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The Most Luxurious Apartments for Sale in Istanbul (Year 2022)image

The Most Luxurious Apartments for Sale in Istanbul (Year 2022)


The Most Luxurious and Expensive Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia and acts as a bridge between the east and the west, has a very important and strategic position in the world. Istanbul, which has hosted three of the greatest civilizations of the world for centuries, also has a very special historical past and an important historical heritage. It is one of the rare cities where people from different ethnic groups, religions and cultures have lived together in tolerance and harmony for centuries. For this reason, it is the focus of attention of foreign investors. Istanbul is one of the most preferred places for foreigners to purchase real estate, as it is in a strategic location geographically, has a rich cultural heritage, and people from different cultures live together in harmony.

Istanbul is constantly developing due to the great migrations it has received over the years. Infrastructure and superstructure works are progressing rapidly, transportation networks are developing, and social life is developing rapidly. Today, Istanbul takes its place among the largest and most developed cities in the world. All kinds of opportunities that will increase the quality of social life such as hotels, shopping centers, entertainment venues, hospitals, and educational institutions in the city are increasing and developing day by day.

Istanbul, which attracts such great interest from everyone, offers options suitable for all kinds of budgets and requests in terms of apartments for sale. The apartment prices in Istanbul vary according to the location, quality, and features of the flats.

In this article, we have prepared a list of the most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul in 2022 for those who want to buy luxury apartments in Istanbul. Of course, when we say the most luxurious apartments in Istanbul, we should also mention that we are talking about the most expensive apartments in Istanbul. Let's start our list of apartments with all kinds of luxury facilities, from apartments with Bosphorus views to apartments with private pools.

1. Seafront Premium Project: Seafront Apartments in Bakirkoy

Seafront apartments in Bakirkoy stand out as the most luxurious and elite project in Istanbul. Rising near the E5 highway, which is the most important transportation network in Istanbul, luxury apartments by the sea have a very valuable location. Sea view apartments in Atakoy, one of the most preferred districts of Istanbul for living, offer a privileged life opportunity to their residents with privileged residence services and rich social facilities.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

2. Redefining the Concept of Luxury: Apartments with Private Pools

The project, in which the concept of luxury is redefined, is in Nisantasi, one of the most luxurious districts of Istanbul. Located in the center of luxury life, ultra-luxury apartments are designed to maximize quality and comfort. The apartments in the residential complex, one of the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, have private pools with Bosphorus views. It wouldn't be surprising if the apartments in Istanbul Nisantasi are listed among the most luxurious apartments not only in Istanbul but also in the world.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

3. The Most Luxury of the Anatolian Side: Apartments with Islands View

Ultra-luxury apartments with a smart home system and equipped with first-class materials are in Kadikoy, the most preferred district for living on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is one of the districts with the highest level of prosperity in Istanbul, where luxury and modern life exist. In addition, the apartments with Islands views are within walking distance of one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, Bagdat Avenue. This project, where all the facilities that may be needed are offered to the residents in the most luxurious way, deserves to be one of the most luxurious projects in Istanbul.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

4. Has a Private Beach: Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Located at the starting point of the Bosphorus, the pearl of Istanbul, on the seafront, exclusive apartments offer an ultra-luxury life. Property for sale in Istanbul, which has its own marina and coastal road, offers a wide variety of apartment options, decorated in different concepts suitable for every lifestyle and meets different needs. The prestigious real estate, which offers a unique sea view, is also in an advantageous location in terms of transportation. The social area within the project includes the most prestigious restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls in Istanbul.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

5. The New Heart of the City: Ultra Luxury Real Estate by the Golden Horn

A modern and contemporary life project is being implemented on the shore of the Golden Horn, one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul. This giant project, which is a transformation project, includes privileged social facilities such as luxury hotels, museums, marinas, and shopping malls. The luxurious contemporary living project in Beyoglu is within walking distance of touristic places such as Galata Tower, Sultanahmet Square and Istiklal Street. This project, which will keep history alive in modern life, draws attention with its unique location and luxury facilities.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

6. 5-Star Hotel Concept: Ultra-Luxury Apartments for Sale in Nisantasi

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are in Nisantasi, the most popular and luxurious center of the city. This project, which was built by restoring a historical building and adopting a sense of luxury and quality, offers its residents the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Since it is in the most expensive and elite area of Istanbul, you can easily find the stores of world brands around the project.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

7. At the Heart of the Business World: Exclusive Residence Apartments in Maslak

Exclusive residence apartments are in Maslak, one of the most central and prestigious districts of Istanbul. Apartments with a magnificent Bosphorus view are in the most valuable region of the European Side with the highest rental income. Offering the comfort of a 5-star hotel to its residents, the project is only a few minutes away from the most important points of Istanbul such as Taksim, Besiktas, Levent and Nisantasi. The apartments, which are in a valuable and prestigious location, exceed the expectations of investors who want to buy real estate in Istanbul for both living and investment purposes.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

8. Gorgeous Bosphorus View: Luxury Apartments for Sale in Uskudar

Promising a life where you can enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus view every day, located in one of the most special historical spots of Istanbul, luxury apartments are the choice of buyers who want a calm and peaceful life. Luxury apartments located in the Uskudar district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul are the traditional architecture that comes to life with contemporary solutions. Offering a unique view with its location between two bridges, luxury Istanbul real estate offers many different and unique social opportunities.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

9. Life by the Sea: Luxury Apartments in a Central Location

Luxury apartments by the sea are in Bakirkoy, one of the most developed and oldest districts of Istanbul. Bakirkoy district, located on the coast of the Marmara Sea, is one of the most developed districts of Istanbul in terms of social opportunities and life welfare. In the region where the luxury apartments are located, there are all kinds of social facilities where all needs can be met. Each apartment in the project has a magnificent and uninterrupted sea view. At the same time, each of the ultra-luxury apartments has Subzero built-in appliances and a refrigerator, one of the most luxurious brands.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

10. In the Heart of Istanbul: A Luxury Transformation Project in Taksim

Located in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, the luxury project appears as a unique transformation project. Taksim, which is very rich in terms of historical and cultural values, hosts the oldest educational institutions, museums, and exhibitions in Istanbul. This project, which has been restored in a way to keep history alive in modern life, offers its residents an ultra-luxury life in a unique location.

The most luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul

We have listed the most luxurious apartments in Istanbul, the pupilar of Turkey and one of the largest metropolises in the world. Of course, the options are not limited to these. To get more information about apartments for sale in Istanbul and to explore apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can contact the real estate consultants of Diyar Turk Real Estate who are experts in their fields. Call us now to reserve your place in the most luxurious apartments in Istanbul!

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