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Why is real estate investment in Turkey the best investmentimage

Why is real estate investment in Turkey the best investment


The Turkish market is considered one of the most important and leading global markets in the field of investment, and this great importance is due to the great facilities provided by the Turkish state on the investment level, as Turkey treats foreigners as it treats its citizens, and this is the most important characteristic that distinguished Turkey and made it a leader in this field, and because of these facilities The number of foreign investors and foreign companies increased to more than 70,000 companies during studies conducted for the year 2019 on investment in Turkey, this rate is highly likely to increase due to the continuous demand for investment in Turkey.

• What is real estate investment?

It is one of the most important forms of investment in Turkey and the most important and widespread, and although this type of investment is a long-term investment and its results are not immediate and need time, it is the most popular in Turkey, because it is a safe investment and achieves guaranteed profits, whether the investment in real estate under construction Or in ready-made properties, and the profit rates vary according to the factors represented in the location of the property, its view and its proximity to the appropriate infrastructure.

real estate investment in Turkey

• Factors indicating that real estate investment in Turkey is the best :

Certainly, many factors encourage any investor to invest in real estate or open a residential project, and the most important of these factors that attract investors to invest in Turkey are:

o Turkey's distinctive climate
The climatic diversity that Turkey possesses, due to the large areas of its cities and its extension over a large geographical scale, has earned it a distinctive and diverse climate. Among them, they have a diverse and beautiful Mediterranean climate, especially in Turkey, where the distinctive climate is accompanied by wonderful picturesque terrain and unparalleled sea views, and this is what makes the real estate investment market in Turkey in a state of continuous success and great demand from all over the world.

o Real estate prices in Turkey
This is one of the most important attractions, and one of the reasons for the success of the real estate market in Turkey, as real estate prices in Turkey, are cheap compared to other European countries, for example, the investor can get a cheap apartment in Istanbul, which is one of the largest and most important Turkish cities The most famous of them, and this is not available in other countries and regions.

real estate prices in Turkey

o Obtaining real estate residency
It is one of the most important advantages of investment and real estate in Turkey. Once you buy property in Turkey, you will get real estate residency immediately, and this residency will enable you to move smoothly and enter and exit Turkey without the need to issue a visa every time, and this feature makes real estate investment in Turkey the best.

o low taxes
Certainly, when talking about real estate and investments, there will be taxes undoubtedly, but the matter is not so worrying, Turkey is working hard to reduce the value of taxes to a minimum, and this is a very important step and a strong attraction for everyone who wants to invest in Turkey.

o Infrastructure in Turkey
Turkey contains many distinguished service facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, and health centers, all of which provide high-quality services to all auditors, in addition to a strong transportation network spread along with great distances and connected, and available by land, sea, and air, and these services all reflect the distinguished and comfortable service reality in Turkey, and this increases the real estate investment balance and the demand for it.

In the end, we find that all these services provided by Turkey make it one of the best leading countries in the world of investment and real estate, as it always seeks to attract all investors from all over the world by providing many facilities and features, through which it works to provide all the requirements that he may need The investor, and this attracts a lot and makes the investment and real estate market in Turkey one of the most successful markets in the region and the world.

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