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What You Need to Know When Buying Turkey Real Estateimage

What You Need to Know When Buying Turkey Real Estate


What You Need to Know When Buying Turkey Real Estate

Turkey enchants the entire world with its climate, geographical beauty, and historical richness. We would like to mention a few points in this article that need to be considered when buying Turkey real estate, for foreigners who are affected by this beauty and decide to live here.

If you are considering buying Turkey real estate, you should first decide how you want real estate. There are many options in Turkey real estate such as villas, apartments, and duplexes. The buying process will be easier when you determine your needs exactly and your request is clear. Ask yourself questions such as how many rooms you want a house, how many bathrooms it should have, and what features it should have. Having a clear idea of the house that best suits your needs will greatly facilitate your work.

For what purpose will you buy the house? Is it for vacation, investment, or permanent living? You should clearly indicate your purchase purpose to your real estate consultant and ask them to guide you accordingly.

Get information about the title deed status of the house from the real estate consultant you work with. Ask for answers to questions such as what the status of the property in the title deed is, is it built in accordance with its project, is there an occupancy permit, is it a shared deed, is it a detached title deed, is there any debt or foreclosure on it.

Ask about the net usable area of the real estate. The apartments are subject to sales in Turkey has always been declared gross square meters. The common areas outside the apartment (car parking, stairs, social areas, etc.) are included in the gross square meter. You should learn the net square meter of the house (area of use) you want to buy.

Get information about the technical features of the real estate you are interested in such as earthquake resistance, heat, and sound insulation. If you are interested in a second-hand apartment, find out if it requires maintenance and repair costs or if there is any debt to the site management. You should also read the site management plan, and find out if there is any electricity, water, or natural gas debt from the former owner of the real estate. When you receive the title deed, you accept the site management plan and become responsible for debts if there is any electricity, water, or natural gas debt from the former owner of the real estate.

The most important features and things that you should know when buying real estate in Turkey

Most Preferred Cities for Buying Turkey Real Estate


Istanbul, one of the most important cities in the world, is the most preferred city for foreign investors to purchase real estate. Istanbul, which has always attracted attention throughout history, is also at the center of attention today. Istanbul, which hosted successful projects in terms of real estate in Turkey, continues to be the most preferred city by foreign investors for years.


Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey, is the second most preferred province for foreigners buying property in Turkey. Foreigners mostly buy small apartments in Antalya for holiday purposes.

Turkey is distinguished by many things that make it a destination for tourism and real estate investment


Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is one of the most popular cities for foreign investors. Foreigners prefer Ankara mostly because it is active in political and diplomatic activities.


Izmir, one of the largest cities in Turkey and located on the Aegean coast, is among the most favored cities to buy real estate from foreigners. Izmir with spectacular beauty is among the most beautiful cities to live in Turkey.


Bursa, one of the biggest trading cities in Turkey, is among the most preferred to live in the provinces of foreigners. Its proximity to Istanbul and the size of its trade volume attract the attention of foreign investors.


Trabzon is located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and it attracts the attention of foreigners with its lush nature. It is one of the most preferred provinces by the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Kuwait with its cool climate and natural beauties.

Real Estate Acquisition Process in Turkey

Clearly define your wishes and criteria. While making a decision, many criteria such as the purpose of the purchase, the location to be purchased, the properties of the real estate, and its size should be determined.

Work with a professional real estate consultant. It is very important to get professional support to make a correct and profitable investment.

Get maximum information about real estate and its environment by asking all the questions in your mind on the real estate tour.

Compare and evaluate options. You should make an effective comparison and evaluation to choose the most suitable one for you among the alternatives offered to you.

When you choose the most suitable real estate for you, give a price offer and agree on the purchase terms. While purchasing the real estate you want to buy at the best price, specify the conditions such as title deed delivery, apartment delivery, and payment plan clearly.

Make sure that any terms you agreed upon in the sales contract are stated. Terms such as payment dates and deposits must be clearly stated in the sales contract.

Title deed transactions take place within 2-3 days after the application to the Land Registry Directorate after the purchasing process. In this process, it is very important that your documents are complete.

What do Foreigners think about Turkey?

Iraqi citizens are classified Turkey as a "home". They state that Turkey has wonderful geography and nature.

Saudi Arabian citizens think that Turkey is a beautiful and safe country. Istanbul is among the provinces they prefer most.

Jordanian citizens prefer Turkey mostly for reasons such as Islam, hospitable people, and a strong economy.

Russians prefer Turkey mostly for reasons such as warm seas, rich history, and Istanbul, which is the largest metropolises in the world.

Germans are attracted by the hospitality of the Turks. They preferred Antalya mostly, and they think that the good quality of housing here.

Algerian citizens come to Turkey because of their love for Erdogan. Also, Islam, historical richness, and beautiful nature affect their preferences.

Iranian citizens prefer Turkey because we are neighboring countries. Also, the climate, natural and historical beauties, and economic stability of Turkey are effective in their choices.

The climate, safe environment, natural and historical beauties, and gastronomic richness of Turkey are effective in the UK citizens' choices to buy Turkey real estate.

If you want to buy Turkey real estate, working with a professional real estate consultant will provide you with a great advantage. Diyar Turk Real Estate is always ready to assist you with its before-sales and after-sales services.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You can contact us via our website or e-mail address.

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