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The important role of real estate companies in Turkeyimage

The important role of real estate companies in Turkey


When you think about buying property in Turkey, the options are open and many, and there are thousands of properties offered by many companies and websites, but the question that should come to your mind is “How do I know that the property is suitable, and how do I choose a reliable company that I guarantee not to fall victim to fraud? With the spread of many companies offering attractive offers, it has become difficult to determine which is more reliable to buy property in Turkey in general and to buy property in Istanbul specifically.The real estate companies in Istanbul play an integral role in the real estate market in Istanbul and Turkey, as they are It offers a range of distinguished services to anyone looking to buy property in Turkey. Buying or selling a property without a loss requires constantly monitoring the market to know the good opportunities to invest in it, and the risks and thus avoid it and stay away from it.

real estate companies in Turkey

What are the services provided by real estate companies?

Real estate consultancy: This service is considered one of the most important services provided by real estate companies due to its great experience in the real estate market when considering real estate investment in Turkey. Through this service, companies respond to clients and provide them with all information related to the real estate market and the region in which they wish to invest, regardless of the purpose of the investment, whether it is for housing, investment or real estate of a commercial nature such as offices, factories and others.
Real estate marketing: Good real estate marketing is the basis of the buying and selling movement, as displaying accurate information related to the real estate and reviewing the state of the real estate market in Turkey and showing the volume of supply and demand is an important convincing factor for the customer. Companies must be in contact with real estate development and construction companies in Turkey to monitor the market on an ongoing basis, making them able to meet all customer requirements.
Real estate tours: Most real estate companies follow a civilized approach in receiving clients, especially foreigners coming to Turkey in order to buy a property in Turkey or buy property in Istanbul. You organize tours for them on the various real estate projects in Istanbul, in which you introduce them to the investment advantages of each project. In the event that a property is selected, these companies take over the task of completing the legal transactions related to it, and upon the completion of the clients’ visit to Turkey, a team from the company undertakes the task of completing the departure procedures and transporting them to the airport.
Property management: Whatever the purpose of buying a property in Turkey, whether it is for housing, real estate investment in Turkey or for vacations, real estate matters must be followed up, and real estate companies provide property management service to their clients, especially those who own real estate in Turkey and reside outside the country, from these matters We mention: Follow up on leasing and investment matters throughout the year, property maintenance, change of decor and furniture, payment of bills and taxes and others, and all of these services save customers effort and time.

buying property in Turkey
Legal advice: In addition to all the services related to choosing a property that suits the client, real estate companies provide legal advice and follow-up on everything related to the completion of papers and documents for buying property in Turkey, registering the property in the Real Estate Title Department, detecting any legal problems related to the property and ensuring the safety of Real estate and the validity of the information included in the contracts. Companies also help clients to obtain real estate residency or residency in Turkey through investment, and do not forget to obtain Turkish citizenship.
Negotiation skills: Buying  property in Istanbul is a complex thing due to the many options offered and the variety of prices. Of course, strangers to Turkey may fall into the trap of prices that they may not know anything about. Here comes the role of companies to advise and negotiate the price of the property, which saves a lot of money.
After-sales services: One of the duties of real estate companies is to provide the sold property with public services such as water, electricity and a telephone line by following up the applications for these services with the directorates.
At the end of our talk about the important role played by real estate companies to serve those wishing to buy or sell a property in Turkey, we advise those who are going to take this step to take advantage of the services of these companies because they save them time and effort, all those who want to buy property in Turkey should make a good choice The company they will deal with in order to avoid fraud and scams.

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