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Getting The Tax ID

Submitting a tax number is a must for foreigners who want to buy property in Istanbul or invest in Turkey. This tax number will help check the amount of tax you should pay regarding your property in the future. The tax identification number is also an important requirement to settle any kind of tax payments, also it is required for submitting a bank account, electricity, water, and gas subscriptions, also for applying for a residence permit, title deed transactions, and insurance.

Tax numbers can be easily obtained from any local tax office. All you need in this process is to apply to the tax office with the original document of your passport and a personal photocopy. (You do not have to pay any fees to get a tax identification number).

Getting a tax identification number is a quick and easy process. You can easily do this step, which usually takes about 10-15 minutes, on your own, or with the experienced staff of Diyar Turk Real Estate. Will provide you with the best assistance. We are a Real Estate Agency that offers pre-sales and Post-sales professional services to all our valuable customers.