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The right time to buy real estate in Turkeyimage

The right time to buy real estate in Turkey


Real estate investment is one of the most important types of investment in Turkey, and as a result, the question always arises.. What is the best time to buy property in Turkey?

How to determine the best time to buy property in Turkey?

There are several ways we can determine the best times to buy real estate:
1- There are periods when the demand for buying property in Turkey increases, and on the other hand, there are other periods when the volume of supply increases, and in order to be aware of these times, you must study the market carefully to reach the most time when real estate prices drop, and so you can get your property at the best possible price.
2- You should look at the general plans of the area and the projects that are still under implementation or planning. Buying a property that is still under construction is a golden opportunity, as real estate prices before and during construction are lower than when they are ready for housing, which gives you an opportunity to profit once the construction of the property is completed. . From another angle, you can see the infrastructure projects that are under implementation or those that are being prepared for implementation. For example, if the state establishes a metro station in an area, this raises the price of the property significantly, but you have to buy before the matter is completed, that would be the most appropriate time to buy.

3- When a property gets in your way due to emergency circumstances related to the owner of this property, such as the seller’s family and special circumstances, the need for financial liquidity or sudden travel, which contributes to reducing the value of the property by a value that may reach 20%, this is an opportunity that you should not miss.

buy real estate in Turkey

What is the best time to buy a property in Turkey

The best time to buy is an essential part of the success of the process of buying a property in Turkey, especially if the goal of the purchase is to create a successful real estate investment in Turkey, as the ideal time means achieving better profit returns, and therefore a more successful investment step.
The movement of buying and selling real estate in Turkey reaches its peak in the spring. According to statistics, families usually move to a new house in June and July, while families with school-age children usually move with the end of the study period, and the buying and selling movement increases with the end of general.
With the value of the Turkish lira declining against the dollar to 7.5 Turkish liras per dollar, buying a property in Turkey has become a great opportunity for every foreign investor to contribute to the real estate investment sector, whether by owning a villa or apartment in Turkey within the luxurious tourist areas.
We must also point out the importance of real estate ownership in Turkey in itself, considering that Turkey is one of the few countries that allow foreigners to own property, and even obtain Turkish citizenship.
The offers of the developed companies also increase in the selling season, which leads to an increase in supply and therefore a decrease in real estate prices in Turkey automatically, which is a suitable opportunity, but without neglecting to wait in choosing the appropriate apartment or villa by looking at the many real estate options available to you.

buying property in Turkey

Is buying real estate in Turkey desirable in the current period?

The answer to this question is not only related to money, but is based on several factors that play a key role in choosing Turkey as the best real estate investment destination in the world. Real estate investment experts in this matter have been divided into two groups, the first group are economists who tend to keep money in cash in this difficult period, but the second group, which includes real estate investment experts in particular, supports real estate investment in Turkey as the best form of investment to achieve the largest profit Possibly, especially in a period like the one we live in now.
Experts have indicated the correctness of their point of view based on the recent Turkish real estate investors and the great profits they have achieved, which makes real estate investment in the coming period a good option for sure.
Referring to recent figures and statistics, the Turkish Statistics Center reported that Turkey has shown great strength and resilience in the face of the Corona pandemic by selling more than one million properties during the first half of 2020, which is a difficult number that Turkey was able to achieve compared to the stormy economic crisis left by the epidemic in the whole world. .
Returning to the statistics of real estate sales in Turkey last year before the Corona pandemic, it recorded an increase of 85% during the first nine months, as Iraqis alone purchased more than 781 properties in Turkey, followed by Iranians with 489 properties, and then citizens of the Russian Federation with 248 real estate properties, to come After that, citizens of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait bought 214 properties separately.
The movement of selling Istanbul real estate was on a clear increase, as it came at the top of the list of real estate sales with 1944 properties, then Antalya, in which 744 properties were sold to foreigners, while Ankara, Bursa and Yalova achieved good numbers of real estate sales ranging between 239 and 141 housing units.
We conclude from the above that buying a property in Turkey is one of the already successful steps, but you should seize the appropriate opportunity, whether your goal is to buy housing and stability, or real estate investment or obtaining Turkish citizenship, you are the winner in any case.. not wait... do it now!

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