reap large profits, which made investors often refuse the presence of a broker because of the many fraud cases that the buyer was exposed to, either because of the broker’s greed or lack of experience in the real estate market in Turkey, so it is said that the profession of brokers is about to disappear for several reasons: 

First: Because of the development of communications and the ease of connecting the seller to the buyer 

Second: Because there are specialists who have knowledge of real estate details and the ability to provide real estate investment services and directly supervise the management of the real estate, they are called “real estate consultants”. 

At the end of this article, we hope that we have fulfilled the explanation of the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate consultant. If you are looking for opportunities to buy a property in Turkey, all you have to do is look for a real estate consultant who will guide you along the way and present you with the best available options.

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