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What is the benefit of a tax number in Turkey?image

What is the benefit of a tax number in Turkey?


Turkey contains indispensable basics, rules, and regulations when present in Turkey, including what applies to local residents and foreigners. One of the most important of these matters is the tax number, which is of great benefit and great importance. Based on that importance, we decided today that We review all the details and matters related to the tax number, its most important uses and how to extract it and all of this will be through the following lines.

The most important information related to the tax number in Turkey:

-In the beginning, it is composed of ten numbers next to each other.
It cannot be dispensed with when completing financial transactions such as paying tax or paying fees in order to obtain a residence permit.
-Among its most important uses: opening an account in a Turkish bank/paying electricity or water bills, etc./real estate taxes/buying a car/paying fees to obtain health insurance.

tax number in Turkey

How can a tax number be obtained in Turkey?

We must be fully aware that obtaining this number is very easy and this will be possible through one of the following ways:

First method:

You must bring the passport / and a document proving the current residential address / and then go to the nearest tax directorate and apply for it with the responsible employee and then wait for a few minutes before the responsible employee delivers the number to the applicant.

Second method:

Today, it is possible to obtain the tax number online by entering the website of the Tax Directorate and then filling out the form that will appear on the screen with the required information, most of which will be personal information. The tax number will later be sent to the person submitted by text message.

Will everyone who sets foot on Turkish soil have to obtain a tax number?

Yes, all residents of Turkey, whether foreigners or local residents, will have to obtain this number. Of course, it will be prohibited for anyone who resides in Turkey illegally, as if he does not have a residence permit or Turkish citizenship.
*It should be noted that whoever owns a Turkey ID, the national number is his tax number.

The most important notes related to the tax number in Turkey:

1- When filling out the form with the required information, be careful that it matches what is in the passport. This means adopting the same writing method.
2- The tax number must be kept well and not shared with others.
3- The applicant must have knowledge of either English or Turkish languages.
4- If the tax number is lost, it will be easy to retrieve it.
There are those who ask:
Some may think that obtaining a tax number means the obligation to pay certain taxes. Is there a relationship between the two?
Absolutely, there is no relationship between them, as it is only a means for completing transactions or extracting certain documents.

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How much does an individual need in order to obtain a tax number in Turkey?

Any foreigner entering Turkey will have to wait for ninety days before submitting an application in order to obtain it.
* We must be fully aware that the tax number is a way to organize the affairs of the country and in order to avoid chaos.
We can conclude that obtaining a tax number in Turkey is a simple matter and at the same time it cannot be dispensed with. In the previous lines, we tried to explain everything related to this matter with great accuracy, mentioning the most important observations and questions that revolve around it.

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