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The Turkish passport ranks high in the worldimage

The Turkish passport ranks high in the world


The pursuit of Turkish citizenship has increased in recent times with the need to hold a Turkish passport because of its advantages, as the passport provides protection for its holder within the territory of other countries and allows entry to many countries without a visa. Turkey also grants its citizens several types of passports, and each passport has special advantages that differ from the others, and these types include:

- Ordinary passport

- Special passport

- Stamped passport

- Diplomatic passport

  • Ordinary passport: Its color is red, which any Turkish citizen or foreigner with Turkish citizenship can obtain immediately after issuing the Turkish ID card.
  • Special passport: Green in color, it is specially awarded to high-ranking officials of the Turkish government.
  • Stamped passport: Gray is given to employees and journalists.
  • Diplomatic passport: Black color for ambassadors and diplomats.

Turkish passport

The Turkish passport has several advantages for its holder, being ranked 38th in the world and 18th in Europe, and the evaluation and ranking are done according to the number of countries that the passport holder can enter, without an entry visa, or with a visa issued upon arrival.

It is worth noting that the Turkish passport not so long ago was ranked 50th in the world. However, thanks to the good relations between Turkey and the countries of the world, the government's interest in air transport, and support for tourism, Turkey was able to reach the 38th place in a short period, as Turkey is expected to make progress in the global ranking by 2023 due to its great interest in establishing and financing giant projects in the tourism sectors and air transportation.

The Turkish passport allows its holder to enter 72 countries without issuing a prior visa, and also allows travel to 40 countries. The visa is issued at the airport on arrival, and also gives the right to issue an electronic travel visa online for eight countries. About 94 countries impose entry visas on Turkish citizens, of which about 28 are EU countries. In addition to the previous privileges, the Turkish passport allows many privileges and facilities, as it is possible to apply for a passport directly upon obtaining Turkish citizenship without the need for a period of residence as is the case in most countries, where the passport transaction takes about a month, which is a relatively short period compared to other countries, in addition to the fact that the Turkish passport has long-term validity and only needs to be renewed once every 10 years, and the foreign citizen will not be obligated to give up his original citizenship, as dual citizenship is a legal right, and the Turkish citizen is granted full civil rights while he is outside the country; the right to vote, benefit from retirement programs for Turks and benefit from free health and education services. Syrians who have obtained Turkish citizenship can enter Syria through the temporary land crossings between the two governments for an indefinite period and return whenever they want.

Passport issuance

You must first book an appointment from the Turkish Ministry online or call the number 199, then pay the cost of obtaining the passport and send it through one of the PTT Turkish Postal Centers, then obtain a receipt for the amount and submit the required documents to the Population Department on the date indicated.

Turkish passport

Documents required to obtain a Turkish passport:

  •         Personal identity and a copy of it.
  •         Two personal photos.
  •         Postal payment receipt.
  •         Residence proof document.
  •         Request to extract and fill in the required data.

After completing the previous steps, the passport is sent to the applicant at the address he specified in the Population Department, after a maximum period of 30 days. If the required period is about 10 years, the cost of a Turkish passport is about 1,000 Turkish liras, which is about 147 USD only.

Therefore, owning a Turkish passport has become a dream for many, not to mention that Turkey is a country that is witnessing an unprecedented renaissance and great interest and hard work in giant projects, most of which are nearing completion. The Turkish government is working to strengthen the economy and provide it with new sources of income that guarantee its long-term development and stability, attracting foreign investments and attracting capital, in addition to developing the industrial, commercial, agricultural, and real estate sectors, in addition to being a country with a prominent international position at the regional and international levels.

Shortly: Turkey will be a hub for linking Asia with the Western world through transport and trade for many transportation and navigation projects, the most important of which is Canal Istanbul, which will draw the attention of many foreigners to visiting Turkey and Istanbul in particular and investing in it.

Just as the Turkish nation has a good history with various emperors of the world, it is a nation that holds its weight at the global level, which makes holding a Turkish passport a reason to be proud of belonging to a nation present throughout history.

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