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Why should you choose real estate investment in Halkali?image

Why should you choose real estate investment in Halkali?


features of the Halkali district in Istanbul :

-Halkali district in Istanbul is one of the most vital and active areas in the state. It is administratively affiliated with the municipality of Küçükçekmece and directly overlooks its well-known lake. It is considered an important center for attracting tourists and those wishing to stay in tourism, due to its distinguished location and wonderful views, as well as the most important feature is its proximity to important centers.

-It also enjoys an average location that facilitates transportation between it and most of the European neighborhoods of Istanbul, especially the lively ones, as it is easy to reach the areas of Fatih, Eketli, and Florya through the easy transportation network between them.

-It is considered one of the first areas inhabited by people in European Istanbul. It was also distinguished by being an important area for the residence of some of the Ottoman sultans in the past. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror was the first to build mosques and bridges there, as many other sultans resided there; The infrastructure in it is good, and what distinguishes it is that it is close to the two largest infrastructure projects in Istanbul, namely: Istanbul New Airport and Istanbul Water Canal, and this is the reason why the government paid more attention to it and made it an important investment point where the most important highways pass through. There is a large interconnected network of transportation that serves the region and facilitates life in it. We can say that Halkali is located between the two main transportation arteries, which are TEM and E5 in Istanbul, and also passes through transportation such as Dolmash (minibus and Autobus), train and metro lines.

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-And do not forget the educational aspects in it, as it includes a large group of leading schools of all levels and specializations, kindergartens, centers for vocational and linguistic education, government centers for popular education, and many well-known and free centers. The universities there are excellent, and the most famous of them are three excellent Turkish universities with a high ratings, namely:
*Kucukcekmece University
*Altinbas University
*Sabah Al-Din Zaim University

-As for the health aspect, it includes health centers and large hospitals. Halkali district in Istanbul has a good number of government and private hospitals, which are known for their wide specializations and importance, including the private Halkali Kent Hospital, Ajeeb Adam Private Hospital, and Suleiman Hospital, which is a Turkish government hospital that is considered the best hospital in Turkey Providing services to foreigners.

-As for the commercial markets and malls in Halkali, there are a large number of medium and small commercial malls, markets, weekly and daily bazaars, a lot of different shops, restaurants, cafes, and others.
Among its most famous malls are Halkali Mall, Wasinor Center, and Arena Barak Mall.

real estate investment in Halkali :

As for housing and investment, and what distinguishes this region from others, real estate prices are good and acceptable, especially for investors, where the specifications of life in Halkali Istanbul in its aesthetics exceed the specifications of life in the most prestigious European cities, but real estate prices are much lower compared to similar real estate prices In Europe for example.
In Halkali, there is a distinguished group of residential complexes that provide all the comfortable services for the residents and provide them with a lot of comfort and reassurance. It also paid attention to cleanliness and entertainment in particular, and was characterized by the calm and stable security this area enjoys, as well as its proximity to important facilities and services such as hospitals, universities, and commercial markets, it was considered A distinctive investment area, and real estate prices are constantly increasing in a remarkable manner due to a large number of tourists and investors who frequent the area and achieve a profitable return when renting and selling real estate, but after a period of no less than three years after the investment.

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Among the most popular types of investments in Halkali are: residential real estate, furnished apartments, offices, corporate buildings, and student housing.
Thus, we have talked about the best features of the Halkali area and the importance of its advanced infrastructure and the most important tourist areas and residential complexes and all the services it provides to investors, and investment returns that are increasing rapidly and significantly. This is what makes the Halkali area a distinguished area for investment and also explains the reason behind the increasing demand for investing in it heavily.

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