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Types of residency in Turkeyimage

Types of residency in Turkey


Many people around the world today are looking for a legal way that would allow them to live on board a country other than their home country, due to public or personal circumstances. Among the countries they chose is the Turkish state, as it offers them many residencies from which they will choose which suits them and their circumstances as it has long and short residencies and several other types and this is what we will present through the following lines, defining the most important of these residencies.
- These are the most important types of residence permits in Turkey. Check them out:

1- Real estate residence:

This residency is classified as short-term and is obtained when buying real estate in Turkey and there are no conditions that must be met in the property at all. It is very easy to obtain and there is a wide possibility to renew it. It gives its holder the possibility of residency in Turkey in a legal way and it will be possible to grant it to the rest of the family unless they exceed the legal age of their age. It is important to point out that real estate residency is the first step towards obtaining Turkish citizenship, which in turn has many advantages.

residence in Turkey

2- Student residence:

This residence is intended for foreign students who come to study in Turkey. One of its advantages is that it authorizes his presence on Turkish soil. It enables him to obtain free treatment if his choice falls on government hospitals and will have reduced costs if he chooses to receive treatment In private sector hospitals. He will also obtain a transportation card that allows him to board all public transportation, for sixty Turkish liras per month.

3- Permanent residence:

it can be obtained after the foreigner has spent 8 years of continuous residence in Turkey. This residence has many advantages, the most important of which is that it is for life and does not need to be renewed. Whoever holds it will be like any Turkish citizen who has the same rights and has the same duties.
It is also necessary to bring the required papers and documents, the most important of which are: a document proving the current residential address / a document confirming residence in Turkey for the required period/health insurance / personal photos, and a passport / a document must be brought proving that the applicant has a stable and sufficient income.

4- Family residence:

Also, this type of residency in Turkey is obtained by many people for its many advantages. One of the most important ways to obtain it is to have one of the parents hold you a work permit and the duration of the family residence becomes until the term of the work permit expires.

5- Humanitarian residence:

This residency is limited to specific categories. Any individual who came to Turkey due to conflicts that his country suffers from or crises and harsh conditions will obtain. One of the most important conditions for obtaining it is that the holder does not return to his homeland / if he obtains it, he will not be able to obtain any other type of residence / it is his duty to abide by all the laws and regulations in Turkey / he must not have a precedent in a terrorist act and not be a court judge.

obtain residence in Turkey

6- Tourist residence:

It is one of the most preferred types of residence by foreigners because they want to visit this country and learn about all its archaeological and historical features.
One of its most important advantages is that it allows those who hold it to apply for a work residency / enabling them to do much business / open a bank account / establish a company or business.
This residence shares with the real estate residence in many aspects, but the real estate residence is the strongest in terms of the possibility of its renewal.
As for the cost of obtaining this residence, it touches one thousand five hundred Turkish liras, but it is not a fixed value, but rather it is variable, and it may be higher or perhaps less.
These are six of the most important types of residency in Turkey. Its advantages are many/easy to obtain / there is a lot of demand for it/it is a key towards a better life many people around the world choose it and what do you choose among them?

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