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Turkish citizenship by buying apartments 2021-2022image

Turkish citizenship by buying apartments 2021-2022


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Turkey, where Asia and Europe meet, is one of the most important strategic points in the world. Throughout history, the most important trade centers were established in Turkey, and the most important trade routes passed through Turkey. Turkey, which has great historical importance, maintains this strategic value it has today. Turkey, being a very important transit route, acts as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying apartments in Turkey

Due to its location in the world, Istanbul has great importance in the commercial, political and economic fields. Each province of Turkey, which has landed on the continents of Europe and Asia, has its unique texture. While agricultural activities and tourism activities are intense in Anatolian lands of Turkey, commercial activities are intense in European lands.

One of the easiest ways to become a Turkish citizen is to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment.

Turkey, having the world's most famous tourist destinations, welcomes millions of visitors every year. Turkey is a popular location that always attracts the attention of investors with its high potential. Foreigners who come to Turkey to visit for business or vacation have started to be interested in real estate for sale in Turkey over time. With this real estate demand increasing year by year, the construction sector in Turkey has increased its structuring speed and developed rapidly. With this development, the increase in the value of the apartments for sale in Turkey continues to increase every year.

Turkey's most populous city, one of the world's largest metropolises, Istanbul is Turkey's most important city in terms of socio-cultural, commercial, and economic aspects. The economic and commercial opportunities in Istanbul, which has a larger population than many European countries, attract the attention of many investors. Being the most active city in Turkey in terms of economy, Istanbul attracts many people from the country and abroad.

The Turkish Government defines the right of foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying apartments in Turkey. By buying an apartment, Turkish citizenship can be easily acquired in 2021-2022. Foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens by investing in real estate can apply for citizenship with their families (spouse and children under 18). There is no obligation to live in Turkey in the process of Turkish citizenship by investment. Property purchased for Turkish citizenship cannot be sold for 3 years, but rental income can be obtained. When the 3 years are up, the real estate can be resale if desired. A foreigner who is a Turkish citizen through real estate is entitled to obtain a Turkish passport. With a Turkish passport, it is possible to travel to 110 countries without a visa.

A foreigner who is a Turkish citizen through real estate is entitled to obtain a Turkish passport.

What is citizenship by investment?

Some countries grant citizenship to foreigners through direct or indirect investment. Citizenship can be obtained from some countries by starting a business and creating employment, investing in government bonds, or buying apartments. Citizenship gained through investments made in this way is called “citizenship by investment”. Every country that grants citizenship through the purchase of an apartment has special conditions that it wants to be fulfilled. Some countries do not need to speak the country's language and reside in the citizenship program by investment.

It takes 3-4 months for some countries to get their passports, while for others it takes 7-10 years. For example, by purchasing an apartment in Turkey, you can get a Turkish passport in a short time like 3 months, while a citizenship application can be made after 10 years of residence in Spain.

How to get citizenship by buying an apartment in 2021-2022?

Countries that grant citizenship through the purchase of real estate have different conditions that they require applicants to comply with. The minimum investment amount required, type of investment, requirements for the investor, application costs, investment conditions, and citizenship process differ from country to country. Types of investments vary according to different countries. While some countries want a non-repayable contribution (donation) to the country's economy, some countries want investment in real estate, securities, business, or other assets that cannot be sold for a certain period (between 3 and 10 years).

Citizenship gained by buying an apartment is one of the most advantageous ways. By purchasing real estate, it is possible to benefit from many incentives that countries provide to foreign investors. For example, the Turkish Government provides foreign investors with great incentives in the purchase of the real estate, such as tax deductions.

In addition, in citizenship by real estate, it is possible to apply for the citizenship program with all family members (spouse and children under 18).

Advantages for Foreigners of Being a Turkish Citizen by Buying Apartments

Living in Turkey, one of the historically and culturally richest countries in the world is the dream of many foreigners. Turkey, which has magnificent nature, rich historical culture, and perfect climate, attracts the attention of many investors with its unlimited business options and trade volume. Turkey, located on one of the most important strategic points in the world, is at the center of the attention of foreign investors. Every year, thousands of people apply for Turkish citizenship for a better life and easier commercial activities.

One of the easiest ways to become a Turkish citizen is to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment. Turkish citizenship right is gained by purchasing 250,000 USD or more apartments in Turkey. In this way, you and your family (children under the age of 18 and spouse) gain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. When you acquire Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, you do not have to live in Turkey. You can get a high rental income by renting the real estate you bought. When you acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, you cannot sell the real estate you purchased for 3 years. At the end of the third year, if you wish, you can sell the real estate and make a profit.

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